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  1. 1.  NFC Tagging Slide Sharing Empowered Websites Squarespace LightCMS Human Touch AR – Augmented Reality Gesture Based Technology Social Profiling Whit.Li
  2. 2.  3M Nano Tech Improving Projections Glass Painting Engaging Fun Gesture Based Tech Augmented Reality
  3. 3.  B2B Social Media Social Currency
  4. 4.  Future of Manufacturing?
  5. 5.  Digitally Empowered Staff Socially Shared Expertise What‘s-In Store – Active Inventory
  6. 6.  Passing Fad? Information Gold Mine Online Product Data Self Guided Tour Digital Memory
  7. 7.  The King is Dead - Cash Isis – Austin Effort Card Case
  8. 8.  Mobile First Future of Applications
  9. 9.  Telling Stories Life-Stream Data - GeoTargeting
  10. 10. SXSW PANEL Paul Gelb VP, Mobile Practice Lead - Razorfish #SXSW #bumpNFC NFC TaggingNear Field CommunicationsLeverage smartphone integration to take the shopping experience into the 21stCentury.Ex: Each product line has a QR code on its shelf price tag, and inside each tag is ahidden NFC data loop. Shoppers browsing the shelves can scan the code with asmartphone or wave their phone over the NFC tag and the phone will display extrainformation about the product automatically. If they chose the item, they can buy itconventionally in-store, or choose to buy it online for a saving of 10% to 40%, andeven arrange delivery directly inside the phone app. FOR MORE INFO:
  11. 11.  Slide SharingSlideShare.netSlideShare is the worlds largest community for sharing presentations. SlideSharealso supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars. SlideShare also works onMobile devices.• Upload presentations publicly or privately• Download presentations on any topic and reuse or remix• Embed on blogs, websites, company intranets• Share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn• Zipcast: free, no download, 1 click web meetings• Leadshare: generate business leads with your presentations, documents, pdfs, videos• Slidecast: sync mp3 audio with slides to create a webinar• Embed YouTube videos inside SlideShare presentations• Use SlideShare PRO for premium features like branded channels, analytics, ad free pages etc FOR MORE INFO:
  12. 12.  Empowered WebsitesSquarespace.comLightCMS.comEasy user based website creation and updating. High Focus on design. Fullintegration of social media, blogs, and online shopping! FOR MORE INFO:
  13. 13. SXSW KEYNOTE Amber Case Co-Founder #SXSW #AmberCase Human TouchScanned ShoppersReducing the guesswork involved in shopping, retailers are integrating customerrecognition technologies into their store environments. Providing highly tailoredrecommendations to consumers and treating each shopper as a distinct individual.• Digital Signage recognizes shoppers to provide intelligent advertising.• Ads tailored based on recognized demographics. ―Retailers embracing the customer‘s want to access information in real-time will have a big opportunity to increase sales by providing a superior shopping experience.‖ Donald King, VP, Retail Experience, Kraft Foods FOR MORE INFO:
  14. 14.  Social divines consumer psycho-social profile by scanning and analyzing socialmedia activity using native language processing and complex context-sensitivepattern-matching API compares life-stage, demographics, rare interests, relativeconscientiousness, agreeability and other personality traits on both sides of a C2Ctransaction to ensure the most positive customer experience.• User personality, life-stage and interests can be used to assess user compatibility• Users get a much better idea of how they would relate to the consumer on the other side of a transaction.• Provide recommendations for your users based on the behaviors of others like them. FOR MORE INFO:
  15. 15. VIDEO 3M Nano TechEpson has partnered with 3M to develop a new marketing platform for retailers.Simply put, "Epsons rear-projection technology with 3Ms 0.3-mm thin Vikuiti filmto project talking avatars onto to shop windows.‖ FOR MORE INFO:
  16. 16. VIDEO Glass PaintingWith the help of Kinect‘s infrared technology and their technical genius, Nordstromcreated a seamlessly interactive display that anyone can ―paint‖ on with using justthe motion of their hands in front of the glass. FOR MORE INFO:
  17. 17. VIDEO Gesture Based BrowsingUse of motion tracking to convert static retail fronts and in-store displays into interactive pointsof browsing that mimic the experience consumers can expect when shopping for merchandisein aisles and on sales racks. By leveraging this technology, retailers are giving consumers apersonalized shopping experience without requiring them to interact with products directly, andoften without having to enter a store.• Wave-of-the-Hand Window Shopping• Interactive Ballerina Storefront FOR MORE INFO:
  18. 18. SXSW KEYNOTE Amber Case Co-Founder #SXSW #AmberCase VIDEO Augmented RealityChange how you buy--and how you find the places you shop with an emergingarray of programs that will remake everything from roaming the mall to impulsebuying. FOR MORE INFO:
  19. 19. SXSW PANEL Jeffrey L Cohen, Radian6 Kipp Bodnar Inbound Mktg Mgr HubSpot #SXSW #b2bsm B2BLeverage Social Media to drive leads and revenue.73% of CEO‘s do not believe marketing drives revenue.Leads are KPILeads are the Proxy for SalesYour Goal should Not be to buy leads. Your goal should be to buy customers.3 Must Haves to generate leads in Social Media• Get people connected to you• Get people to share you• CALL TO ACTIONB2B is people to people, building connections and making relationships. People buyfrom people they like, know & trust.Prospects do not care about your products. They want solutions to their problems.They want to know how things will work for them.Follow. Friend. Connect. With people on Social Media FOR MORE INFO:
  20. 20.  Social CurrencyRetailers are re-evaluating the value of a shopper based not only on the history andpotential of that individual‘s spend—but also on that individuals ability to spread marketingmessaging through their respective social graphs. In an effort to leverage this new metricfor rating customers, stores are providing preferential services to these individuals inexchange for their ability to influence their peers.• Special Treatment Based On A Guest‘s Social Influence• Buy In Exchange For Social Media Sharing• Reward Peer Influence With Targeted Coupons• Reward Points As Social Currency• Connected Shopping Experience Tailors Rewards To Shoppers‘ Interest• Convert Social Media ‗Likes‘ Into Rewards FOR MORE INFO:
  21. 21. SXSW PANEL Michael Weinberg Public Knowlege #SXSW #3DDC VIDEO Future of ManufacturingThe making of parts and products using a computer-driven, additive process, onelayer at a time. 3D printing builds plastic and metal parts directly from CADdrawings that have been cross sectioned into thousands of layers. It provides afaster and less costly alternative to machining (cutting, turning, grinding and drillingsolid materials), but are there legal ramifications? FOR MORE INFO:
  22. 22.  Digitally Empowered Staff/ Socially Shared ExpertiseWith the aid of mobile devices, sales staff are providing customers with a morepersonal shopping experience and changing the face of the retail interaction.Empowered sales personnel can provide customers with seamless services suchas check out, inventory search, product recommendations and more, anywhere inthe store.• Nordstrom - Connect To Stocked Inventory Online• Home Depot - Associates Share Expertise Through the Use of Social Media• Apple Stores - Connected Employees respond to Customers in real-time• BMW - iPads Speed Transactions To Raise Customer Satisfaction FOR MORE INFO:
  23. 23. VIDEO What‘s In-Store – Active InventoryIn an effort to ensure that every store visit meets a shopper‘s expectations,retailers and software developers are creating consumer-facing tools that make astore‘s entire physical inventory available to customers in real-time. By making thisinformation accessible, retailers are enabling their customers to approach everyshopping trip with confidence, knowing that the right product, size, or style is instock.• Milo - App Connects Local Buyers To Products Nearby• Local Inventory Synced With Local Mobile Inquiries - Retailigence has developed an open API.• RFID Equipped Ice-cream Scoopers Update Flavor Availability for Real-Time Inventory. FOR MORE INFO:
  24. 24.  Passing Fad?Originally created for vehicle part inventory, Quick Response code is an OpenSource platform. With the advancement of mobile technology QR codes havefound their way into everyday promotion, information sourcing, and data tracking.• They Are Everywhere• Have a CTA or Destination – A reason to exist• Largely Ignored FOR MORE INFO:
  25. 25. SXSW PANEL David Wachs President Cellit #SXSW Information Gold Mine – The GoodQR‘s can begin a specific action on a users phone to:Go To Website URL Telephone NumberPlay You Tube Video SMS MessageLocate Google Maps Location Email AddressTwitter User Info Email MessageGo To/ Like a Facebook Page Contact Details (VCARD)Connect LinkedIn Profile Event (VCALENDAR)iTunes Link (In-Store) Wifi Login (Android Only)Plain Text Message/ Info PayPal Buy Now LinkAll data can be tracked FOR MORE INFO:
  26. 26. SXSW PANEL #SXSW Information Gold Mine – The BadQR‘s can begin a specific action on a users phone to:Make receiving simple content difficult Lack measurement compared to text messaging 
Lackfollow-up Require mobile devices to stop being mobile 
Can‘t go viral Remove brand association 
Only work on smart phones with cameras Take up a lot of space 
Have no standard format Can‘t be usedin television or radio 
Are still not recognized by the general public FOR MORE INFO:
  27. 27.  User Guides Online Product Data Self Guided Tour Digital Memory FOR MORE INFO:
  28. 28. SXSW PANEL Sam Shrauger VP Global Prod & Experience PayPal #SXSW #PPWallet The King is Dead - Cash"95 percent of the transactions in America, or more, have nothing todo with physical pieces of paper or coins,‖ -- economist Robert ReichPayPal went from processing $140 million in 2009, to $750 million in2010, to $4 billion in 2011. "We expect that well see $7 billion thisyear," – Sam Schrauger VP PayPal FOR MORE INFO: CBS Sunday Morning
  29. 29.  Isis - AustinCredit Cards, Cash Cards, Loyalty Cards, Bank Accounts, and Personalized Offers all on your Phone. FOR MORE INFO:
  30. 30.  Square CardCaseCredit Cards, Cash Cards, Loyalty Cards, Bank Accounts, and Personalized Offers all on your Phone. FOR MORE INFO:
  31. 31. SXSW PANEL Jeffrey Zeldman Founder, Chairman, Happy Cog Founder, Publisher, A List Apart Co-Founder, Publisher, A Book Apart Co-Founder, An EVent Apart Co-Host, The Big Web Show Happy Cog #SXSW #GoForth Mobile First―Mobile first‖ is the mantra on the lips of most mobile evangelists. The trouble is, the advice of many experts tostart fresh with a new mobile design, optimize for performance, and try to accommodate all mobile devicesboth common and uncommon — this ends up being quite a daunting list. FOR MORE INFO:
  32. 32. SXSW PANEL James Parton Head Mktg BlueVia Jennifer Pabian Strategy Mgr, Content & Svcs Samsung Keith Casey Developer Evangelist Twilio #SXSW Future of Applications Apple may have gotten something wrong. Apps will disappear. • Increased Internet Connection Speeds • Mobile Technology Advances • HTML 5 & CSS3 FOR MORE INFO:
  33. 33. VIDEO Telling Stories Path is the personal social journaling app where users can share every detail of their life, including: location, photos, thoughts, music, who you are with, and even when you wake up/sleep each day, and the app is currently sitting alone with its unique approach to social relationships. FOR MORE INFO:
  34. 34. SXSW TALK Dennis Crowley CEO/Co-founder Foursquare #SXSW #EasyWorld Life-Stream Data – Geo Targeting GPS-enabled apps that let people learn more about others nearby and notify about common friends, interests, etc. were all the rave this year (and the ―official‖ battery suckers), including: Highlight, Banjo, Sonar, Forecast FOR MORE INFO: