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Megan Fitzgerald, Expat and International Career Coach of Career By Choice, discusses Linked In and how you can use it to accelerate your career and build your personal brand and network.

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  • Highly competitive marketplace requires a compelling and unique message of value or personal brand in order to stand out and get noticed by your target audience it ’s important that the message of value stay visibile to your target audience on an ongoing basis if you want to be considered for job and business opportunities - With LI ’s strong google page rank, your LI profile will help you stay visible both in this very popular global network and in the search results. - Once you have become visibile – the easier you make it for people to connect with you, the greater chance you have in translating that visibility into a connection that will lead to job or business opportunities. LinkedIn has done a great job of upgrading their interface to further enhance already robust ways for people to connect. We ’ll talk more about those later but the bottom line…. Increased visibility = increased chances your personal brand message being “seen” and you being considered person of choice by employer or client Increased connectability removes barriers that people who want what you have to offer
  • People want to hire experts – not generalists – to deal with their problems Sharing your expertise on subject of importance to your target audience will position you as an expert and hence the candidate of choice. Be it through the Answers section, groups or various applications you can use to enhance your profile, Linkedin provides many ways for you to showcase your expertise. Also, one of the best ways to support your network is to use your unique value and expertise to help them reach their goals. So the linkedin platform allows you to easily nurture and grow your network by providing value to others. Additionally, the small business owner, there is a lack of business or industry intelligence inhibits growth and informed choices. So by leveraging Linkedin ’s wealth of knowledge and resources, a job seeker or business owner alike will find more timely and relevant information to help
  • “ As an MBA student studying abroad, I felt immediately comfortable with Megan because she understood my position of living abroad and trying to adapt to a new culture and work environment. She was professional and fun, and literally walked me through creating an effective resume and narrowing down my world of ideas to a few of most feasible and genuine. She encouraged me to follow my passion, to not sacrifice my priorities and to remain confident in my choices. I always left our meetings feeling inspired to refine my interests and connect with the right people.”
  • Getting LinkedIn - Megan Fitzgerald - Career By Choice

    1. 1. ®LinkedGetting in Megan Fitzgerald Expat Career & Personal Branding Coach Career By Choice
    2. 2. ®LinkedGetting in
    3. 3. W hat? • Online professional network • Database of connected people and resources • Collection of tools to help you connect, access & share resources & expertise
    4. 4. Who? 238m
    5. 5. Who? 200+ countries 65% outside US
    6. 6. Who? Fortune 500 60% Decision Makers $110K+ USD Average Income
    7. 7. Why? • Grow & strengthen your network • Build your personal brand online • Increase your visibility & connectability • Share & access expertise • Find jobs, clients, partners & employees
    8. 8. Grow & Strengthen
    9. 9. Build your personal brand online
    10. 10. Online Identity Me Google Search
    11. 11. Visibility & Connectability
    12. 12. Share & Access Expertise
    13. 13. ow does it work?H • Create your profile • Build your network • Seek out people, opportunities, resources • Share your expertise • Goals & strategy drive network activity
    14. 14. rofileP • IMPORTANT for Google Page Rank • Settings Public Profile, Full View • Public Profile URL: • Use keywords throughout profile
    15. 15. rofileP • Full Name ONLY • Professional photo • Headline – important 120 character soundbite!
    16. 16. rofileP • SUMMARY • Short branded professional bio, 2000 characters • Be engaging, build credibility, inspire someone to connect
    17. 17. rofileP • EXPERIENCE • Your online resume/CV – results and target audience oriented • 2000 Characters per position • Include all experience
    18. 18. rofileP • Education • Websites • Interests & Honors • Groups & Associations • Contact Settings
    19. 19. rofileP • RECOMMENDATIONS • Support message of value • Give to get, etiquette • Results oriented, specific • Only ask from/give to those you know
    20. 20. rofileP • RECOMMENDATION
    21. 21. uild Your NetworkB • Import your address book • Search out old colleagues/classmates • Invite people directly with email address • Get introduced through 1st degree contact • Send direct message to fellow group members
    22. 22. uild Your NetworkB • THE APPROACH: Quality vs. Quantity • Linkedin Open Networker(LION) = more is better • Your network = access to others • Danger of inviting people you don’t know • Set clear goals, create profile of target connections & follow strategy
    23. 23. uild Your NetworkB • 1st degree – direct connection • 2nd degree – connected to 1st degree contacts • 3rd degree – connected to 2nd degree contacts • Real power in 2nd degree – network of network • Elminates “cold calls” – leverages trust
    24. 24. eekS • SEEK OUT people, resources & opportunities • Search • Groups • Jobs & Companies
    25. 25. eekS •GROUPS •Connect, Learn, Share •Discussions, News, Jobs •Member List & their updates
    26. 26. eekS • JOBS • General & Advanced Search • Email alerts
    27. 27. eekS • COMPANY PROFILES • How you’re connected • Jobs, top skills & expertise • Employees you may know • Recent Updates
    28. 28. hare Your ExpertiseS • BE RECOGNIZED AS EXPERT • Status Updates – Provide valuable info/resources • Groups – Start Discussions, Post News, Comment
    29. 29. oals & StrategyG •STRATEGIC APPROACH = more results/less time •What do I want & who can help me get it? •How do I connect with & support them? •What regular action will I take to reach my goals? •Use metrics to evaluate progress
    30. 30. ips for Job SeekersT • Insure profile is 100% complete • Leverage all associations to build network • Explore jobs & company profiles • Engage & communicate with network & groups • Jobs Toolbar – if viewing job listing on external website, shows your connections there
    31. 31. Megan Fitzgerald Expat Career & Personal Branding Coach Career By Choice Questions?