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  • Discuss mandatory transition to Timeline design on March 30th and how corp brands who implemented Timeline early saw an average 46% increase in user engagement. (Note that these were big brands such as Coca Cola, Red Bull, etc…but mention Livestrong’s 200+% reported increase)
  • The good news is that playing field is becoming more level The little guys can compete with the big fish
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  • Social Media Smarts.facebook

    1. 1. Social Media Smarts: A Guide to Using the New Timeline for Business | 1.800.Go.WESST >
    2. 2. Why Use ?
    3. 3. It’s the social platform of choice
    4. 4. Facebook was the #1 Search Term in the U.S. in 2010 + 2011
    5. 5. Your Potential Customers Use Facebook
    6. 6. How a Fanbase Can Grow Your Brand
    7. 7. Facebook Encourages Brand Loyalty
    8. 8. Study: Facebook EngagesFollowers More Than Twitter
    9. 9. Facebook is the Most WidelyUsed Social Marketing Platform
    10. 10. Create a Business Page (You need a Personal Profile first )
    11. 11. Choose the Right Category
    12. 12. Create Your Cover
    13. 13. Cover SpecsThe new cover displays a dramatic 851 x 315 pixel banner photo to visually convey your brand‟s image.Choose one image, combine several into a collage or Photoshop an image with Text to visually convey your “story.”
    14. 14. Cover IdeasSingle dramatic photo of an image representative of your art, jewelry, photographyPhotos of your retail store, business office or staff members, customersHistorical photosBefore and after photos (for contractors, interior designers, salonsA collage of many images
    15. 15. The New York Times
    16. 16. Brian Solis
    17. 17. Fashion Photographer
    18. 18. Sephora
    19. 19. Peri Pakroo
    20. 20. WESST
    21. 21. Cover No-Nos
    22. 22. Other Key Elements
    23. 23. 1. Upload Your Profile Pic 180 x 180 pixels. Should be your logo. This is the visual representation that will be displayed in a 32 x 32 pixel thumbnail across Facebook in your followers’ feeds. Keep this image consistent to reinforce your brand’s recognition
    24. 24. 2. Optimize Your ‘About’ Page150 character description that quickly conveys what your business is about.Keep it concise and optimize it with relevant keywords and your website URL.Users can click through for a map to your business if you have a physical location and other basic info such as hours.
    25. 25. 3. Display Key AppsYou can have a max of 12, but only 4 are always on display. The first one is always Photos and cannot be moved.„Views‟ are Facebook‟s default apps such as Photos, Events, Likes, Map. „Apps‟ are all third party apps.
    26. 26. Arrange/Change Apps• Click on the dropdown arrow menu; hover over the place you’d like to move the app. Click the pencil icon popup, then choose the app you want to swap into that space
    27. 27. 4. Likes and Interest Lists Once a user “likes” your page they can hover over the like icon and add you to a list they created to organize their interests easily in their News Feed. (e.g. Artists + Art, Small Business Resources, etc) Creating Interest Lists* can increase exposure of your content and expand your reach beyond your fan base as users subscribe.(* For Interest List How-to visit, Sprout Social’s Tutorial)
    28. 28. 5. Monitor Your MessagesUsers now have the ability to send you direct messages, creating another customer service channelYou can‟t message your followers. You can only reply to users who have already messaged you.You‟ll need to monitor your messages regularly.
    29. 29. Study: Facebook and Twitter to Become Dominant Customer Service Channels for Majority of US Consumers
    30. 30. Share Your Milestones Tell your company’s story by sharing milestones Date founded, date of your first sale, date of a grand opening, launch of a new product Share photos with your posts
    31. 31. Draw Attention to Key PostsStar or Highlight Posts – this expands the post across the entire width of your timeline. (This is a good way to highlight key milestones, for example.)Pin Posts – Emphasize an update by pinning it to the top of your page (It stay there for 7 days until your remove it.)
    32. 32. FacebookDo’s and Don’ts
    33. 33. Listen and Engage
    34. 34. Status Updates: What to PostFollow the 80/20 rule of posting content/news versus self-promotion.Use energetic action verbs like help, tell, share that encourage engagementUse images: posts with photos tend to get higher user engagement
    35. 35. Offer Deals “$__ Off” deals generate twice the engagement of “% Off deals.” Check out Facebook Offers:
    36. 36. Ask Questions to Spark Dialogue
    37. 37. Experiment WithFill-in-the-Blank Posts
    38. 38. When to Post• Best Days: Wednesdays, Sat + Sun• Posts made 7 pm – 7 am; and Noon received 20% more engagement
    39. 39. How Long and How Often? Length of Posts? Shorter is better.• Posts with 80 characters of less receive 65% higher engagement Frequency of Posts?• 1-2x a day = 40% higher engagement
    40. 40. Don’t Shout!
    41. 41. Don’t Ignore ComplaintsBad News TravelsLightening Fast Online
    42. 42. Dealing with Negative Comments on Your WallRespond immediately; be receptive/politeInitial response should be publicSuggest you take the conversation offline.
    43. 43. Don’t Feel Inept75% of the companies in the Harvard survey said they don’t know where their most valuable customers were talking about them31% don’t measure effectiveness of social mediaOnly 12% of the companies in the survey said they felt they were currently effective users of social media
    44. 44. Don’t Become aSocial Mediaholic. Study finds that social media can be moreaddictive than cigarettes and alcohol for some.
    45. 45. Takeaways
    46. 46. Checklist Choose a striking image Provide a punchy description Feature your most effective apps Create milestones to mark important dates Pin posts to attract and drive traffic Highlight other important posts with a strong message/visual element Target > Engage > Convert
    47. 47. Small Fish CanSwim With theBig Guys Now
    48. 48. What’s Next?
    49. 49. Social Media Resources(More choices than a Starbuck’s menu!)
    50. 50. Webinars + ConferencesFacebook Marketing Social Media SuccessBootcamp SummitApril 24 - May 29, 2012 May 1- 24, 2012. Discover how to use socialLearn how to create a Facebook media to attract and engagemarketing strategy that will build quality customers and quicklyyour customer engagement and grow your business from 27 of"likes" in this interactive online the world‟s most respoctedevent and workshop. social media experts. http://www.socialmediaexaminbookmarketingbootcamp/
    51. 51. Free Tools for Listening IceRocket – Keep tabs on who is saying what about you, your brand or your client on the web, Twitter, video and more with this free buzz search tool. Google Blog Search – Another great tool to help you monitor keywords across blogs. Free and just like the search engine, except focused on blogs. Social Mentions – Set up alerts for certain keywords that you get when people use that keyword on the social web.
    52. 52. Free Tools to Boost Your ProductivityMost widely used:,,,Social OomphScheduling: – A simpleway to „pace and space‟ your updatesacross multiple social networks.
    53. 53. Mostly Free Monitoring Tools• EdgeRank Checker – free and paid versions• Simply Measured – Paid web based software• Google Analytics – Now includes social metrics
    54. 54. Helpful Social Media Blogs• Social Media Examiner – Michael Stelzner runs the • Social Media Explorer – Daily advice on social world’s largest online social media magazine media marketing, conversational marketing, PR, designed to help businesses master social media community building and branding from leading marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and educator, public speaker and thinker in the world of LinkedIn. digital marketing and social media Jason Falls.• Mashable – Social Media news blog covering cool • Danny Brown – This blog explores the human side new websites and social networks founded by Pete of social media and the social side of marketing. Cashmere from his apartment in Aberdeen, Very unique. Scotland. Also covers news and developments in • Brian Solis – Author of the book Engage and mobile, entertainment, online video, business, web principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based development, technology, memes and gadgets. advisory firm, Brian Solis’ blog is required reading• Soshable – This blog tries to keep up with all things for anyone in the social media business. social media, analyze them and then provide fresh • AllFacebook – Launched in 2007 and later acquired insights into the people and structures that drive by MediaBistro, churns out useful content on the engagement. world’s largest social network.• TechCrunch – One of the best known sources for • Socialnomics – In-depth insights on the impact of social media and technology news that also profiles social media on business and the world through startups, product launches and new websites. short social stories, statistics and studies.• consumer technology usage. • Techipedia – Tamar Weinberg is a social media• TopRank – Lee Odden runs this popular multiple- enthusiast who breaks down all aspects of digital author blog full advice on digital marketing and marketing. public relations topics including, SEO, content • Social Media Marketing Blog – Head of social media marketing and business blogging and marketing for Ford shares advice on the complexities of online• Techipedia – Tamar Weinberg is a social media marketing and the convergence of traditional and enthusiast who breaks down all aspects of digital new media. marketing.
    55. 55. Confused? Questions?