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DDS Web Enabled


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Web Integration Service – New Product Demonstration by Richard Williamson and Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, RTI

Published in: Technology
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DDS Web Enabled

  1. 1. DDS DDS Web Enabled Gerardo Pardo-­‐Castellote, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer, RTI October 2014
  2. 2. Web IntegraHon (OMG Web-­‐Enabled DDS) Direct access to real-­‐Hme data from Web-­‐Based ApplicaHons Opera)onal Data Web Web Enabled DDS Integra)on Service Web Enabled DDS GUARD © 2014 Real-­‐Time InnovaHons, Inc. Global Data Space
  3. 3. Web-­‐Enabled DDS as Gateway © 2014 Real-­‐Time InnovaHons, Inc. HTTP Protected perimeter and network Open network Firewall DDS Protocol (RTPS) NaHve DDS ApplicaHons Client ApplicaHon using the OMG standard HTTP-­‐DDS protocol WebDDS Service
  4. 4. © 2014 Real-­‐Time InnovaHons, Inc. Scenarios • Mobile data access • Access to DDS from browser-­‐based applicaHons • Web-­‐based UIs/Dashboards • Access from small devices • Access across firewall • Disconnected stateless clients – Short lived commands – Scripts
  5. 5. WebDDS Object Model © 2014 Real-­‐Time InnovaHons, Inc. class WebDDS_ProxyClasses «interface» WebDDS::Entity - name :string «value» WebDDS::Qos WebDDS::Topic «value» WebDDS::Type - name :string WebDDS:: DataWriter «value» WebDDS:: QosProfile - name :string WebDDS:: Subscriber WebDDS:: DataReader WebDDS:: DomainParticipant WebDDS:: Publisher WebDDS::Status WebDDS::WaitSet WebDDS::Application - name :string - session_id :SessionId «use» 0..* qos_profile qos
  6. 6. Object Type All URIs have the prefix “/dds/rest1” Application /applications/<appname> QosProfile /applications/<appname>/qos_profiles/<profile_name> Type /applications/<appname>/types/<typename> WaitSet /applications/<appname>/waitsets/<waitsetname> Participant /applications/<appname>/participants/<partname> RegisteredT ype © 2014 Real-­‐Time InnovaHons, Inc. Resources /applications/<appname>/participants/<partname>/ registered_types/<reg_type_name> Topic /applications/<appname>/participants/<partname>/ topics/<topicname> Publisher /applications/<appname>/participants/<partname>/ publishers/<pubname> Subscriber /applications/<appname>/participants/<partname>/ subscribers/<subname> DataWriter /applications/<appname>/participants/<partname>/ publishers/<pubname>/data_writers/<dwname> DataReader /applications/<appname>/participants/<partname>/ subscribers/<subname>/data_readers/<drname>
  7. 7. WebDDS API access to resources Type of REST HTTP verb opera)on Create POST Update PUT Read, Get GET Delete DELETE All others POST © 2014 Real-­‐Time InnovaHons, Inc.
  8. 8. © 2014 Real-­‐Time InnovaHons, Inc. Resou rce Representa)on QoS XML -­‐> same as DDS QoS profile files Types XML -­‐> same as DDS XML ApplicaHon CreaHon -­‐> Can be converted to/from IDL -­‐> DDS-­‐XTYPES standard Data XML -­‐> DDS-­‐XTYPES standard
  9. 9. © 2014 Real-­‐Time InnovaHons, Inc. Find out more…`ware