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Monitoring service delivery: BRAC's experience with iCRESS


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Monitoring service delivery: BRAC's experience with iCRESS

  1. 1. Monitoring Service Delivery BRAC’s experience with iCRESS Presented by Saiful Islam Raju Principal System Architect, ICT BRAC April, 2013
  2. 2. Overview• Who is BRAC?• BRAC’s core programs?• ICT’s contributing in BRAC [ ICT4D! ]? – Recent challenges in BRAC? – Why iCRESS was build and what the user experience was? – How it combines different disciplines within BRAC! – Real-time data collection tools and technology.
  3. 3. Who is BRAC?• World’s largest development organization• Founded in 1972 by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed• +113 million beneficiaries• +91,000 employees across the globe• +3000 branch offices in Bangladesh• Working in 11 countries
  4. 4. BRAC’s Core Programs• Health• Education• Agriculture• Disaster Environment and Climate Change (DECC)• Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH)• Community Empowerment Program (CEP)• Targeted Ultra Poor (TUP)• Microfinance• Gender and Justice• Human Rights and Legal Services (HRLS)
  5. 5. ICT services to facilitates BRAC’s activities Network Infrastructure Overhauled Explore and Share Outsourcing Technologies and Engagement Establish Ourselves as ICT Formed COE2010 2011 2012 2013 Stepping into BRAC International Data Center Development of Opening ICT4D Solutions
  6. 6. ICT challenges?• Large volume of data available, but not useable (no MIS)• Data discrepancies.• No data exchange standard (Little sharing across programmes)• Multiple user/password for all MIS system.
  7. 7. BRAC before ICT
  8. 8. BRAC after ICT
  9. 9. Contributing in Development Programs! • Connect branch offices • Broadcast Information – Early warning for disaster and climate change. – Broadcast awareness • Data visualization • Single Sign on Interoperable is key!
  10. 10. iCRESS- Integrated Collaboration & Rapid Emergency Support ServiceInformation, Collaboration, Dissemination Semantic Sensor Network • Collect information – (near) real-time – and collaborative – Android, Sms, J2me – voice/video/sms/mms/iv • Facilitates data exchange. – Open Standard Data format [rss/GeoRss/kml/xForm/atom/cap/pfif] • Data visualization
  11. 11. iCRESS in Action • BRAC branches • Natural disaster • Programmes data • Hospital, Police • Climate prediction based on lat/lon station • Program operation • Administrative area, Community Resources Incident Data
  12. 12. iCRESS in Action Participated Programs SMS Campaign mHealth Disaster EnvironmentHumanTargeted Ultra Child Health Maternal Neonatal Poor (TUP) Rights and Legal Aid Services and Climate Change (DECC) Disaster Environment (HRLS), Legal & Compliance. (MNCH) and Climate Change (DECC)• Real-time data collection from Incident climate and environment back Health hotline with real-time Monitor reporting from. Response with households administrative and provideand mobilize resources monitoring of tomonitor field real-time data health workers’ operations support(Police, Hospital..) household visits, services, and resource and assist different BRAC programs• lookups operation Scale of• Scale of operation Representatives (DBR) – 64 BRACthe country ` 3 Regions Around District mms mms pic – Operating on all 6 divisions 9 Branches 87 + 25 lawyer 4 Regions sms – Covering Rainfall, flood, wind factors, 9 Regional and Branch Managers Supports brac core programs 305 Shashto Karmi (Extended Health pic sms Medical questionnaire – temperature, incidents Worker) footed volunteer lawyer 100 beer voice – 87 Program Organizer (PO) Learnings video video xForm WebForm – 500K Beneficiaries video Layers don’t text.
  13. 13. iCRESS in Action Participated ProgramsQIS (Quality Information System) Survey mEducation BRACBRAC Environment Disaster WASH + IRC Education Programme and Climate Change (DECC)• Quantifying the with the facility to connect Learning hotlinequality of WASH and hygiene condition of Household, resource lookups student and teacher andVWC, RSC, School.• Mode of operation – 150 upozila 10 Schools [including WASH-1 + WASH-2] – 60 WASH monitoring officer Basic 3 courses officers – Dynamic survey with GPS and barcode 50 teacher(10 volunteer based on timescanner[Android phone] donation) – 200 question and development rollout in 10 working day. – 8200 household,200 schools, 300 vwc and 400 rsc – Data collection done in 4 weeks
  14. 14. WASH QIS Data Collection & Storage WHAT? [QIS DATA, HOUSEHOLD] 4 Dot’s! To be Connected WHO? [BY WHOM, MR.X] WHERE? [GEO, KHULNA] WHEN? [TIME, 27, Feb, 2013, 11.45 AM] Real Time! & Authentic! iCRESS GPRS/EDGE WASH QIS MIS SchoolData collector Data Modeling[GIS] Household VWC SMS/Voice Call Data correction needed? MIS Officer
  15. 15. BRAC Data Center A few facts… • Approximately 350(32sqmeter) sqft of space • Capacity of hosting 200 Servers • 24 x 7 operational data center • State-of-art monitoring and protection systems • 1 hr backup UPS + generators to run both data center