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Presentation Craig Laudrum, OCE - ONEIA EBOB January 26, 2012


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Presentation provided by Craig Laudrum, OCE during the ONEIA breakfast meeting on January 26, 2012.

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Presentation Craig Laudrum, OCE - ONEIA EBOB January 26, 2012

  1. 1. Overview of OCE Programs Centre  for   Industry  Academic  Collaborave  Programs  (IACP)   Commercializaon   of  Research  (CCR)   Collaborave   Talent     Technology  Transfer   Social  Innovaon  (SI)   Commercializaon   Commercializaon     Partnerships   (NEW)   of  Research(  CCR)   •  Technical  Problem   •  Connec3ons   •  Technology  Transfer   •  Student  Compe33on   •  Advisory  Services   Solving   Networks   •  First  Job   •  Projects   •  Embedded  Execu3ve   •  Collabora3ve  Research   •  Proof  Of  Principle   •  Health  Improvement   •  Value  Added  Personnel   •  New  Entrepreneur  –   •  Market  Readiness   •  CONII   •  Sustainability  &  the   Micro  Finance   •  Experienal  Learning   Environment   •  Special  Energy  Fund   (ELP)(NEW)   •  Knowledge  Exchange   •  Facilitated  Access     •  Poverty  Allevia3on   to  Capital   OCE  programs  funded  by  the  Province  of   OCE  programs  funded  by   OCE  programs  funded  by   Ontario  to  Colleges,  Universies  and   the  Province  of  Ontario   the  Government  of   Research  Hospitals     to  NPOs  and  SEs   Canada  to  companies   Page  1  
  2. 2. Collaborative Commercialization Programs • Technical  Problem  Solving   • Collabora3ve  Research   • Market  Readiness   • Special  Energy  Fund  
  3. 3. Technical  Problem  Solving  Purpose:    To  engage  academic  experts  to  help  solve  a  technical      challenge  iden3fied  by  an  Ontario  business        Process:      Applica3ons  accepted  at  any  3me;  12  review  dates  per  year;      Partner  with  Ontario  academic  ins3tu3on;  Apply  online        Projects:    OCE  invests  up  to  $25K  per  project,  matched  by  industry      cash/in-­‐kind;  Project  term  typically  4-­‐  8  months      Outcome:  Knowledge  transfer;  real-­‐world  training  opportunity  for  one      or  more  students;  risk  mi3gated,  with  opportunity  to  apply      to  next  program  in  commercializa3on  con3nuum  
  4. 4. Collaborative Commercialization Programs • Technical  Problem  Solving   • Collaborave  Research   • Market  Readiness   • Special  Energy  Fund    
  5. 5.   Collaborave  Research  Purpose:        To  engage  academic  experts  to  help  inves3gate  a  challenge    or  opportunity  iden3fied  by  a  Ontario  business        Process:      Applica3ons  accepted  at  any  3me;  4  review  dates  per  year;      Partner  with  Ontario  academic  ins3tu3on  and  other        organiza3ons,  as  required;  Apply  online        Projects:    OCE  invests  around  $100  -­‐  200K  per  project,  matched  by      industry    cash/in-­‐kind;  Project  term  typically  12  -­‐  24  months      Outcome:  Inven3on;  Knowledge  transfer;  real-­‐world  training        opportuni3es  for  students;  opportunity  for  business  to  see      poten3al  employees  at  work;  risk  mi3gated,  with        opportunity  to  apply  to  next  program  in  commercializa3on      con3nuum    
  6. 6. Collaborative Commercialization Programs • Technical  Problem  Solving   • Collabora3ve  Research   • Market  Readiness   • Special  Energy  Fund  
  7. 7. Market  Readiness  Purpose:      To  help  prepare  new  technologies  for  commercial  use    Process:      Applica3ons  accepted  at  any  3me;  8  review  dates  per  year;      Partner  with  Ontario  academic  ins3tu3on  and  other        organiza3ons,  as  required;  Apply  online        Projects:    OCE  invests  around  $10  -­‐  75K  per  project,  matched  by        industry  cash/in-­‐kind;  Project  term  typically  12  -­‐  24  months      Outcome:  Technology  or  market  assessment;  development  of  prototypes,      business  plans;  Knowledge  transfer;  real-­‐world  training        opportuni3es  for  students;  opportunity  for  business  to  see      poten3al  employees  at  work;  risk  mi3gated
  8. 8. Talent Development Programs •  Connecons    Group  projects  in  which  final  year  university  and  college  students    apply  their  knowledge  and  skills  to    address  opportuni3es  or    challenges  iden3fied  by  industry     •  First  Job    Support  of  up  to  $25K  to  cover  a  por3on  of  the  first  year  salary  of  a    recent  graduate  (Masters  or  PhD)  of  a  technical  program;  apply    online  at  any  3me;  12  review  rounds  per  year       
  9. 9. OCE Engagement OCE  Programs   Provincial   IACP,  ELP,  S.I.,  S.E.F.   Federal   CCR     Other  Programs     NSERC  Engage   FedDev  …   Network  Engagement   Partners   OCE   MRI,  ONE  &  MaRS   RICs  &  SICs   Industry     Industry  &  Academia   Colleges   Business  Development   Technology  Transfer  Networks   Universi3es   Representa3ves  Research  Hospitals   Sector  Engagement     Advanced  Health   Environment   Energy     ICT  &  Digital  Media   Advanced  Manufacturing     OCE  Innovaon  Services   Business  Development   Proposal  Management   Marke3ng  &  Communica3ons  
  10. 10. OCE Events Page  10  
  11. 11. Craig LaudrumDirector, Program Delivery(416) 861 1092 Thank you