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Device Technology - Mobile


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Part 3 of the bemoko/Alterian "Lifting the Lid on Mobile Marketing" series - this installment focuses on mobile and device technology

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Device Technology - Mobile

  1. 1. Mobile Internet Powered by Webinar:Lifting the Lid on Mobile Session 3: Device Technology
  2. 2. Last Sessions Key Points • Market Influencers • The Pace Of Change • Handset Diversity • Ways to organise mobile technology into a marketing campaign • Using mobile to deliver enriched experiences and gain 1-2-1 relationships with every customer • The need to use a different approach
  3. 3. Device TechnologyMobile devices are changing all the time - with over 100 new tabletsbeing launched this year alone, its hard to keep up with how to tapinto the features that mobiles offer us to engage and sell to ourcustomers.This webinar will focus on:• Understanding the different handsets, operating systems and capabilities• Getting to grips with device technology• Exploring marketing applications that use advanced mobile phone features
  4. 4. Mobile media usage continues to grow
  5. 5. What’s visibly apparent is not fact
  6. 6. Market by OS
  7. 7. Single Platform Strategy Communication
  8. 8. Single Platform Strategy Communication
  9. 9. Evolving Platform Base
  10. 10. Over 60 mobile browsers Platform Browsers Add-on Browsers
  11. 11. Some browser standardisation But there will always be fragmentation
  12. 12. Device Technologies HTML5 GPS NFCCamera Motion Sensing Accelerometer Video Tilt Face Detection Screen Technology Magnetometer Touch screen Geo-location
  13. 13. Device Technologies Must-haves Nice to haves GPS Tilt Camera Accelerometer Gestures Motion Sensing NFC Advanced Gestures
  14. 14. Marketing Applications GPS/Geolocation Branch Locator Maps and active search functions Location based advertising Social Applications – my friends – check in Tracking your customers Camera Customer interaction – upload pictures Augmented reality Barcodes Share experiences – social campaigns Linking PC web to mobile web – single customer view NFC Customer surveys Social Campaigns Customer Loyalty Mobile transactions Smart posters
  15. 15. NFC -Near Field Communication• Short-range wireless technology• Embedded in the phone• Securely store personal data such as debit and credit card information• Four versions – memory, speed and security• Governed by the NFC Forum• Held hostage by credit card companies and network operators• Supported by Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung• Soon to be supported by iPhone, Windows mobile NFC is “the one to watch”
  16. 16. Basic Gestures
  17. 17. Advanced Gestures
  18. 18. Keyboards and Hybrids!
  19. 19. HTML5• HTML5 is the next generation of HTML markup language – currently 4.2• HTML5 has tools and features that make some things on mobile easier to develop: • Delivers better audio and video support • Built in Geolocation • Enables offline content • Provides “canvas” a means of delivering dynamic content• HTML5 is not yet supported by all mobiles• It’s not the panacea - misconception
  20. 20. Javascript / Ajax / CSS3 / jQuery Rich App-like User experience Pull-down menu CSS3 overlays Sliding animations Orientation Aware
  21. 21. Device Management Technology Content Management Delivery to the Mobile Web Centrally managed content for web, email, social and mobile handset mobile detection (> 12,000) Leading edge delivery engineiPhone Android Blackberry Windows using HTML5 and fully optimised dynamic pages Device and user tracking – User geolocation, camera, NFC – preference advanced technology detection management and development tools Device and channel specific previews
  22. 22. Maximising Each Experience Flash jQuery HTML
  23. 23. SummaryWe’ve Explored:• Handset and browser diversity is growing – ask your developer for cross platform• Technologies to focus on to maximise user experiences – get ahead of the curve• It’s not a “one horse race” - 70% + of your customers are not on iPhones
  24. 24. Questions: Next sessions - From the Perspective of Mobile E-commerce: Tuesday 14th June @ 10am UK Social Media: Tuesday 12th July @ 10am UK