Social Media Fundamentals September 2012


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  • Before I start to talk about the main points of online marketing ... It’s important to consider the huge changes in media over the past decade.
  • Before I start to talk about the main points of online marketing ... It’s important to consider the huge changes in media over the past decade.
  • How you appear online now plays a major part in career prospects Recruiters and potential employers are now assessing people’s online profiles as part of the screening process Example: I just recruited a new account executive via Linked In. Recruitment Professionals: perhaps social media to screen candidates online
  • Best way to describe Twitter is that it’s a like a:Personalised news service – keep up to date with what interests you Talk to friends and colleagues online Message people directly Follow events – such as the London OlympicsWhy I like it:Content: allows me to get updates from interesting people – Eg Grahame LinehanCommunity: can link up with people around issues – film and business Good blend of personal and business Let’s take a look at how it works………
  • Getting started:Just pick a few interesting areas around hobbies – film, cooking, travel and your friends – whatever you are interested inAnd just follow a few dozen profiles and check your news feed.Twitter is addictive – there is a hard core of people who use it all the time
  • Newt Gingritch buying Twitter followers online
  • We all have a number of professional areas that we are really interested in. You should think about the areas you care about and comment on them. Build up your authority on issues and market yourself online!
  • Look for opps to lead with an industry story and have a comment on it!
  • Social Media Fundamentals September 2012

    1. 1. Social Media Fundamentals
    2. 2. About TodaySocial Media ChannelsTop TipsSocial Media Management
    3. 3. About You?
    4. 4. Part 1.Social Media Overview and Channels
    5. 5. Social Media Channels
    6. 6. 47%of Irish People useFacebook Ipsos Mori, 2011
    7. 7. 85% of 15-24 year olds62% of 25-34 year olds56% of 35-44 year olds31% of 45-55 year olds29% of 55-64 year olds Ipsos Mori, 20119% of those 65+
    8. 8. Overview
    9. 9. Exercise
    10. 10. The Problem?
    11. 11. Successful Engagement is About:• Relevant and timely• Emotional appeal• Crowdsourcing – Ask questions, polls and survey• Replies to posts• Sharing Content• Creating momentum (Campaigns!)
    12. 12. “I created a profile on But haven’t done anything with it”
    13. 13. Why do I need to be on ?
    15. 15. ?
    16. 16. 91% Source:
    17. 17. 76%53%48%Source:
    18. 18. The Power of Networking
    19. 19. Tour
    20. 20. TOP TIPS
    21. 21. Your Profile
    22. 22. Your ProfileMust be you and must be publicPhotos – Get a professional photographHeadline – Longer HeadlinePast Positions and Education – Veryimportant for building your network.
    23. 23. Your ProfileGain recommendations.Why they look good?Review clients – ask for them and returnthe favour!
    24. 24. Your ConnectionsYour aim is to sourceand add appropriateand relevantcontacts.
    25. 25. GroupsLinked In Groups: Forums centredaround a common theme or area
    26. 26. Joining Linked In Groups:Avoid the temptation to join too many groups!What about a group you belong to in the real world?
    27. 27. Key terms…To follow somebody is to subscribe to their messagesA tweet is an individual messageA DM or direct message is a private message on Twitter
    28. 28. Key terms…RT or retweet is to repost a valuable message fromsomebody else on Twitter and give them creditTrending topics are the most-discussed terms on Twitter atany given moment.. E.g Arthurs Dayhashtag—the # symbol followed by a term andincluded in tweets e.g #ArthursDay
    29. 29. Key terms…#ff – Follow Friday!
    30. 30. Who uses it Twitter
    31. 31. Examples
    32. 32. Getting started onTwitter…..Start off personal!
    33. 33. Other Social Media Channels
    34. 34. Social Media Success
    35. 35. Becoming a Content PublisherYou need an Editorial Calendar – Plan and source your posts Yearly breakdown of activity – events and campaigns etc Weekly list of links and short term posts + spontaneous content
    36. 36. ?
    37. 37. “Might social media be useful to our business?”“What’s ‘social’ about us?”
    38. 38. Managementand Resources
    39. 39. How Does TheInternet and SocialMedia Change YourOrganisation – Start The Conversation!
    40. 40. Online ReputationManagement
    41. 41. “Let’s hurry home and follow theearthquake news. And don’t forgetto order your favourite KFC menu”.
    42. 42. Social Media Policy
    43. 43. Metrics
    44. 44. Paul McGarrity