Consumer Evangelism, Spreading Ideas, Mc Luhan


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categorizing & relationships between customer segments, the structural elements of idea virus, memetics and an introduction to McLuhan

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Consumer Evangelism, Spreading Ideas, Mc Luhan

  1. 1. Today’s Agenda 1. Social Media Application Update 2. Mid Term Exam - format, - posting questions. 3. Hot Topics 4. Consumer Evangelism 5. Spreading Ideas - Seth’s Idea Virus - Introduction to Memetics 6. Introduction to the work of Marshall McLuhan
  2. 2. A Top PR Blogger Personal Brandin g Why not find him on Twitter right now? Engage him? Invite him to join?
  3. 3. Why not track down Jackie & Ben? Engage them?
  4. 4. = McLuhan
  5. 5. Good blog. Teamed up on Personal Brand
  6. 6. Social Capital
  7. 7. Blah, blah, blah …
  8. 8. Giving up Control? Gaining Control 
  9. 9. Shel was just in Toronto launching new book Twitterville. Scoble was Evangelist (tech PR) for Microsoft
  10. 10. Blah, blah, blah …
  11. 11. Not = Filters Fanatics Facilitators Firecrackers
  12. 12. Quantity Quality Personal Brand strategy?
  13. 13. Google 1000 true fans. Read the blog post sometime.
  14. 14. We are all Facilitators
  15. 15. Firecrackers Vs. Influentials
  16. 16. As bandwidth increases so does the % of uploaders.
  17. 17. He skipped Altruism?
  18. 18. Contests Co-Creation Community Tactics & Strategy
  19. 19. Individual as Medium Key Concepts from McLuhan: • at first new media will look like a predecessor (tv like radio, email like letters) but it eventually it morphs into something completely different. • when electronic media replace visual (print) culture with aural/oral culture, humankind will move from individualism and fragmentation to a collective identity, with a "tribal base." This new social organization is the global village.
  20. 20. In a culture like ours, long accustomed to splitting and dividing all things as a means of control, it is sometimes a bit of a shock to be reminded that in operational and practical fact, the medium is the message. This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, of any extension of ourselves – result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology.
  21. 21. Citizen Marketers Paul Revere’s Ride, 1775 • Connector • Maven • Sales person/charismatic Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Paul Revere’s Ride, 1860 • inaccurate • perception becomes reality • creates a myth
  22. 22. De architectura – 25 B.C. Canon of Proportions Vitruvian Man 1487
  23. 23. Sources in order of appearance: