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The ubiquity of mobility creates opportunities to develop purpose-driven destinations and experiences to make the most of every touch point. Mobile doesn’t live in a silo and the rest of your marketing shouldn’t either. The varying contexts of the mobile consumer must be thoughtfully considered when deciding which mobile commerce services to offer, which mobile technologies to support and how cross-channel engagement should consider often mobile consumers.

An optimized Mobile User Experience – from initial engagement to task completion – is critically important to usage and adoption of mobile services. The most successful Mobile Commerce solutions have services that are easy to discover, intuitive to use and enable simple completion of the desired tasks at (or in!) hand.

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  • No surprisingly, User Experience drives Mobile Commerce Success.A positive user experience leads to sales, repeat use and evangelism of the solution. A negative user experience leads consumers to your competitors, a loss of loyalty and a diminished view of your brand.Understanding and leveraging the mobile context is critical to developing services that are:Easy to Discover, Access, and EngageEnable Simple and Intuitive Task CompletionInclusive and Reward Usage (habit-forming)
  • Set the table for Mobile and the discussionDefining the mobile channel Mobile Breaks out into a lot of different areasFirst three really fall under the direct digital marketing umbrella for the mobile channel SMS/MMS, Mobile Web, AppsSMS – Greatest ReachMobile Web & Apps – To deliver advanced functionality in the mobile channel its great to have an inclusive strategy that includes mobile web and apps. The relationship between SMS and the Mobile Web and Apps is similar to the relationship between the email marketing and the existing websiteMobile Ads – Just like online advertising you have mobile advertising. To drive the activity to your mobile web and/or apps. One thing that is a bit different is the performance for click to call.Other – Games, video, this may be part of your mobile strategyEmerging/Tactical – Keep an eye on emerging technologies such as mobile tagging, GPS, RFID. Important that you plan your strategy today but track to consumer adoption. Made up of proximity based tools, being able to check in is another example of this*Mobile is a lot about perception and branding*Consumer adoption is important
  • As you set your strategy for Mobile it is important to think about they types of technology available*ClickSMS & MMS offer the greatest audience reach*ClickMobile Web offers greater interaction*ClickWhile Apps & Tagging offer cutting edge experiences and perceptionWhile reach is important we recognize that reach in certain circumstances may take a back seat to apps and the cutting edge experience that it provides.
  • More than 90% of customers want web experiences optimized for mobile. They need to be fast loading and simple to view and navigate.
  • And when this doesn’t happen, frustration builds. Whether that’s from the page not functioning as expected, the mobile site being unavailable, bad formatting and difficult navigation, or again, sluggish performance.
  • When we look at what the big difference is between the Wired Web and the Mobile Web, the first is context.* 1. On wired web, the user context is extremely static because people are on a desktop in a browser and that is it. * With the mobile web, the user can be anywhere at anytime.2. The second point is the ability* for users to rapidly consume and navigate content. On the wired web this is done very easily while on the mobile web* users are faced with some constraints.
  • Within the Wired Web Paradigm, that static context and ability to rapidly consume content* allows wired websites to be very multipurpose*, and can support a lot of the phases of that customer life cycle. *If there is something that the wired website can’t do effectively, you can always fire up a microsite or a series of landing pages
  • With the Mobile Web Paradigm this is flipped on its head. The customer life cycle is consistent*, but the fact that the user context is so dynamic it really starts to change the paradigm.Users and consumers can be anywhere, and in additional to that dynamic user context*, they are likely to see some type of call to action with a corresponding connector technology that’s going to set the expectation* that they are going to be arriving at a very purposeful and relevant mobile web experience.
  • For instance if I own a snowmobile and I see a 2D barcode that says I can scan it to get parts and service information, if I scan that 2D barcode I am expecting to arrive at a mobile web experience that is going to be very relevant to me. *
  • So this really frames the mindset we should have when approaching the mobile web versus the wired web. On the wired web* the traditional mindset is that I will have a multipurpose site I may some* microsites and I may have some* landing pages specific to different campaigns that I may have in market.*With the mobile web, you have a larger number of smaller, but highly relevant mobile web experiences.
  • It’s also important to understand the Mobile Context from the consumer’s perspective. Why are consumers engaging you on a mobile device? What tasks are they likely to attempt? Focus on mobile appropriate services and optimize the interaction for mobile context Functionality matters – less browsing= purposeful interactions, they have a goal in mind – help them achieve it. Mobile consumers are time-constrained and on the move. A clean, intuitive UI with responsive interactions is required. Zero-clicks ideal -> 5-10 clicks from success; Performance matters -> latency drives customers away Low tolerance for a poor user experience -> you may not get a second chance!High probability: locate store, check store hours, see if sale is going on, check if items are in-stock, compare prices, read reviews, check delivery statusLow probability: check loyalty program points, look up corporate information (e.g. mgmt team, green initiatives, investor relations)
  • WhileSmartphones may be the ultimate shopping assistant, you can’t afford to ignore feature phones.At the end of 2010, only 27% of US consumers had a smartphone. This is expected to climb significantly to near 50% by the end of 2011 – but focusing only on Smartphones leaves 150M+ potential customers untapped.Nearly all feature phones support text messages, most support mobile internet, many have cameras and email clients. You can still engage these consumers and tailor the interaction to the capabilities of their phones.
  • Part of ensuring consumers have a positive user experience, is making it easy for them to engage.Don’t make consumers ‘hunt’ for your mobile solution. Take it to them.Automatically redirect mobile users from your www. site to a mobile optimized site.Use mobile-friendly email formats, e.g. click here for optimal viewing on your mobile device.Use QR codes and text messaging to allow consumers to initiate an engagement – embed links to move them to mobile web to continue the engagement; offer downloadable apps to further the relationshipTake advantage of retail locations, website, print and TV to educate and promote mobile services…
  • Example of Best Buy educating consumers about QR codes
  • The goal should always be to enable successful task completion – in the simplest, most intuitive way possible. Simplify layout, design, navigation – but can still be rich experience.Personalization and targeted services/ads streamlines the engagementReduce the number of physical ‘touches’ thru optimizing the UI and navigationImages should be sized for optimal viewing (pixels) and download speed (kb).Fonts should enable reading without pinching, zooming, scrollingTake advantage of device capabilities to improve the experience, e.g.Use geo-location to reduce data entry, to target offers, to further personalize services.Use links in text messages or QR codes, to take consumers to targeted experiences, e.g. a micro-site supporting a print or TV adOffer consumers options –e.g. don’t assume everyone will want to download a QR code reader, so offer text msg interface as well.Successful task completion will lead to repeat use, adoption and hopefully, evangelism to others.There are a number of ‘best practices’, such as those published by the Mobile Marketing Association you can follow to optimize the user experience.
  • More than 50% of all internet users between 18 and 39 check email on their mobile phone.
  • And when you look at the leading online activity for both mobile and nonmobile, once again, email leads the list.
  • Recap chart leading into mobile web examples and breakout session…
  • A common fallacy is that advanced Smartphones such as iPhones and the latest Android devices don’t require need mobile optimized websites. While it is true that a persistent consumer *may* be able to use your a website such as Walmart’s (shown on an iPhone) – it is surely not going to be a positive experience.Here is the mobile optimized version. They’ve managed to squeeze everything ‘important’ onto one screen with no scrolling, zooming, etc., required. Note: they do lose a few user experience style points for over-simplified feature phone UI…
  • Here is Target’s full site and mobile site. Different style than Walmart, but effective.
  • These survey results are for sub-par web user experience … I’d argue that a similar survey of mobile users would result in even worse figures.Poor user experience drives consumers to competitors, makes them less likely to return, and impacts your brand image.Latency turns perspective customers away and impacts conversions.
  • Example of a poor user experience.Best Buy has put a lot of effort into developing their mobile strategy, building a great mobile web site, adding QR codes throughout their stores, etc. They even have a section of the website dedicated to educating consumers on ‘mobile codes’.After explaining what the codes are, they advise you to download the Best Buy QR Code Reader app by texting ‘APP’ to 332211.Here I did that. Received a nice message back to click a link to download the application...and…OOPS.Not a good way to instill confidence in your consumers.
  • Now we are going to have a little fun.Please pull out your phone and either text BM2011 to 67463, enter this URL or scan this QR code.If you go the text route, please click the link in the text message that you get.
  • Here are a couple of screenshots of the iPhone experience for those of you without an iPhone. Two screen touches and I see the closest store and can click further for directions, directly call them, make it my store.
  • Surprisingly, even though geo-location has been around well over a year now, Target hasn’t yet included this in their site. Anecdotally, I live in Chicago and don’t know what ZIP code we are in right now…
  • If you use the search box, you can get to the product and see details very quickly. You can also purchase the iPod through a mobile-optimized checkout process.
  • Walmart’s search includes search suggestions and also lets you quickly get to the product and see price and details. Interestingly, they seem to steer you to adding it to a shopping list or finding it in a store.Probably, because they haven’t yet implemented a mobile optimized checkout process.
  • In closing, here is a suggested ‘to do’ list for optimizing the User experience for your mobile consumers.
  • Bricks + Mobile 2011 - mCommerce - Why User Experience Matter More With Online Retail

    1. 1. mCommerce: Why User Experience Matters More Than With Online RetailDave Lawson - Director of Mobile Engagement, Knotice Todd Shingler - Founder, Mobile Perspectives
    2. 2. @toddshinglerHelp clients develop and execute mobile strategies toeffectively engage their customers12 yrs @Nortel: Devt, Prod Mgt, Solns Apps/Svcs(Dallas, Munich, Paris) 8 yrs @MobileAwareProducts, Sales, CEO Mobile Web/Apps, Mobile Self-Care(Dublin, Chicago) Mobile Perspectives
    3. 3. @daveinsalesHelping brands change the way they communicate with theircustomers.Tradeshows/Corp Events  Local Interactive Media Group Messaging Early LBS  Mobile Agency  Knotice
    4. 4. Agenda• Setting the Stage• Giving Context to Context • The Wired Web vs. Mobile Web Paradigm • Deeper Dive Into Context Driven Behavior• User Experience Drives Mobile Commerce Success • Making it Easy to Discover, Access, Engage • Mobile Email Usage in Retail and Implications • Enabling Simple, Intuitive Task Completion • Dedicated Mobile Buy-flow and Results• Breakout Session Exercise / Examples • Download QR reader now• Q&A
    5. 5. Setting the Stage
    6. 6. User Experience Drives Mobile Commerce SuccessThe most successful Mobile Commerce solutionshave services that are easy to discover, intuitive touse and enable simple completion of desired tasks.
    7. 7. Defining The Mobile ChannelDirect Digital Mobile Web Apps Mobile Ads Other• SMS/MMS • Device • Device Specific • Mobile search • Video &• Email Optimized • Screen sizes • Mobile Games• In-app • User • Native Features banners • Music• Permission Optimized • App stores • SMS riders • Ringtones & Based • Content • Apps wallpaper Targeting • Acquisition & Awareness2-D Barcodes Social LBS m-Commerce• QR, MS Tag •• News Feeds, News Feeds • Relevancy • Catalogs• Key connector • Tags Acquisition • Segmentation • Carts from physical • Acquisition and Promotion • Targeting • Mobile Buy to digital • and Promotion Destinations • Foot traffic Flows worlds • Destinations
    8. 8. Mobile Technology Adoption Funnel SMS & MMS Reach & convenience Mobile Web Interaction Apps Cutting edge experiences Tagging and perception
    9. 9. More than 90% of customers wantWeb experiences that are optimized for mobile
    10. 10. Frustration builds when marketers don’t deliver
    11. 11. Giving Context to Context The Wired vs Mobile Web Paradigm Context Driven Behavior
    12. 12. Wired Web vs. Mobile Web What’s the difference? Wired Web Mobile Web • User context is • User context is static dynamic • Users can rapidly • Users are consume and constrained in navigate content consuming and navigating content
    13. 13. Traditional Wired Web Paradigm Awareness Consideration Desire Action Retention Microsite Wired Website Landing Page Rapid Content Static Context Consumption
    14. 14. Mobile Web Paradigm Purposeful and Relevant Mobile Web Experience Connectors w/Call-To-Action 2D Barcode SMS Search Etc. Dynamic User Context Anywhere In-Store On-Location Using Product Backyard Online Awareness Consideration Desire Action Retention
    15. 15. Mobile Web Paradigm Purposeful and Relevant Mobile Web Experience Connectors w/Call-To-Action 2D Barcode SMS Search Etc. Dynamic User Context Anywhere In-Store On-Location Using Product Backyard Online Awareness Consideration Desire Action Retention
    16. 16. Mobile Web Mindset Wired Web Mobile Web Multi-Purpose Site • Dynamic User Context Microsites • Users are constrained in consuming and Landing Pages navigating content Larger Number of Smaller, Highly Relevant Mobile Web Experiences
    17. 17. Understanding the Mobile ContextAnticipate consumer Focus on mobileneeds – why here?  appropriate servicesTask-oriented, want Enable Successful Taskpurposeful interactions CompletionOn the go, impatient, Simple & intuitive UI;limited multi-tasking responsive interactionsLow tolerance for poor Deliver – you may not getuser experience a second chance!
    18. 18. …and about that thing they are carrying?• Smartphones are the ultimate shopping assistant: • Maps with built in GPS • High-speed Internet including every competitors website • Applications enabling comparison shopping • Communication tool with voice, chat, text messaging, email, video, social network integration • Camera that also serves as a scanner • Soon, NFC and other mobile payment capabilities
    19. 19. Untapped Mobile Consumers?•27% Smartphone penetration at E2010, growing to 51% by E2011•Focusing on Smartphones leaves 150M+ mobile consumers untapped•Use text messaging, mobile-friendly email, QR codes to enable engagement; mobile web and apps to continue deeper engagement Source: comScore 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review; InsightExpress Mar 2011
    20. 20. Make it Easy to Discover, Access, EngageDevice Detection and Mobile-Friendly Emailautomatic redirects formats, „if mobile‟ linksCross-link web and Downloadable apps inmobile sites prevalent app storesQR Codes to initiate Educate, promote acrossengagement, incl. links marketing channelsText to/from mobilecampaigns, incl. links
    21. 21. Best Buy – QR Codes
    22. 22. Enable Simple, Intuitive Task CompletionClean, intuitive purpose- Personalize thru loyalty,driven design CRM system integrationMinimize clicks, typing, Deliver appropriate sizezooming, scrolling images and textUse device capabilities, Targeted „experiences‟ frome.g. geo-location Text, QR codesOffer options, e.g. text forinfo if no QR reader
    23. 23. Real Examples of Optimized MobileToday
    24. 24. More than 50% of all Internet users ages 18-39 check email on their mobile phone
    25. 25. Email leads online activity for both mobile and nonmobile users
    26. 26. Knotice Mobile Opens Reporting Mobile 155 mm random sampling of emails, 3 month period. Broken out by day, time, geo, segment, iPhone % iPad % Android % Windows % Blackberry % Palm % Mobile % brand Total- Associations, B2B, Cable, Telco, Consumer Products, 8.74% 2.00% 1.92% 0.31% 0.15% 0.25% 13.36% Services, Education, Entertainment, Financial Services, Health Care, Hospitality, Retail Retail 11.99% 3.73% 3.73% 0.28% 0.08% 0.27% 20.08% Brand X “Family” Brand 14.83% 4.95% 1.65% 0.22% 0.06% 0.35% 22.07% Brand X “Metro“ Brand 24.29% 4.42% 2.87% 0.19% 0.24% 0.38% 32.38% How to make it better? Alter current templates- CTA, text links Link to a Mobile Friendly version ID mobile-only profiles and send dedicated template Auto-redirect on click to mobile landing page Offer-specific mobile buy flowsTo get your own email analysis for free, with subject “email mobile analysis”
    27. 27. Dedicated Mobile-buy flows perform• National service provider brand• Unpromoted launch/deployment• Month 1- recognized 370+ conversions ($335,000+)• Month 2- recognized 770+ conversions ($690,000+)• Significant Over-index On Previously Hard to Reach • 20’s, low income, college degree • Hispanic, single parents, no college, low income • Black, urban, poor • High income, college degree, single, disposable income
    28. 28. Keys to Optimizing Mobile CommerceUser Experience• Understand and Leverage the Mobile Context• Make it Easy to Discover, Access, and Engage• Enable Simple and Intuitive Task Completion• Be Inclusive and Reward Usage
    29. 29. Full Site Mobile SiteUser Experience: -5 points for over-simplified feature phone UI
    30. 30. Full Site Mobile Site
    31. 31. Impact of Poor User Experience
    32. 32. How to disengage a mobile consumer:
    33. 33. Breakout Session Exercises!Text ‘BM2011’ to 67463, enter: scan:
    34. 34. Breakout Session Exercise 1• Click the 1st link and try to find the closest Walmart store to us. • Do you know what zip code you are in right now?• Now click the 2nd link and try to find the closest Walmart store to us. • Particularly on an iPhone, this should be significantly easier…
    35. 35. – Find Closest StoreUser Experience: -2 points for not indicating the distance
    36. 36. – Find Closest StoreUser Experience: -5 points for not using geo-location
    37. 37. Breakout Session Exercise 2• Click the 1st link and see if you can find out how much an 8GB iPod Touch is.• Now click the 2nd link try it again.
    38. 38. – Buy 8GB iPod Touch
    39. 39. – Buy 8GB iPod TouchUser Experience: -10 points for not having mobile checkout
    40. 40. Jean-LucDon’t be a sheep following the mobile herd! Cornecs Telephone Sheep• Consider the context that drives and the customized experience• Make the most of every touch point- think “Agile Commerce”• Understand where mobility fits with your consumer’s 360 Degree view• Innovate and deliver your correct solution, not something canned
    41. 41. THANK YOU!!