Maximizing LinkedIn for professionals and small business


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LinkedIn is the social media tool for business to business relationship building.

Designed specifically for professionals, LinkedIn provides a sense of authority: if a member recommends your product or service, you benefit from credible word-of-mouth endorsement.

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Maximizing LinkedIn for professionals and small business

  1. 1. Maximizing LinkedIn for Professionalsand Small BusinessPresenter: Doug Hay, CEODead Simple Social Media Series
  2. 2. Presenter - Doug Hay• Early adopter of Internetmarketing• 30 year marketing veteran• Sought after speaker -presented at local, regionaland national conferences• Lectured at two universitiesfor the Sales & MarketingExecutives program
  3. 3. Our Services For Small/Medium Biz• Website design & programming• Social Media consulting,implementation & training• Small business SEO – SearchEngine Optimization: Keywords,link building & content creation.• Press release writing, optimizationand reporting• Blog set up, strategy, and training• Email programs• Online reputation management• Video production & marketing• Staff trainingAsk about our Internet Marketing Analysis
  4. 4. Doug Haydoug@doughayassoc.comDirect: 250-756-0306 Toll Free: 877-226-3823FreeInternetMarketingAnalysisMoreSales?MoreLeads?
  5. 5. Agenda• Presentation• Q&A – write questions in Webinarquestions console.• They will be answered at the end of thepresentation.To get a copy of the
  6. 6. Dead Simple Social Media Series• Social media overview• Blogging• Google+• Facebook• Twitter• Pinterest• LinkedIn• Using a Dashboard• Content Marketing
  7. 7. Social Media is for Leadsand SalesSource: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  8. 8. Social media = 2 way communication
  9. 9. EmailIntegratedMarketingStrategySocialMediaBlogOfflineMarketingWebSite
  10. 10. LinkedIn
  11. 11. Source: LinkedIn – Dec 2012
  12. 12. • The network is growing by twomembers per second or 10-15 millionmembers per quarter.• Average income is $86,000 US peryear.• Three out of four users wants to beapproached for other jobopportunities.• People visit more bycomputers at home (66%) thancomputers at work (34%).LinkedIn Quick Facts
  13. 13. LinkedIn Members
  14. 14. • Interviewed nearly 3,100 business owners, consultants andcareer salespeople,• Most use free accounts on LinkedIn as a strategicprospecting tool and• 84% say theyve generated several businessopportunities from using LinkedIn• 79% percent of the study participants were smallbusiness owners.• The most successful users actively share relevant content,showcase themselves as a trusted resource and spendsix or more hours on week on the social media site.• And some survey participants say its their best source fornew business leads.Source: Sales and LinkedIn Study
  15. 15. Inbound Marketing is More Effective
  16. 16. •Build authority•Find more prospects•Increase revenuesUtilizing LinkedIn
  17. 17. Set up profileGetrecommendedNetwork - getpeople tofollow youContentcreationInteractClick throughto yourwebsiteBuy yourproduct
  18. 18. ProfilesLinkedIn
  19. 19. Set up:1. Personal Profile: Company page:
  20. 20. CompanyPageLinkedIn
  21. 21. “50% of LinkedIn members are more likelyto purchase from a company they engagewith on LinkedIn.“What accounts for this purchasebehavior? Our research suggests it comesdown to mindset. When people visitLinkedIn, they’re in a professionalmindset.”- LinkedInCompany Page Engagement
  22. 22. From LinkedIn• Currently, companies without their owndistinct email domain ( cant create a CompanyPage, because its not possible to use emaildomains like,, or othergeneric email providers.• If you dont have a distinct email domain, youmight create a group to promote your companyinstead.Company Page
  23. 23. From LinkedInYou can add a new Company Page only if youmeet all of the following requirements:• Youre a current company employee and yourposition is listed in the Experience section onyour profile.• Your profile strength must be listedas Intermediate or All Star.• You must have several connections.Company Page
  24. 24. CompaniesTopLinkedIn
  25. 25. Pacific Dental Services® (PDS™) partners with dentists, providing them with business support services so they canstay focused on their passion: dentistry. PDS offers career opportunities across the western and central UnitedStates.
  26. 26. HomePersonalLinkedIn
  27. 27. • Messages• News• Invitations to connect• Updates on past classmates andcolleagues• Size of your network• Who’s viewed your profileHomepage
  28. 28. Home
  29. 29. ProfilePersonalLinkedIn
  30. 30. Use your headshot not the company logo
  31. 31. • Write a great headline.• Skip the humdrum“corporate” John Doe atAcme Company• Use your keywordsHeadline
  32. 32. • Write a terrificsummary in the firstperson• List youraccomplishments• Use your keywordsSummary
  33. 33. • Write a completesummary of your pastpositions• Use your keywordsExperience
  34. 34. RecommendationsLinkedIn
  35. 35. GetRecommended
  36. 36. • Profile• Recommendations• Request Recommendations• Select a LinkedIn member from yourcontacts• Message – form letter or personal note• Accept the recommendation(endorsement) or request a change• You will be prompted to reciprocateGet Recommended
  37. 37. Lee Odden
  38. 38. • Profile• Recommendations• Request Recommendations• Select a LinkedIn member from yourcontacts• Message – form letter or personal note• Accept the recommendation(endorsement) or request a change• You will be prompted to reciprocateGive Recommendations
  39. 39. Skills & ExpertiseLinkedIn
  40. 40. Email
  41. 41. ContactsPersonalLinkedIn
  42. 42. • Send an invitation to connect to people youknow – they come a 1st-degree connections.• From a members profile - Clickthe Connect button on their profile page.• Do a search – then click connect to the rightof the persons information.• Search your email address book to findcontacts• People you may know (from LinkedIn) -Click Connect next to the persons name tosend an invitation.Connecting With Members
  43. 43. Email
  44. 44. • From your emailcontacts• Name search• Classmate• Colleague searchSearching for Contacts
  45. 45. Contacts …• People you know• Ask & answerquestions• Companies inyour industry• Target audiences
  46. 46. Keep GettingQualityFollowers• Check your existing followerse.g. email• Generate quality content• Engage in discussions• Value your thought leaders• Regular content stream• Engage
  47. 47. Expanding yourfollowers:• Optimize your profile• Regular posts• Quality content from you• Who cares what you had for lunch• Help others• Add LinkedIn link to your website andblog posts• Include your LinkedIn link on youremail signature, biz cards• Add new people to follow• Engage• Customer service• Don’t over post your own content
  48. 48. GroupsPersonalLinkedIn
  49. 49. Create orjoin a group
  50. 50. • Join groups related to your business andadd content• Answer group questions• Inform your group members of events,etc.• Locate decision makers in companysearch• Find qualified prospects in your marketGenerating Leads
  51. 51. Commenting in a Group
  52. 52. Email
  53. 53. JobsPersonalLinkedIn
  54. 54. Email
  55. 55. In BoxPersonalLinkedIn
  56. 56. CompaniesPersonalLinkedIn
  57. 57. NewsPersonalLinkedIn
  58. 58. Email
  59. 59. ContentLinkedIn
  60. 60. Marketing 101:correctaudience &message
  61. 61. Add blogpostsand linkback toyourwebsite
  62. 62. Connect
  63. 63. Reference:
  64. 64. EngageLinkedIn
  65. 65. YouMembersMembersMembersMembersEngagement
  66. 66. Dedicatea TeamMember
  67. 67. Just publishing?
  68. 68. Be social!
  69. 69. AnswerQuestions
  70. 70. DirectMessagesomeoneyou follow
  71. 71. Respond to direct messages
  72. 72. Advertising!*&%#
  73. 73. Salesmessagesvs.conversations
  74. 74. Mining forprospects
  75. 75. MarketResearch
  76. 76. It’saboutthem!
  77. 77. MetricsLinkedIn
  78. 78. Set upbusinessprofileGetrecommendedGet people tofollow youContentcreationInteractClick throughto yourwebsiteBuy yourproduct
  79. 79. Metrics(Stats)# ofcontacts# of posts# of directmessages# Clickthroughs toyour website$ of Sales
  80. 80. TakeawaysCreat business profile around keywordsDo your homeworkCreate interesting content & publishEngage not just publishJoin or create groupsCross promote on social sites, email, etc
  81. 81. Doug Haydoug@doughayassoc.comDirect: 250-756-0306 Toll Free: 877-226-3823FreeInternetMarketingAnalysisMoreSales?MoreLeads?
  82. 82. Copyright NoticeAll materials contained in these presentationsare protected by Canadian and United Statescopyright law and may not be reproduced,distributed, transmitted, displayed, published orbroadcast without the prior written permission ofDoug Hay.The names of actual companies, products orimages mentioned herein may be the copyrightor trademarks of their respective owners.