Technip Multidomain MDM Journey


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Presentation at Gartner Master Data Management Summit

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Technip Multidomain MDM Journey

  1. 1. Technip’ multi-domain MDM journey Jean-Luc Brunat VP, Business Support Functions & Group Data Systems, Group IT
  2. 2. 1. Technip corporate overview 2 Technip MDM2
  3. 3. Technip Today  With engineering, technologies and project management, on land and at sea, we safely and successfully deliver the best solutions for our clients in the energy business  Worldwide presence with 32,000 people in 48 countries  Industrial assets on all continents, a fleet of 34 vessels (of which 5 under construction)  2011 revenue: €6.8 billion Energy is at the core of Technip Technip MDM3
  4. 4. Technip MDM4   Engineering and fabrication of fixed platforms for deep and shallow waters   Leadership in floatover technology   Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG)   Construction yard   Design, manufacture and supply of flexible and rigid pipelines, umbilicals   Subsea construction, pipeline installation and Heavy Lift   Six flexible pipe manufacturing plants   Five spoolbases for reeled pipeline and four logistic bases   A constantly evolving fleet Three Business Segments, One Technip   Gas treatment and liquefaction   Oil refining   Onshore pipelines   Petrochemicals   Biofuel and renewable energies (including offshore wind)   Non-oil activities (life sciences, metals & mining, construction) Subsea Offshore Onshore The best solutions across the value chain
  5. 5. 32,000 People Throughout the World 5 105 nationalities – 48 countries 4 600 700 2 000 9 300 7 400 4 200 4 100 Technip MDM
  6. 6. 2.  Project Execution: a Business challenge 66
  7. 7. Technip MDM7 Project case: Jubilee (Ghana)  The first offshore field in Ghana  Engineering, Fabrication and Installation projects involving Technip’s centers in Paris, Houston and Angola  Fabrication of flexible pipes in Le Trait, France  Mobilization of Deep Blue and Deep Pioneer for offshore campaign (Vessels managed in Aberdeen UK) Houston Jubilee Paris Flexible pipes fabrication Coordinated Engineering teams from the Subsea Division Multi vessel installation (Incl. Deep Blue/ Deep Pioneer) Le Trait An Example of a Seamless Project Execution
  8. 8. 8 A Continuous Control of Project Execution IT is critical to Technip’s business performance •  Up to 16 Technip companies can be involved for one project •  Use of 12 major Group systems + numerous local systems •  Data coherence, sharing and timely availability are Key Success Factors •  MDM is a “must” for our Business Group Senior Management Monitoring (Monthly Project Reviews) Head of Project HSE – Quality System   Plan   Procedures   Control Project Controls  Planning & scheduling  Work progress & productivity control  Cost estimates & controls Engineering Plan  Design approach  Codes & standards  Safety design criteria Procurement Plan  Purchasing strategy  Expediting & inspection  Subcontracting  Packing, shipping insurance and customs Construction & Start-up Plan  Constructability review  Subcontracting strategy  Site organization  Safety policy Full authorityReporting Staffing Project Partners Client Technip MDM
  9. 9. 3.  Context of the MDM initiative 9 Technip MDM9
  10. 10. 10 Technip path to a MDM solution Strategic) drivers) Business) objec3ves) Proposed) Solu3on:) DNA)Project)  Company growth  Increasing size  Operating centers working on multi-site projects  Business processes shared across multiple companies  Company transformation  2 major ongoing ERP programs for Finance and Manufacturing  Group IT transformation to a Shared Services Organization  Centralized shared application strategy  Business operations improvement  Improve consistency of reporting without overloading the regional teams  Increase IT automation  Enhance collaboration on projects  Improve profitability of the operations by defining and governing the data Program aiming to provide to the Group reliable Enterprise performance information and decisional tools with innovating solutions, composed of three main components:  Master Data Management governance and management system  Enterprise Application Integration  Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions Technip MDM
  11. 11. E.A.I.) Master) Data) Mgt) Data) Ware) house) B.I.) Tools) Target) Systems) Source) Systems) Source) Systems) DNA Project is composed of 4 main streams: • Enterprise Application Integration (Biztalk) implementation of a tool allowing the connection between many systems including a data warehouse • Master Data Management System (EBX-Orchestra Networks) implementation to provide a single Enterprise Data Reference for reliability and security of Technip data • Implementation of a Data Warehouse (Oracle) and Business Intelligence solutions (HFM, Hyperion Planning, Oracle BI) to provide user-friendly analysis, reports, KPIs, dash-boards • Implementation of the Governance and Support organization for Master Data and the Integration strategy 11 DNA initial scope is focused on Finance, HR, Cost Control and Treasury. DNA‘s aim is to extend the services to all functional domains of Technip Decisions aNd Actions project summary 11
  12. 12. 3. Master Data Management Agile project approach 12 Technip MDM12
  13. 13. 13 1: Sell Master Data principles  What is a master data ?  A master data is a key data for the Business, that is used by various systems in which the data’s nature and meaning are shared in a univocal way  Master Data Management (MDM) benefits :  Will help Technip to enhance the quality of master data  Will help Technip to optimize the reliability of the processes with better data synchronization and single entries  Example of Master data Management at Technip : ProcurementFinanceHRProjects PMR Project Corp number Project Local number Clients Suppliers Employee ID HR hierarchical view Org Project view Chart of Account CBS Structure Project Corp number Project Local number Material Suppliers Material Suppliers Clients Project Corp number Project Local number Project Corp number Project Local number Clients Org Project view CBS Structure PMREPC Business Etc. Tolas Jeevan Diapason Etc. Geodysis HR Web Enablon Etc. Marian Project Numbering Etc. Business Data IT systems
  14. 14. 2: Define Technip’s Master Data project approach 14 2010GH1) 2010GH2) 2011) PhaseMethodology Scoping Operational approach Business/IT workshops Proof Of Concept Implementation and waved roll-out Functional req. Governance def. IT tool sel. Platform constr. Prod Platform Live Business workshops Procurement 13 Workshops with Business to jointly define Governance and functional requirements For each of the 16 data objects, business workshops are held to define the Master Data and design the model simultaneously Major steps : 1- Specifications 2- Developments 3- Training of the Data administrators and managers 4- User Acceptance 5- Go live Finance go live Engineering go live HR go live Procurement go live Risk/HSE/QA Several streams allowing to progress at various speed according to business/organization requirements, maturity and readiness HR Eng. Finance 2012) Technip MDM
  15. 15. Technip MDM15 3: Select MDM solution  Methodology to select the MDM tool for Technip  3 level filters   1st level  tool & vendor general assessment / functional coverage / references / support and assistance   2nd level  functional fit / interfaces / architecture and security   3rd level  project and ability to execute / agility / coherence and integration with Technip IT landscape / POC  EBX Platform from Orchestra Networks chosen ~40 solutions 4 selected 2 short listed 1 winner  Selection rationales  Business oriented tool: full web and user friendly for Business users  Multi domain solution covering all Technip business needs  Clear Master Data governance features  Capability to be integrated in the Technip Enterprise Architecture and BizTalk  Ability to be easily interfaced with Technip existing systems and future(ERPs)
  16. 16. Technip MDM16 4: Define Governance roles and responsibilities Business "   Data Owners - by data family : •  Group responsibility for their perimeter of data •  Defines data governance, business rules, quality and security "   Data Manager – by system : •  Implements the business rules and insures conformity with business procedures "   Data Administrator : •  Creates, manages, maintain data values and ensures data collection conformity Group IT– Information Management Team "   Business Domain Owners : •  Has Group Responsibility for business systems "   Enterprise Architect : •  Ensures that data, rules and process are shared in the optimal way "   Integration Architect : •  Links with the Data Administrator •  Handles IT issues and problems with data Coordination Committees led by IT Information Management Team: "   Ensures conformity to standards on data quality and security defined by the Data Governance Committee "   Coordinates data governance operations with projects
  17. 17. Technip MDM17 5: Establish MDM hybrid solution & strategy Repository Syndication engine (BizTalk) Finance ERP Manuf. ERP Treasury System Proc. System DWH MDM tool (EBX) MDM as “Centralized Hub”:  Project  CBS  Group Chart of Accounts  Business Division  Business Segment  Geography  Generic Bank  Currency  Materials and Work codes  Supplier/Subcontractor  Customer MDM as “Registry”:  Contract - Jeevan/IFS is Master  Internal Bank - Diapason is Master  Employees and Contractors – HR Referential is the master “Coexistence” strategy for ‘Legal Entity’:  Legal Entities mastered in Legal Suite  Operating Centres mastered in MDM Validation workflows
  18. 18. 4.  Connecting the MDM : a key enterprise information component 18 Technip MDM18
  19. 19. Local))transac3onal)systems! Small)systems! Typical architecture 19 Group)Repor3ng) plaLorm)) (OBIEE)!Master!data! Data!Marts! Datawarehouse! Consolidation, Mgt Reporting & BI systems MDM) EBX) Cloud))transac3onal)systems) Local & Group transactional systems in Cloud or On premise ERPs) Business) App) Other Business Applications Master Data creation in MDM or controlled with MDM All links with Biztalk/SSIS EXTERNAL) REF)DB)(DUNS)) Technip MDM
  20. 20. Local)HRMS) (Oracle,!HRAccess…)! Small)HR)systems! HR Systems Map Technip MDM20 Jeevan) ERP) Oasis) ERP) Group)HR)Repor3ng) plaLorm)) (OBIEE)! Enablon) Headcount)) OrgCharts/) eDirectory) Mobility) applica3on) Group!HR!! Referen?al!and! Datawarehouse! LMS) Job!Portal! Perf!Appraisal! (HRWeb)! Group) Peripheral) HR)Business) systems) Group)HR) Repor3ng) Systems) Local) HRIS) MDM) Ac3ve)Directory) MDM) EBX) Cloud)HRMS) Northgate!Arinso!
  21. 21. Corporate Support Systems Map GESQUAL) SYNERGI) QA)/)HSE! Other)local)) Applica3ons) Ac3ve)Directory) Project in progress Corp Supp Systems Other Systems PMR)DATA) TPNET) Group))) Repor3ng)) plaLorm)) (OBIEE)! RMS) QA)KPIs) DWH) Datawarehouse) Automatic flow (BizTalk/ SSIS) Group) Repor3ng) Systems) Local) Systems) ENNOV)5! HSE)KPIs) PROJECT)) PERF)KPIs) KMS)G)FEEDBACK) HERMES! REFER! 21 Spend)Map) GPS) HR)DATA! MDM) EBX) Other)Business) Applica3ons) Technip MDM
  22. 22. 5.  Master Data Management Benefits 22 Technip MDM22
  23. 23. Shared Master Data & benefits within the Group 23 Master Data by domain Procurement Master Data • Suppliers Engineering Master Data • Material codes • Work codes HR Master Data • Employees • Geographical zone Finance Master Data • Organization • Projects • Operating Centers • CBS Benefits Domain) Benefits) Manufacturing Data alignment with Finance Procurement Drastic reduction of time to deliver the Spend Map Engineering Projects identification and tracking within the Group Finance Integrated reporting HR Creation of a unique Employee Referential Data alignment with Finance Quality KM and Lesson Learnt systems consistency with the Group organization Risk Mgt Data alignment with QA, HSE and Projects HSE Rationalization of systems with QA Project Management Integrated master data management Data alignment with Finance Technip MDM
  24. 24. MDM enthusiast customers Technip MDM24  HR (GPS, HRWeb, Org+)  Project Management Academy  Oasis (Suppliers, Projects)  Finance (Jeevan, Diapason, FUN apps)  ECP (Ecosys, PMR)  Legal (Legal Suite)  Procurement (Spend Map, KTP, EPC-Business)  QA (QA KPIs, KM and Feedback system)  HSE (Synergi)  Risk Management (RMS)  Very good adoption by the business  Many other stakeholders coming to us
  25. 25. Challenges  Data quality: must be fresh, accurate and complete. External data sources can help!  Monitoring end-to-end  Effective Data governance when no existing Group business representative  Get alignment across the various disciplines and tool upgrades to work with the MDM  Socialization with the Business, IT, the development teams, the ERP project, etc…  Show the business benefits  Measure the added value  Integrate the MDM concepts in the tools as early as possible Technip MDM25
  26. 26. Take it home !  Board room audience and Top Management still discovering the importance of the MDM  Excellent topic to involve the business and get people around the table  Starting point to establish an enterprise data architecture  Major role played by IT with a transversal role  Allow to safely extend to the cloud (HR)  It’s long journey to integrate all the major systems ! Technip MDM26
  27. 27. Thank you 27