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mShopper’s Mobile Commerce Made Easy™ platform offers merchants an easy to use software solution to create a custom branded mStore™.
No budget or IT resources required. Simply upload your product datafeed, logo, custom messaging and use the platform tools to merchandise and promote your new mStore. With an mStore that works on any smartphone, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the rapid pace of change in mobile platforms, devices and browsers.
Our consumer outreach tool GetFirstDibs™ generates your Mobile ROI. It helps build your permission mobile database, send text alerts on your special offers and drive traffic to your new mStore.
With mShopper’s SaaS platform, you can effectively convert mobile traffic into sales today. Now that’s Mobile Commerce Made Easy™!
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mShopper mobile mStore and marketing platform

  1. 1. Increase sales to your mobile shoppers with Text BEAVERTON To 80676 to view your demo mStore® The Mobile Experts Since 2005
  2. 2. Mobile became a serious sales channel during 2011 Holidays 1 out of every 7 visitors to retail websites on Black Friday used a mobile device!Source: IBM’s CoreMetrics: Black Friday Report 2011. 14.3% of all traffic to US retail websites came from mobile devices
  3. 3. Half of your traffic will be mobile by the end of 2013 Mobile Vs. Non-Mobile Internet Users Global Forecast from Morgan Stanley 2,500 Mobile internet usage overtakes 2,000 non-mobile by Holiday 2013! Internet Users (Millions) 1,500 1,000 Non-Mobile Internet Users 500 Mobile Internet Users 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Source: Mary Meeker & Morgan Stanley Research, 2010
  4. 4. Mobile is the new acquisition channel Percent of traffic to mStores coming from mobile searches 80% for products, brands, or categories (i.e. not returning customers typing in your brand name/URL directly) Source: mShopperU research across all merchants, September 2011
  5. 5. Google’s game changer (they recognize the opportunity) Send your mobile shoppers to mobile-optimized sites, or you will lose money! --Google to its advertisers (September 2011)
  6. 6. Why Google acted…non-optimized sites don’t convert Current Mobile Site mStore (non-mobile-optimized) (mobile-optimized)Conversion Typically ~0.3% Can range from 1.0% to 3.0%! Rates VS.
  7. 7. The cost of low conversion rates is significant and growing! ↑ Click to use mCalculator on ↑
  8. 8. But….going mobile is hard to do DESIGN & FUNCTIONALITY: Need to build for unique behaviors of mobile shoppers VERSIONING: Need to adjust for hundreds of handsets & more released monthly. Thousands of combinations of screen sizes, browsers, interfaces, OS, etc. IT: Building in-house requires skills and availability most retailers don’t have BUDGET & TIME: Current solutions require significant investment and 3-6 months MARKETING: Without marketing tools few will find your mobile store
  9. 9. mShopper makes it easy! mShopper Solution Platform-agnostic We Don’t Just Mobilize Your Website (works with any e-commerce platform) (mStore customized for mobile shopping behavior) No IT Required Built-in Marketing & Promotion (patent-pending tools drive traffic & sales) No Capital Budget Required Technology Updates Included (automatically get platform upgrades) Can Go Live in Minutes A True M-Commerce Partner (not months!) (we’re performance-based & work for your success) Feature-Rich & Customizable No Commitment Required (100+ features, content management, custom (we’re confident in our ability to drive mobile sales) layouts, conversion-focused)
  10. 10. mStore Built for mobile devices and mobile shopping behavior Merchant Dashboard Easilybuild, manage, marke t, and analyze your mStore
  11. 11. Home PageCustomizable layout (modules & themes)Auto-scrolling hot deals carouselPopular categories & brands (automatic/select)SMS sign-up form
  12. 12. Search EngineAutonomous search for mobile behaviorSOLR search engine customizable for your productsShopper-friendly search results presentationEasily sort and filter results, gallery displaySearch box on every page
  13. 13. Product Details Scrolling product image gallery (up to 10) Automatic sales-price formatting Easy size and color selection Shipping cost calculator (increases conversions) Easy-to-use tabbed display of product fields Scrolling carousel of related products Add-to-Wish-List feature Product Reviews if available
  14. 14. Shopping CartUser-friendly shopping cart with unlimited itemsShipping cost calculator by zip codeThree popular alternative payment options inaddition to all major Credit CardsCart abandonment SMS reminders
  15. 15. CheckoutStreamlined 3-step checkoutIntegration with current customer databaseThree order-processing options: 1. Shopping Cart API 2. Live-Order Queue 3. PCI-compliant Business Processing Center
  16. 16. Completely Redesigned Dashboard• Built-in datafeed integrations with 20 popular data providers & formats Improved Wiki-style Help Center & How to Videos• Even more customizations of color, content, merchandising, and layout Order processing via Live Order Queue• Simpler & more powerful SMS Marketing (multiple landing pages) Enhanced Analytics
  17. 17. Completely Redesigned Analytics
  18. 18. Your business is unique, and so is your mStore
  19. 19. SMS MarketingBuild a mobile database and send text alertsTools to promote your sign-up form on web, inemail, and in social mediaPowerful for direct response & brandingAnalytics measure key ROI metrics
  20. 20. SMS Helps Drive Traffic to Your mStore mShopper provides tools in red boxes Auto-redirect for Email to mobile viewers Database Mobile Search Form embedded on site (Paid) Links to web sign-up form Text Mobile Search Links to Social / web Mobile alerts to (Organic) product Viral Media sign-up Sign-Ups pages form Links to web sign-up form Mobile Banner Bounce- back text Ads Paid Search link Keyword Drivers in Print/ Radio Text XYZ to 1234
  21. 21. Review opt- ins, alertssent, transactions, sa les amounts, timeframe and even ROI.
  22. 22. Performance Services Group (PSG) Your Exclusive Mobile Agency… • Exclusive 1 on 1 client management & support • Merchandise & optimize mStore data feeds • Create brand impressions & direct response via SMS What • Constant mobile shopper engagement • Performance audit & recommendations We Do: • Conversion feature assistance • 360 Marketing: Social media, traditional, print & creative assets with promotional leadership • Traffic, sales and conversion improvements • Beautiful, feature-packed mobile commerce platform Results: • Save you time & resources & provide mobile education • Ownership of permission-based mobile cell phone database • Plans start @ $500/mo. pending scope of workWe know mobile… hire us to help Pricing: • Ask about current PSG promotions & save more today!
  23. 23. Additional Information On Going Mobile‒mShopper’s Three Order Processing Options‒mShopper’s Pricing Made Easy‒Cost & time comparison of other vendors/ building in-house
  24. 24. Pricing Made Easy Our pricing is designed so that we will be your mobile business partner – we will make sure you succeed Monthly Licensing Performance-Based Fee $99 - $299 - $499 - $999 5% or published affiliate rate of each based on web traffic transaction Optional Fees Below Text Messaging Performance Services Group 1 penny per message (Wow!) Starting at $500/monthLicensing Costs: <100K visits = $99; between 100K and 400K = $299; between 400K and 1MM = $499; >1MM = $999Text Costs: Text Messaging costs 1.5 cents per message when not purchased in volume (<100K messages)
  25. 25. Order Processing Made Easy YOU DO IT We email you the order info and your CSRs process like any ecommerce order (Live Order Queue) WE DO IT Our PCI-compliant Business Processing Center enters the order into your e-commerce cart AUTOMATED Our Engineers work together and we set up an API directly into your cart
  26. 26. Need Help? Use our Performance Services Team We Know Mobile! We know you’re busy, so let our team of mobile experts do what it takes to optimize your conversion rateWhat We’ll Do • Detailed analysis of performance metrics (traffic, search, SMS, orders, conversions, etc.) Performance • Comparison vs. mShopper industry benchmarks Audit • Detailed recommendations for improving conversion rates • Scheduling hot deals to keep content freshMerchandising • Can use current promotions or analysis of shopper’s mStore search terms • Recommendations to grow mobile database from all channelsSMS Marketing • Create, schedule & send SMS alerts weekly using best practices • Production of web & email assets to promote mStore and SMS sign-up form Promotional Assets • Production of homepage banner image to match e-commerce promotions Pricing starts at just $500 per month – ask us for more info
  27. 27. mShopper Comparison
  28. 28. You can build it in-house …or use a non-self-service vendor“ “ It took 90$150,000…less ”…it will take three ” days and to nine months. than “…expect to pay upwards of $200,000. ” Source: CIO Magazine, 2/15/12 Source: Internet Retailer Magazine, 2/1/2012
  29. 29. In-House mShopperIn-House Costs•Months of IT time to set-up•Monthly maintenance &updates•Lost IT time (other projects)
  30. 30. Make Your Mobile Shoppers SmileAnd Bring More Money to Your Business by… Going Mobile with mShopper Now!