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Your LinkedIn profile is a primary resource that clearly communicates your assets and manages how others perceive you. Learn to design a strategy to get noticed, find where people are, connect to the right people, and publish your content. LinkedIn continues to evolve and change, ensure that your profile remains relevant and effective.

Your LinkedIn profile can increase your visibility; improve your searchability and connectability. This presentation includes tips to achieve the following results:
• Become an active participant
• Keep track of your network
• Implement the best-kept secret for your profile
• Improve your digital footprint
• Increase the relevancy of your job search
• Research companies
• Find and follow thought leaders
• Find and apply to jobs
You can use LinkedIn as a dynamic social media tool, even if you don't feel like it. LinkedIn can help you build and maintain relationships with people that matter to you.

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  • The new LinkedIn gives us:
    A professional identity that's portable on the web
    Tools for email, contacts, and collaboration around information
    Amazing growth: Exclusive focus on professional context, only social media tool
    6 years for 50 million members
    Last 6 months 2013, added next 50 million members
    2 new members per second
    Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are members
  • Connecting talent with opportunities on a massive scale
    Not just a new job; Helping people to be great at jobs they are already in
    “Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful” mission statement
    Professional identity: enable members to connect, find, and be found. Promote skills, knowledge, personality.
    Insights: put business intelligence to right member at the right time
    Everywhere: including mobile: over 23% mobile access (platform… move away from… over 1,000,000 unique URLs) power APIs and many developers working on apps
  • Jobvite released its 2014 report
    Report on how job seekers are using social networks to hunt for jobs and how employers seek talent. A key takeaway is that 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet candidates, yet only 36 percent of job seekers are active on the site. There is a missed opportunity here for social job seekers. Or perhaps recruiters should look at where they are fishing. Eighty-three percent of job seekers prefer and use Facebook for job search, but only 65 percent of recruiters utilize it.
  • LinkedIn strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts.
    LinkedIn lets us be present online 24/7
    >>New notifications, new LinkedIn home page, new mobile app, endorsements, influencers (professional luminaries, follow/be followed, long form content); social gestures (status, like, comment). You can attach files to updates.
    Searching: not just job seekers looking for jobs, or recruiters looking to find talent… it’s about other use cases (find investors, or fine technical answers, for example)
    NEW update profile, even when we’re not looking for work
    Insights: increasing professional dashboard, personal magazine, stay in touch with right information you need to do job well, share relevant experience
  • Q4 2013 LinkedIn pillar product changes
    Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.
    Simple product that changes our lives, hides complexity.
    Rapid growth: Jan 2009 32M; Sep 2012 175M; Jan 2014 200M
    Top 26 sites in entire world Sep 2012 (based on comScore ranking)
    12 icons from 2011 mobile > 4 choices mobile: updates, profile (you), inbox, groups (discussions)
    HOME PAGE 2013: share and get valuable professional insights from rest of network; find easy to find influencers
    2B+ viewers, 29M unique visitors monthly
    Aug 2013 new company page: updates from company, how you’re connected, products & services (key professional insights); over 2M company pages
    Enable members to be productive and successful. Grow insights every day. For example, groups (demographic “professional women”, or specific for niche). Connect with like-minded professionals.
    Oct 12: LinkedIn today. Days and news you should be reading. Give 15 minutes each day (says LinkedIn product production). Links to content outside site. (share knowledge and see how community reciprocates) Influencers (first 150 luminaries selected)
    Home page: choose what updates you see
    LinkedIn Today
    LinkedIn works for members at all times, even when we are not on LinkedIn. Influencers: write post, another member reads post, and shares. Another member reads and shares (and so on). Influencer gets more followers, writes more posts, and so on.
    Endorsements: remind you know knows your skills and what skills they have.
    PROFILE >> every day: 175K created, 25M profile views, over 10M endorsements
  • Like
    LinkedIn is for networking, similar to Facebook… participate to get value from and value to your network
  • Updates that make us use LinkedIn every day
  • Best place to write notes about how you met
    If you say you will do something for a connection, add a reminder
    Contact information
  • PROFILE new design
    Streamlining profile editing
    New tools to engage and connect
    Relevant insights for your own views of other profiles
    Rolled up professional and academic background in concise overview
    ACTIVITY on top
    EDITING (see recommended list of professional data to change to help us be found). Easy to see and add new things, keep up to date. Who we might know (build network).
    Profile completeness visual
    My network (companies, schools, location, industries)
    Who views
    View a profile: see activity (get insights, like, comment)
    See what we have in common (learn from, or help another member)
    Volunteer experience and causes
    LEVERAGE your extended network
    Look at another members connections, search for skills (for example, blogging or DITA)
    See who that member follows
  • 1. Use The Right Key Words In Your Headline
    By default, LinkedIn uses your most recent job title and employer in your headline. CHANGE THIS. Remember, your LinkedIn profile is about showcasing you, not your employer.
    Think about the key words or phrases that a recruiter or hiring manager would use to search for someone to fill a job. These are the words you would want to use in your headline. You have 120 characters, use them wisely!
    2. Say More In Your Summary
    Your summary should provide a high-level overview of what you do (and what you like doing). Here are just some of the things you can include in your summary:
    Use key words and skill sets that are valued by future employers.
    Describe the successes you have had (and quantify whenever possible)
    List the industry experience you have accumulated
    Include processes, procedures, software and other tools you are familiar with
    Consider adding samples of work, photos, media
    3. Create A New Status Update Every Day
    One of the best ways to stay top of mind and build a memorable reputation is by sharing on-brand news, stories and events. On-brand for a job seeker is NOT job search stuff. It is content related to the next desired occupation.
    4. Connect with Recruiters and HR
    If you are job searching, then you should absolutely be connecting with corporate recruiters, HR staff, and third party recruiters
    I help recruiters by connecting them with the right talent. I have a large network. It’s good to help people we know find the jobs they wants.
    Networking = building relationships and helping others. Use these concepts to connect with new people, offer advice/help, share interesting news.  
    5. Group discussions
    Learn, share, grow.
  • Projects
    Connect with your 1st level connections through projects
    Time-bound or ongoing
    Volunteer roles (I add as jobs and projects)
  • Stealth mode for job searching (change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies )
    Do you want email from your groups? How often?
  • Vanity URL… get one today
  • Infographic LinkedIn author and consultant Wayne Breitbarth
    Subscription upgrades enable viewing greater number of results for who has viewed your profile, more enhanced profile features
    Free = last 5 people
    Subscription = last 90 days
    Free = how often viewed profile, # appeared in searches
    Paid = keywords that led to the LinkedIn profile, see industries of searchers and their geography
  • Received email Oct 25, 2013
    Called Josh and chatted up STC and helped him with his talent search (and the higher rate)
  • Should go without saying
    Truck and dog story
  • Instagram, Pinterest, always something new
  • Using the Power of LinkedIn

    1. 1. Barrie Byron, STC Associate Fellow and charter LinkedIn member Mission: Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful •Professional identity •Professional insights •Everywhere
    2. 2. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. 2 • Founded Dec. 2002, launched May 2003 • Over 225 million members in more than 200 countries • The world’s largest, fastest growing business network connecting talent with opportunities on a massive scale • Not just to get a new job • Helping us be great at jobs we already have Exclusive focus on professional context
    3. 3. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere.  How job seekers hunt for jobs LinkedIn 36% Facebook 83%, Twitter 40% Google+ 37%  How employers seek talent Disconnect between job seekers and recruiters 3
    4. 4. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere.  LinkedIn enables members to connect, find, and be found.  Profile: a 24/7 representation of our professional knowledge and achievements 4 Professional identity
    5. 5. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. Changes: Simplify. Grow. Everyday.  Simplify Streamlined home page, visual appeal, content, features Share and get insights Mobile  2009 12 icons  2013 mobile: 4 icons Company page  Aug. 2013 updates  How connected  Products  Services, insights 5
    6. 6. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. Grow: Like, Share, Follow  Social media  Like  Share  Follow  Growth enables us to be productive and successful Groups Connect with like-minded professionals Influencers 6
    7. 7. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere.  Mobile  News feed changes Oct. 2012  LinkedIn Today feed with news for us  Links to content outside  Share knowledge  Reciprocate, and see how community reciprocates  Currency, insights  Access to relevant thought leaders, experts, news, and ideas  Share information with our network  Be heard, if we share and take time to listen to others Everyday 7
    8. 8. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. Professional identity  Build and promote our personal brand  Be found Network  Build and maintain a meaningful professional community Manage connections  Tags  How you met  Notes  Reminders  Contact info 8 Compelling reasons to participate
    9. 9. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. New profile Sept 2013  Streamlined profile editing  Tells your professional story Professional and academic background Activity Who we might know 9
    10. 10. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. 1. Use the right key words in your headline 2. Say more in your summary 3. Create a new status update every day 4. Connect with recruiters and HR professionals 5. Add your thoughts to group discussions 5 tips to increase your views 10
    11. 11. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. 11 Enhance your search results  Add volunteer leadership roles as jobs or projects  Add your website, blog, twitter, and other links to your LinkedIn profile  Use name or descriptive terms in the websites link  not blog not Personal website Your descriptive link creates instant search-engine optimization for your site
    12. 12. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. Stealth mode  Profile > Privacy & Settings > Turn on/off your activity broadcasts  Group notification emails 12
    13. 13. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. Claim your custom URL  Customize your URL 13
    14. 14. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. Pay to play?  Free is good 14
    15. 15. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. Hello Barrie I enjoyed reading your LinkedIn profile. You’ve done an excellent job portraying your experience and background. My client just today let me know that they are seeking several tech writer contractors for a short-term assignment. The office is based in Mt Laurel, NJ. I’d love to discuss with you what your objectives are, and whether you’d be able to take on another assignment. I assume you are working from home, and have multiple engagements going on at once? Please let me know when you’d be available to chat. My number is… 15
    16. 16. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. Do unto others  100% complete profile Strive for all-star  Ask for, and give, recommendations (be specific)  Keep status current, post relevant updates  Avoid mention of religion, politics, sex  Use a business-appropriate photo  Be of service to your connections 16
    17. 17. Professional identity. Professional insights. Everywhere. Other social media tools + keep in touch  Google+  Email: use a provider-agnostic, self-describing address (gmail, ymail)  Twitter  Facebook: ensure your profile is private or keep it G-rated clean Keep in touch. Connect often! 17