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Olson mobile march presentation 2012 03-16


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Mobile March 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
  • I like to the model you've outlined for mobile content strategy. I would caution, however, that mobile relevance does not equate to 'on the go.' Lots of data that suggests people use mobile browser as a replacement for desktop browser, at home, on the couch, or for focused tasks. For most businesses, 'mobile optimization' will be harder and take longer than 'mobile relevance.'
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Olson mobile march presentation 2012 03-16

  1. 1. Mobile March Presentation March 16, 2012© OLSON 2012
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover• Framework for mobile strategy development• Elements and options available• Stakeholders involved• Best practices and case examples: CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 2
  3. 3. 8 Elements of a Mobile Strategy Awareness • how will people know we are mobile?CALL TO ACTION Access • how will they respond to that message? Platform • where will we direct them?ENGAGEMENT Content • what will they see when they get there? • how will we get them to agree to ongoing Enrollment communication?RELATIONSHIPMANAGEMENT Communication • what will we say to them once they do? Amplification • how can we make our message shareable? VALUE GENERATION Transaction • how does all of this drive our business? CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 3
  4. 4. Call To Action:Awareness + Access CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 4
  5. 5. Awareness Drivers Traditional Mobile Traditional Advertising Mobile Advertising TV, Radio Mobile Display Bought Media Print, OOH Mobile Web SEM Online Mobile App Store SEM Marketing Assets On Product Mobile Properties Owned Media Point of Sale Mobile Websites Sponsorship Mobile Applications Web Properties CRM Mobile CRM Earned Media Email Database Mobile SMS Alerts Social Media App Push Notifications CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 5
  6. 6. Access Methods pros cons SMS • simple • carrier compliance Text KEYWORD to • widest handset penetration • real estate for call to action 12345… • best user experience if URL redirect and optimized site are • feature phone access Visit… in place • non-optimized sites • visually engaging QR CODE • ability to deep link or embed • relatively low adoption Scan this bar code… data • requires application IMAGE RECOGNITION • uses existing imagery (ie no • awareness Scan this logo or image… additional packaging) • requires application NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION • easy, intuitive • very low device penetration Tap here… CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 6
  7. 7. TV + URLOld Navy Best Tees• Awareness: 2-minute TV “infomercial” starring Mr. T & Anna Faris aired on E!s Talk Soup and Chelsea Lately, then cut to :30 spot• Access: URL with auto device redirect to both versions of site, web and mobile• Call to action: Visit to get a PIN for a free T-shirt; mobile and desktop websites created• Result: 25% of visits from mobile, 25k coupons distributed in just 3 hours CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 7
  8. 8. OOH + SMSMini Vending Machine• Awareness: Fully interactive Mini “vending machine” projection at 5 locations asked passersby “Which Mini are you craving?”• Access: SMS keyword with vending machine code for each of nine models• Call To Action: Text the code and your model will drive around to the bottom of the machine• Results: generated considerable buzz and multiple awards including a gold OBIE CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 8
  9. 9. OOH + Image RecognitionYoplait Greek4Good• Awareness: OOH with Greek messaging and instructions for downloading an app to decode• Access: Image recognition• Call to Action: track down messages and scan using image recognition to earn points toward $25K donation to Feeding America• Results: Thousands of downloads in 4 weeks CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 9
  10. 10. Email + SMSCineplex SCENE• Awareness: Email blast sent to loyalty database• Access: Two methods, click on link to add mobile number to profile or text in keyword• Call to Action: You could win free movies if you opt in to SMS alerts…• Result: more people chose SMS than link click, overall “CTR” including SMS ~ 3% CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 10
  11. 11. Social Media + SMSBauer Stick Giveaway• Awareness: Owned and earned media (Bauer website, Facebook, Twitter) to test audience appetite for SMS at lowest possible media cost• Access: SMS keyword• Call to Action: Text STICK to 606060 for a chance to win a Supreme TotalONE hockey stick• Result: 6% response rate CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 11
  12. 12. Print + QRNWM Internal Communication• Awareness: Special edition of Forbes, 7K copies distributed at annual financial reps meeting• Access: QR codes plus direct URL provided for those without reader• Call to Action: scan this code to see a special message (device detection used to optimize for the device)• Result: 4% response rate CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 12
  13. 13. Mobile Advertising + ClickFifth Third Bank Scholarship• Awareness: mobile display advertising using location-based targeting within variable radii of college campuses• Access: link click• Call to Action: click here to find out how you could win a $10,000 scholarship• Result: 1.8MM impressions, highly targeted at relatively low cost CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 13
  14. 14. Engagement:Platform + Content CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 14
  15. 15. Platform Considerations • Carrier Integration (Short Codes) Mobile Messaging • Messaging Formats (SMS, MMS) • CRM Integration • Mobile vs Tablet Mobile Web • Device Optimization • CMS Integration • Device Platform (Apple, Android, RIM, etc) Mobile Apps • OS Versions CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 15
  16. 16. Mobile Content Strategy Evolution Mobile Integration Mobile Context Creating user experiences that leverage Making the actual messaging dynamic other capabilities on the handset based on time and place (Phone Dialer, Maps, Contacts, Camera, (eg location-based services, geo fencing, Mobile Accelerometer, Push Notifications) augmented reality, weather triggers) Device Mobile Optimization Mobile Relevance Formatting existing content and Changing the content approach to suit the communications for the mobile handset “user-on-the-go” (shorter messages and smaller screens, (more store finders and product information, simpler navigation, no flash) less brochures) Mobile User CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 16
  17. 17. Mobile RelevanceBoston Scientific Sales Tools• Platform: tablet web and native applications for direct distribution to sales rep devices• Content: sales collateral (tutorials, 3D imagery, calculators)• Engagement: design takes full advantage of tablet medium: tabbed navigation, swipe gestures, pinch and zoom, full screen video.• Result: well received by doctors and well adopted by reps; underlying framework designed to be highly flexible and reusable for future applications CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 17
  18. 18. Mobile RelevanceDiscover Boating Mobile• Platform: mobile website with 3 versions (US, Canadian English, Canadian French)• Content: buying guide, educational videos, boat show finder, boat loan calculator, mobile app directory• Engagement: driven by the insight that the best predictor of new buyers are those who visit other people’s boats, the mobile site puts all the right tools in the hand of potential buyers on the go• Result: Since launching in July 2011 the site has had more than 70,000 unique visitors, about 10% of overall traffic CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 18
  19. 19. Mobile ContextBayer Rosacea App• Platform: mobile application (iPhone, Android & Blackberry• Content: definitive source for Rosacea information, support, and management tools• Engagement: log and track flare ups, view relevant news and get a discount on Finacea. Integration with Weather Network means app changes color based on triggers for condition (temperature, humidity, wind speed)• Result: thousands of downloads, endorsement by National Rosacea Society CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 19
  20. 20. Relationship Management:Enrollment + Communication CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 20
  21. 21. Enrollment and Communication Relevance Enrollment Communication Promotional SMS Permission Informational Management MMS Push Transactional Notifications Personalization CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 21
  22. 22. Promotional Enrollment + SMSLimited Secret Savings Club• Enrolment: text, scan or visit the mobile optimized site to sign up for 10% off all purchases• Communication: account balances, request rewards, recent transactions, program information• Relationship: mobile messaging reinforces the exclusive nature of the program• Result: 50,000 customer sign ups in the first 48 hours CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 22
  23. 23. Informational Enrollment + SMSOntario Lottery Alerts• Enrolment: SMS keyword or full registration online through web and mobile web• Communication: winning numbers and jackpot alerts by SMS• Relationship: site enables players to register, select alert preferences and modify preferences as needed• Result: Enrolment has increased 300% in past year CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 23
  24. 24. Promotional Enrollment + SMSMGD Nothing To Hide Ride• Enrolment: promotional; enter to win a Harley and opt in to program alerts for more chances to win• Communication: SMS alerts when consumer passes by retail location• Relationship: surprise and delight (with careful management of business rules!)• Result: 38% of consumers who were prompted to share their location did CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 24
  25. 25. Promotional Enrollment + MMSCorona MMS Alerts• Enrolment: part of the Insider database with 250K members across portfolio of brands• Communication: picture message (MMS) with limited time offer• Relationship: value added messaging is part of larger communication strategy with exclusive offers and promotions• Result: 46.5% click through rate CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 25
  26. 26. Informational Enrollment + Push NotificationsDominion of Canada• Enrolment: Mobile app for one of Canada’s largest auto and property insurers• Communication: Push notifications from central CMS tool for timely reminders and information alerts; branding for individual broker• Relationship: infrequent but helpful info• Result: recent launch across all platforms CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 26
  27. 27. Value Generation:Amplification + Transaction CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 27
  28. 28. Mobile Role in Amplification Making Mobile Social Making Social Mobile Generating sharable mobile content (check ins, in venue experiences) Mobile interfaces (eg Facebook apps) Offering sharing functionality Dynamic location integration (eg who is nearby) Leveraging contacts as a social network CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 28
  29. 29. Making Mobile SocialSony Reader Mobile Coupon• Campaign: Mobile coupon for $25 off a Sony Reader; text READER to get a PIN to redeem at• Amplification: Ability to share coupon with friends by replying with FACEBOOK; directed to mobile page to verify credentials, then newsfeed is populated with message encouraging others to get their own coupon by texting SONY• Results: more viral coupons delivered than from initial media response; 40% redemption CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 29
  30. 30. Making Mobile SocialPurina Cinema Polls• Campaign: OOH campaign to build awareness for online community offered real time voting on pet related polls• Amplification: encouraged users to share the vote question via Facebook, Twitter or SMS• Results: over 7% of participants chose to share the questions CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 30
  31. 31. Making Social MobileMolson Canadian Seize The Summer• Campaign: pillar promotion to support Made From Canada positioning by tying the brand to definitive Canadian summer experiences; players earn badges for doing and sharing various actions• Amplification: multiplatform mobile app with same look and feel as campaign experience online, one of the first to create extended two-way integration with Facebook• Results: 20% of campaign engagement driven through mobile; MMA Award finalist for Best Use of Mobile Marketing – Promotion CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 31
  32. 32. Mobile Role in Transaction Physical Goods Digital Goods Mobile Shopping Assistant Drive to retail Service and information in store POS Mitigating the “showroom” problem Mobile Loyalty Drive return visits Payment Reward and incent Mobile POS Phone as payment processing device (eg Square, Paypal) Mobile Commerce Mobile Content Tickets Payment Mobile Shopping Environment Apps Advertising as storefront (eg Tesco) Donations CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 32
  33. 33. Mobile CommerceLive Nation Wireless Box Office• Program: Wireless Box Office, North America’s first fully transactional mobile ticketing solution• Transaction: Mobile commerce: browse, purchase (by credit card), download and redeem all from the mobile phone• Result: Mobile Marketing Association Award for North America’s top multi- mobile channel program CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 33
  34. 34. Mobile CommerceRed Cross Mobile Donations• Program: Mobile giving program for non-profits such as the Red Cross creates infrastructure for ongoing donations through wireless carrier billing relationship• Transaction: Mobile commerce; text in to offer donation then reply to confirm, $5 or $10 added to wireless bill• Result: New channel for point- of-emotion fundraising, program has been rolled out across hundreds of charities CONNECTION IS ALL THAT COUNTS® 34
  35. 35. Thank You!Mike BrownVP Business Development, Mobilembrown@olson.comtwitter