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Evaluation Question 6


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evaluation of technology used

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Evaluation Question 6

  2. 2. PRE-PRODUCTION • The first piece of technology we used was a website called Blogger. • Blogger is a blog publishing service which allows multi-user blogs with time stamped, multi-media entries. • As it allows multi-user blogs it was perfect for the job at hand as we worked in groups and could put all of our work in one place and it could be displayed in an orderly fashion. • However one issue with blogger is that it can be hard to format on the website.
  3. 3. PRE-PRODUCTION • To research title sequences we used a website called The Art of the Title • The Art of the Title is a website dedicated to title sequences that has title sequences from many different films and tv shows. • We looked at different title sequences from films of our chosen genre and chose one to analyse in an essay. • In the essay we had screenshots from the title sequences taken from this website
  4. 4. PRE-PRODUCTION • We used Celtx to write the script for our film • It aloud the script to be in an orderly fashion and for it to have a simple and readable layout.
  5. 5. PRE-PRODUCTION • is a photo editing software that is free to download. • I used it to design the production logo as it’s simplicity allowed this to be an easy task. • Another reason I used is that it has layers which means that you can work on parts of the picture separately and put them all together at the end.
  6. 6. PRE-PRODUCTION/PRODUCTION/POST- PRODUCTION • Google Drive is an online cloud service that saves files to an online server. • We used Google Drive to post longer documents such as essays onto the blog. • We also used it as it allowed us to access documents from different locations easily.
  7. 7. PRE-PRODUCTION/POST-PRODUCTION • YouTube is a video sharing platform that allows people to upload videos and share them. • We used YouTube to upload our video work to share between the group and to post it on the blog. • We have uploaded our preliminary exercise and our rough cuts. • We also used it to upload our final film.
  8. 8. PRODUCTION • We used a Panasonic HCV 550 camera to film our project. • The camera was relatively high quality and easy to use. • Using the camera we managed to do a focus pull with the touch screen controls however it was difficult to do this due to the fiddley controls
  9. 9. PRODUCTION • Adobe Premier Pro is an editing software. • We used this software to edit our film and also our preliminary exercise. • The software was easy to use which meant that we needed minimal help during the editing process. • Premier Pro has a quick rendering speed meaning that you don’t have to take breaks during editing. • Premier Pro also allowed us to layer footage to create a news report effect. • The effects on premier pro are almost professional however some are too complex for the task at hand.
  10. 10. POST-PRODUCTION • Google forms is an online service that allows people to create questionnaires and forms that are answerable online. • It also allows the creator to see a summary of the results in graph form where appropriate or to look through individual results . • It also allows videos to be attached at the top of the form so you don’t have to send the link separately. • We used Google Forms to conduct a survey about our film. • We asked our target audience about our film and if they enjoyed it
  11. 11. POST-PRODUCTION • We used multiple social media platforms to share the link to our surveys and rough cuts with a variety of people. • Examples of social media platforms we used are; Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.