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Post globe 2010 pci geomatics


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Post Globe 2010

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Post globe 2010 pci geomatics

  1. 1. PCI GEOMATICS Post Globe 2010: Ontario meets the world Toronto – Panel Discussion, March 29, 2010 Large Area Carbon Monitoring from Satellite Imagery The way forward Trevor Taylor Director Strategic Business Development PCI Geomatics "By helping the world measure carbon emissions and the effectiveness of plans to reduce those emissions, PCI is helping us to win the fight against climate change.” — Dalton McGuinty, Ontario Premier Copyright © 2010 PCI Geomatics. All rights reserved. 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Company Profile • Context – The Problem – The Solution • PCI Geomatics Product and Services • Carbon Monitoring • Questions 2
  3. 3. Company Profile • Canadian corporation headquartered in Toronto and the National Capital Region (Ottawa), with operations in the USA, India, China and the UK • 100 staff and 80 channel partners worldwide • Leading provider of geoimaging desktop software with over 21,000 licenses sold around the world • Global brand recognition and breakthrough with innovative production grade, award winning products •Complete spectrum of client needs covered from researchers to country and region wide enterprises systems (e.g. South Korea, South Africa, Canada, India and others) • We are committed to serving conservation & environmental groups to help sustain our earth 3
  4. 4. Context Google Earth ™ Bing Virtual Earth ™ Plus many more including; Bhuvan (ISRO India), Skyline (USA); Open Source and many, many Others….. These services begin with providing access to massive quantities of pictures 4
  5. 5. The Problem – Behind the Scenes Processing Challenge Peta Bytes plus of raw data from satellite Final Picture and airborne sources, with an additional 100+ imaging satellites to be launched in the next decade and hundreds of Data providers each delivering products – processing challenge 5
  6. 6. The Problem - Compounded THEN Very technical scientific users - slow, manual processing Few commercial satellites/aircrafts for acquiring data on desktop machines, sophisticated super user tools Low resolution imagery NOW – Information Automatically extracted from Imagery Extremely powerful tools, ability to be quickly Numerous commercial satellites, enormous amounts of automated with, very simple interfaces imagery and location data (terabytes, petabytes) Paradigm Shift High resolution imagery 6
  7. 7. The Solution Geomatics is defined as: The gathering, storing, processing, analyzing and delivering of information referenced to a location on the earth. PCI Geomatics technology processes pictures of the earth to provide information products which are used to improve the health, security, well being and sustainability of our world. Fast, Accurate and Cost Effective – Imagery provides accurate mission critical information. One Image = Thousand of Words 7
  8. 8. Agriculture Example Using satellite information RapidEye will provide crop insurers: i) improved registration of fields and crops; ii) more accurate damage assessment; iii) reduced error and fraud in a more cost effective manner Before: After: Traditional Methods Image-Centric Approach Savings 3%-5% of agriculture premiums – INDUSTRY SAVINGS $150M per annum 8
  9. 9. PCI Geomatics Products and Serives Desktop clients Desktop Software Solutions buying services and “Tools” solutions “Tools & Services” Full processing systems 25 year history Automation of existing systems Worldwide distribution base Outsourcing of processing Synergies Purchasing of finished Information Leading technology products Award Winning PCI Geomatics scale from small to massive Few Images ------------------------  thousands of Images 9
  10. 10. Carbon Monitoring • All levels of Government can use imagery to monitor and report on the C02 ,environmental impacts of urban and rural planning, disaster management, monitor changes in the land-base, and public safety and security over larger areas. "Our Government is investing in innovative technologies to improve Canadians’ access to information on community planning, resource development, and public health and safety," said The Honourable Gary Lunn, former Minister of Natural Resources. "Partnerships such as this one with PCI Geomatics, will also help ensure the long-term prosperity and competitiveness of Canada’s geomatics sector." 10
  11. 11. Carbon Economy • Governments deliver a major share of the services essential to a nation’s social, economic and environmental sustainability and growth. •To develop shared service solutions derived from evidence based approaches using Geoimagery based on Standards • Provide organizations to inventory, monitor and report and verify emission •National and International Standards on measurement of Carbon over large areas are under development – Carbon Trading Implication? •Working with Woods Hole Research Center 11
  12. 12. PCI Geomatics Questions? Mr. Trevor Taylor Director, Strategic Business Development PCI Geomatics Enterprises Inc Tel: +1-905-764-0614 x 2279 12