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Resume - Help Desk Technician


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Resume - Help Desk Technician

  1. 1. Pierce J. Thompson 3323 Iowa St. #558, Lawrence, KS, 66046 (785) 764-3751 Help Desk Technician Profile and Skills  Over three years of experience as a Help Desk PC Specialist at a technology department in a four-year college.  Over a year of experience as a Client Technology Technologist in the technology department of a local community college.  Over six months of experience as a TG Technician in the technology department of a multi-national, Fortune 500 construction company.  Extremely effective communication skills with customer relations, troubleshooting, problem solving, and escalation.  Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite 2007-2010.  Familiarity with Microsoft Sharepoint and Office 365.  Familiarity with Microsoft Windows XP through Windows 10.  Familiarity with Apple Mac OSX, Mountain Lion through Yosemite.  Familiarity with iOS and Android operating systems.  Familiarity with trouble ticket systems, including HEAT, SalesForce, and Service Now.  Familiarity with Windows Remote Desktop Support.  Familiarity with Bomgar Remote Support.  Familiarity with Xerox, Canon, and HP printers and copiers; familiarity with Canon and Fujitsu scanners.  Familiarity with SCCM.  Familiarity with Active Directory.  Familiarity with Dell desktops and laptops, Microsoft Surface Pro 2/3, and the range of Apple iPads/iPhones.  Ability to troubleshoot and solve multiple hardware and software problems for desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, printers/copiers, and system setups.  Ability to identify and create/implement solutions for complex problems, from documentation to code-writing.  Perhaps a cliché, but a serious attention to detail, which is important when communicating with high-profile and high- maintenance users, creating documentation, and spotting errors or keywords in dense blocks of text (helpful when parsing through error logs, or debugging code). Synopsis of Achievements Wayne State College  Researched, implemented, and maintained a new recycling system
  2. 2. for Xerox Genuine Parts.  Created and implemented email templates for various internal department processes.  Set up and maintained a Zoneminder server for an off-campus camera system.  Resolved multiple issues with different Zoneminder servers and camera setups.  Promoted to senior technician with added responsibilities that included assigning tickets, organizing resources, and leading junior technicians. Kiewit  Created the basis of much of the documentation/checklists for configurations and solutions.  Researched and found the solution to a very complex, frustrating problem for a different district and documented and shared the solution with the district for their use.  Provided on-site support for a district-wide meeting held within the Overland Park convention center for 2+ days; edited audio, video, and graphics for last-minute presentation changes; worked with hotel and convention center staff to provide as seamless an experience as possible for meeting-goers. Employment (TEK Systems) Kiewit , Lenexa, KS* (Deskside Support) TG Support  Prep, install, maintain, troubleshoot, transfer, and retire office/cubical setups.  Field and resolve trouble tickets submitted in-person, over the phone, through the standard chat client (Lync), through email, and through Service Now.  Conduct rounds between the 4 office locations in Lenexa, KS, which included documenting inventory and moving inventory as needed.  Move between several projects, tickets, and communications at once.  Document separations devices, such as laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets.  Document devices needing to be serviced by third-party vendor, such as phones and tablets.  Imaging: ascertain necessary software for user through SCCM lists and cross-reference with imaging library to decide on the most appropriate image to use for the user’s new or replacement device.  Imaging: select necessary image and prep the final OS with specific user-needed software and company- security software.  Take in-person “walk-ins” in the office and support or triage as necessary. May 2015 – January 2016
  3. 3.  Research difficult, district-wideor company-wide issues and document the solutions.  Submit repeatable issue solutions to the company’s ServiceNow KB for all of company IT and users to access.  Write .bat files for solutions to repeating problems.  Work with both IT and users from different districts to implement or streamline solutions and/or device refreshes.  Monitor inventory and alert procurement technician of low stock.  Stock in-cube and provide users with desktop peripherals such as mice, keyboards, chargers, etc.  Document laptop requests, configure laptops, work with the users, and ship out laptops for users at site across the nation.  Access user devices using Bomgar, RDP, or [computername]c$ to troubleshoot, transfer data, examine issues, configure machines, etc. Anderson Rentals, Lawrence, KS Rental Coordinator  Conduct rentals and sales.  Load and unload rental and sale items for customers.  Help customers with transactions and recommendations.  Organize daily items for customer pickup.  Organize inbound and outbound items for delivery personnel. Netsmart Technologies, Leawood, KS Product Support Representative  Take calls from and support clients over technical issues and guidance.  Create cases as needed and fully document and research both solutions and responses.  Escalate issues as needed.  Work closely with team members to support clients and document issues. January 2015 – June 2015 November 2014 – January 2015
  4. 4. Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS Client Technology Technician  Review assigned tickets and prioritize as needed.  Configure, install, inventory, and maintain computer systems for a variety of rooms, including offices and labs.  Back up and inventory computer systems.  Create and use images for computer configurations.  Schedule appointments with end-users and teammates. Lawrence Public Schools, Lawrence, KS PC Technician  Support staff, faculty, and students within assigned schools on technical issues.  Install, inventory, and maintain computer systems for staff, faculty, students, and classrooms.  Facilitate communication between end-users and the technology department. Anderson Rentals, Lawrence, KS Rental Coordinator  Conduct rentals and sales.  Load and unload rental and sale items for customers.  Help customers with transactions and recommendations.  Organize daily items for pickup.  Organize inbound and outbound items for delivery personnel. Network and Technology Services, Wayne State College, Wayne, NE Oct 2013 – November 2014 Aug 2013 – Oct 2013 June 2013 – August 2013 September 2010 – May 2013 Help Desk PC Specialist  Set up, install, and maintain computer and network setups on campus for faculty, staff, classrooms, and labs.  Support users over the phone and in person for a variety of problems including PC troubleshooting, account setups, software and hardware installation, call transfers, and equipment checkout.  Submit, distribute, and escalate trouble tickets as
  5. 5. needed.  Troubleshoot student, staff, and faculty PCs. Education Wayne State College, Wayne, NE 2010 – 2013 Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems  Degree Focus: Programmer Analyst  Relevant Coursework: Microcomputer Operating Systems, Operating Systems, Computer Hardware, Business Communications Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS  XHTML and CSS 2014 *Please contact TEK Systems for employment questions