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Multi-channel Digital Marketing Success Recipe


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The copy of my presentation entitled Multi-channel Digital Marketing Success Recipe. Used this material to give some real-life know-how as well as defend the case for digital marketing vs traditional marketing.

Venue: Centro Escolar University Manila
Date: January 19, 2017.
Audience: 3rd and 4th year marketing students from the said University.

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Multi-channel Digital Marketing Success Recipe

  1. 1. MULTI-CHANNEL DIGITAL MARKETING Success Recipe Hashtag: #ceudigitalmarketing
  2. 2. My Background: • Raised in Negros Occidental • Raised by my grandmother while mother is working as a helper for my Tito in Cavite • Came from a broken family (First child of my Father but illegitimate) • Nakikisama all of my lives until recently • Went to Cavite and live there since 2005 (11+ years now) • Dropped out of college to pursue business endeavors • Has no backer, investor or personal mentor • Network Marketing is my first business In short, I am just an ordinary person like YOU!
  3. 3. This Was Me in 2005
  4. 4. This Was Me in 2007 in the MLM Days
  5. 5. This Was Me in 2009 – Day-off
  6. 6. This Was Me in 2009 – Taking Picture of Someone Else’ Car
  7. 7. My Current Status • CEO of Digital Marketing Philippines (CJG Digital Marketing) and started from the ground up. • Employed 15 full-time people with above minimum salary. performance bonuses and commissions. • Has active partners in USA, Australia, and Canada. • Active clients all-over the world. • Married with 1 Child. • Ministry Head of Young Adults in our local Church. If I can do it, you CAN do it too!
  8. 8. My Family
  9. 9. My Team in Vikings last July 2016
  10. 10. Youth and Young Adults Leadership Summit last May 2016
  11. 11. December 2016 Christmas Party
  12. 12. December 2016 Christmas Party
  14. 14. High Paying Jobs in the PH for Fresh Graduates
  15. 15. ONE-TOUCH Marketing or Advertising is NOT ENOUGH to get ATTENTION CONSUMERS are exposed to MULTITUDES of INFORMATION
  17. 17. Multiple studies confirm the importance of MULTI-CHANNEL DIGITAL MARKETING including:
  18. 18. 80% of Consumers need an average of SIX TOUCH POINTS before they make a PURCHASING DECISION Studies from Pointclear recommends TWELVE TOUCH POINTS per customer for better results
  19. 19. Startups and SMEs have LIMITED CAPITALIZATION Many are reluctant to spend for MARKETING MULTI-CHANNEL DIGITAL MARKETING provides a very COST- EFFECTIVE alternative that DELIVERS RESULTS
  22. 22. In the INTERNET and SOCIAL MEDIA age, customers can come from practically EVERYWHERE Modern Consumers have more CONTROL OVER THEIR CHOICES of products and services
  23. 23. They want INFORMATION and CONFIRMATION first before they buy Businesses, brands, and marketers need MULTI- CHANNEL DIGITAL MARKETING to reach out to these types of customers
  24. 24. MULTI-CHANNEL DIGITAL MARKETING is a strategy that combines various kinds of direct and indirect marketing channels to generate favorable actions or responses from targeted audiences It may look like a complex web of distinct channels all working towards a similar end, and that is connecting with potential customers More Potential Customers means Better results for your business
  25. 25. Digital Marketing Basic Terminologies
  26. 26. TOUCH POINT • Any encounter where customers and businesses engage to exchange information, provide services, or handle transactions. CONVERSION • When a visitor takes the desired action while visiting your site. This can be a purchase, membership signup, download, or registration for newsletters. TRAFFIC • The number of total visits your site got regardless of the sources.
  27. 27. ROI (RETURN ON INVESTMENT) • A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. It measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment's cost. UNIQUE SELLING POINT (USP) • Also called the Unique Selling Proposition, it is a factor that differentiates a product from its competitors. TRAFFIC CHANNELS • Sources of the traffic of the visitors in a website.
  28. 28. PAID TRAFFIC • When a company bids on keywords and makes advertisements around those keywords to be displayed on search engines. It also encompasses any form of paid advertisement that directly points to your website. ORGANIC TRAFFIC • Traffic generated to your website by a Search Engine; also known as "free traffic". WEB ANALYTICS • Tool that measures different information of visitors of your site ranging from demographic, location, device, etc.
  29. 29. Digital Marketing Campaign 4 STRATEGIC STEPS How to Start a Multi-Channel
  30. 30. Our 4 Strategic Steps
  32. 32. Consumers today have greater freedom with their purchasing options 80% of these consumers perform RESEARCH using digital channels The KEY to Digital Marketing Success is to CONNECT and ENGAGE with these types of consumers
  33. 33. WHY IS MARKET RESEARCH IMPORTANT? Better Understanding of your clients Clearly defines your Target Market Creates a tailored Marketing Strategy Carefully Plans your marketing activities ahead Creates an Optimized Digital Marketing Strategy based on your allocated budget
  34. 34. v HOW TO DO MARKET RESEARCH? 2. Identify the KEY Products And Services 1. Identify your UNIQUE SELLING POINT (USP) 3. Identify your TARGET MARKET
  35. 35. 4. Identify the Goals And Objectives of the campaign a. Lead Generation b. Increased social media followers c. Boost brand awareness d. Generate Sales 5. Identify Key Competitors and check their activities online HOW TO DO MARKET RESEARCH?
  37. 37. 137% of brands are ramping up on their Multi- channel Digital Marketing Strategies They can INTEGRATE display, mobile, social and video marketing into their digital marketing mix
  38. 38. Provides you with a CLEAR ROADMAP on marketing Provides you with a CLEAR APPROACH towards achieving business goals and objectives Enables you to reach TARGETED AUDIENCES effectively Ensures you spend your ADVERTISING BUDGET wisely Increases RESULTS, CONVERSIONS and ultimately your PROFITS WHY IS MARKETING STRATEGY IMPORTANT?
  39. 39. Goal Setting Approach: Direct or Indirect Marketing Channels and Tactics Offers and Promotions Execute Steps and Strategies HOW TO CREATE A MARKETING STRATEGY?
  41. 41. Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization Pay-per-click (PPC) Marketing Facebook Marketing
  43. 43. SEO is the process of making your website and business WORTHY for ranking at the top of SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGES SEO is vital for Digital Marketing because: 93% of ONLINE EXPERIENCES begin by using a search engine 50% of mobile visitors who conducted local search visited a store within the day. And 34% conducted on computer did the same.
  44. 44. The SEO Framework
  45. 45. SEO in the Flesh
  46. 46. The Philippines remain a GOOD TARGET for Search Marketing this year and the next 84% of Filipino Internet users engaged in some form of online search activity each day 63% of Filipinos conduct their search queries through their mobile gadgets each day
  47. 47. Filipino search usage is broken down according to: 69% - at home 21% - on the move 17% - inside a store 14% - while on a public transport
  48. 48. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is good for BUSINESSES who: have LONG TERM GOALS of appearing on the 1st page of SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS while getting FREE TARGETED TRAFFIC and exposure
  49. 49. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (Paid and Organic)
  50. 50. a SMM is the process of utilizing the TOP SOCIAL SITES to create brand awareness, drive conversation and connect to the most targeted audience as possible Social media users have risen by 176 million last 2015 Up to 96% of Small Business Owners use Social Media Marketing.
  51. 51. The Philippine online community is still crazy over SOCIAL MEDIA Filipinos spend an average of 3.7 hours each day engrossed in their favorite social network 94% of internet users in the Philippines have active Facebook Accounts In comparison, only 54% of American netizens use Facebook
  52. 52. Filipinos are RELYING more on social media for COMMUNICATING with friends and loved ones Facebook Messenger is used by as much as 94% of Filipino Internet users Filipinos are the MOST ENGAGED SOCIAL MEDIA USERS in the Asia-Pacific region
  53. 53. Social Media Marketing in the Flesh Right ad paid social media ads on Facebook.
  54. 54. Social Media Marketing in the Flesh Timeline paid social media ad on Facebook.
  55. 55. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is good for BUSINESSES who want to: Increase BRAND AWARENESS REACH more people Drive LEADS Generate contests and promos
  57. 57. PPC Marketing is the process of using top PPC networks such as Google Adwords to reach potential customers who: Already have a NEED for products and services Are ACTIVELY SEARCHING for these needs online
  58. 58. 85% of Filipino Internet users search and watch ONLINE VIDEOS about the brands, products and services they are interested in before they buy Most won’t mind an ONLINE AD 83% believe that ADs that provide RELEVANT INFORMATION can actually make their lives easier
  59. 59. Google PPC Ads in the Flesh
  60. 60. Since the use of Ad Blocker plugins has become rampant since last year, Companies are now slowly shifting their online advertising method to NATIVE ADVERTISING Popular international media websites are already using this form of advertising in their sites It is used by local counterparts including and ABS- among others
  61. 61. Native PPC Ads in the Flesh
  62. 62. PAY-PER-CLICK MARKETING is good for BUSINESSES who want to: Get TARGETED TRAFFIC quickly Generate LEADS and Increase SALES and profits
  64. 64. Facebook Marketing is the process of using and maximizing Facebook’s ADVERTISING PLATFORM to boost brand awareness and reach more customers online You can reach out to almost any kind of GENERAL CONSUMER You just need to learn in what groups and pages your targeted customer stay frequently go to at Facebook
  65. 65. FACEBOOK MARKETING is good for Businesses who want to: specifically USE FACEBOOK TO REACH OUT to a SPECIFIC MARKET and Get TRAFFIC QUICKLY
  67. 67. Traditional advertising has lost its dominance and touch Internet advertising already surpassed AD spending on cable and TV 72% of consumers want to CONNECT WITH BRANDS using integrated digital marketing strategies
  68. 68. Three Most Important Aspects of Marketing Implementation 1. The actual marketing STEPS AND GUIDELINE 2. Stick to the MARKETING PLAN and STRATEGY 3. Work CONSISTENTLY
  70. 70. While many have succeeded in their Digital Marketing campaigns, many have also failed miserably The reason for failure is NOT that the campaigns lack creativity, quality materials and qualified personnel
  71. 71. It’s because they failed to establish Marketing Analysis and Optimization
  72. 72. WHY IS MARKETING ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION IMPORTANT? 54% of unsuccessful marketers FAILED TO INVEST and prioritized marketing analysis and optimization MARKETING OPTIMIZATION
  73. 73. MARKETING OPTIMIZATION WHY IS MARKETING ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION IMPORTANT? BENEFITS of marketing analysis, tests and optimization: 1. Identify what’s working and what’s not 2. Check which marketing channels produce the most traffic and conversions 3. Check your visitor’s DEMOGRAPHICS and BEHAVIOR 4. Uncover NEW OPPORTUNITIES 5. Check which keywords have the most traffic (and use them later for paid ads)
  74. 74. MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION 1. Web analytics utilization 2. Data analysis 3. Optimized activities and re- planning based on actual data MARKETING OPTIMIZATION
  75. 75. TOP 3RD PARTY ANALYTICS Google Analytics Clicky Statcounter HubSpot Adobe Marketing Cloud GoSquared Moz Analytics Webtrends MARKETING OPTIMIZATION
  76. 76. TOP HOSTED ANALYTICS Piwik Open Web Analytics Visitors Pageviews Traffic Referrals Traffic Sources Average Session Duration Percentage of New Sessions TOP WEB ANALYTICS METRICS Demographics Mobile and Desktop Users MARKETING OPTIMIZATION
  77. 77. Analytics Snapshot in the Flesh
  78. 78. Analytics Snapshot in the Flesh List of all traffic channels or sources of visitors that went to our DMP website. Organic search tops all of them, which means our organic exposure is definitely high!
  79. 79. Final Recap
  80. 80. Success Principles for Aspiring Students 1. Have a S.M.A.R.T Goal 2. Prepare to work hard like a successful person 3. Prepare to PAY the PRICE for success 4. Be consistent 5. Don’t stop learning (read more books) 6. Persevere 7. Have FAITH
  81. 81. Like my Page on Facebook to get the download link of this presentation later today. Don’t forget to use #CEUDigitalMarketing for your social posts and selfies 