What is digital influence?


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Class lectures for Comm 399: Fundamentals of Social Media, Fall 2012, Department of Communication, Shepherd University.

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  • Give them the ‘eyeball test’
  • Products – breakfastSentiment – positiveAudience - influencers
  • What is digital influence?

    1. 1. Digital Influence: Real-time Web Professor Matthew Kushin, PhDShepherd University | Department of Mass Communication | 2012
    2. 2. Preview Today  Real Time Web Next Class  Content sites (blogs, websites)
    3. 3. Review: Scores? Brian Solis states “Influence is not popularity and popularity is not influence.” Sites like “Klout” are controversial. People game these sites to increase their scores. PR people chase false influencers, wasting time!
    4. 4. Review: Digital Diffusion Innovations diffuse in our highly networked world today via social media. Problem:  How influence occurs through these online channels is debated, often unknown, and people are trying to make $ selling a ‘formula’ it to us 
    5. 5. Questions to investigate Who is talking about us? What are they saying about us? What are attitudes about us? How are these people influencing the conversation? Today’s Focus (How) are we influencing the conversation? Today’s Focus Is what we’re doing effective? Image: Laverue
    6. 6. Digital Influence Solis defines digital influence as:
    7. 7. Foundations of Influence Reach: Relationships based on popularity, proximity, and goodwill in the community. Resonance: Authority on subject, trust in messenger, affinity for messenger. Relevance: frequency, length of time, amplitude (how ‘loud’ engagement is in a network) contributing to how long an idea ‘stays alive’ in a social network. Source: Brian Solis “The rise of digital influence”
    8. 8. In other words… A Klout score doesn’t mean you have all of these features! Example:  Lady Goggles may have: popularity and affinity among her followers.  But not: Authority, trustworthiness, or proximity to a particular issue of importance… say, responsible personal finance!
    9. 9. 2 Types of Connections Quantity Focused Social Graph Interest Graph Friends, family, peers Connections of common interest Source: Brian Solis “The rise of digital influence”
    10. 10. Strategic Campaign Stages Research Planning Execution Evaluation
    11. 11. Depends on the campaign objective! What is the goal of our communications efforts?  Is it to establish ourselves as an authority?  Resonance is important  Interest Graph important  Build wide-spread awareness?  Reach & relevance is important  Social Graph important  Repair an image that has been damaged?  Resonance is most important
    12. 12. PR Campaigns: Quick Overview Each campaign seeks to address a problem:  Example:  People feel Burt’s Bees lip balm leaves a bad taste. Objectives: measurable & achievable goals to address situation.  Informational - inform  Affective – change attitude  Behavioral – change behavior
    13. 13. Example Burt’s Bees has a new, better tasting lip balm! Inform – about new lip balm Attitude – change attitude that our balm is bad. Behavior – perhaps – if we want people to buy our new lip balm.
    14. 14. Influence MeasurementTools: Real-time Web
    15. 15. Archivist Url: http://archivist.visitmix.com/ What is it: Create an archive of Tweets, analyze, export and share. Use: See useful data trends about Twitter activity of your search
    16. 16. Who talks about us the most?Are they influencers?
    17. 17. Lots of possibilities! These people we may want to build relationships with  Let them test drive our cars early, etc. If bloggers, could send them Chrysler press releases. If everyday fans, pass along news and info to strengthen loyalty to brand. Etc.., etc.
    18. 18. Other tools Twitter  Topsy.com/experts  Klout.com (though not very good)  Http://mympact.mblast.com/Search.aspx
    19. 19. Mini Example! Products Sentiment  Positive: Negative: Couldn’t Find Any!! Audience Profile  Young people; socially active; diverse interests & locations Influencers Potential Musician Influencer
    20. 20. “Influencers” Competition Your employer, Burt’s Bees, has a new lip balm and wants to get the word out via social media….
    21. 21. Goal Burt’s Bees has a new lip balm that doesn’t taste bad!! Answer the question: Who are the type of influencers needed for Burt’s Bees objective of informing people about the new lip balm?