Recruiting For Minnesota Tech Companies & Startups-Checklist


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Recruiting For Minnesota Tech Companies & Startups-Checklist

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Recruiting For Minnesota Tech Companies & Startups-Checklist

  1. 1. Recruiting For Minnesota Tech Companies & Startups: Checklist v1 - April 2012
  2. 2. • 14 years as an IT Recruiter• Author of Minnesota Headhunter blog• Frequent local and national speaker on Recruiting, HR, Career and Social Media topics• Co-Founder and Coordinator of Minnesota Recruiters• Active in the Minneapolis & St Paul technology, marketing and social media community as a sponsor, volunteer & mentor
  3. 3. This is a checklist from what are topic, ½ or full day trainings
  4. 4. Minnesota IT unemployment is likely < 2%
  5. 5. Flashback 4 Years Post n Pray The “War For Talent” Baby Boomers retiring How to recruit Gen YHow are you preparing for the new/old employment market?
  6. 6. The War for Talent v2 Myth vs Reality
  7. 7. Source of HireCareerXroads 2012 Sources of Hire: Channels that Influence
  8. 8. Source Of External Hire55% of all hires: Internal employees, employee referrals and company career sites SilkRoad 2012 External Source of Hire
  9. 9. Take off your company hat and be an IT professional…
  10. 10. Would you know you are hiring?Would you be intrigued by what you see to apply?
  11. 11. Recruiting = Marketing + Sales
  12. 12. Web site… you have a jobs page, right?
  13. 13. Your job posts (likely) SUCK
  14. 14. Sourcing, Recruiting and Closing is like Dating
  15. 15. Where To Post JobsColleges, Universities, Tech Schools
  16. 16. Post ‘n Pray is one (not the only) tactic
  17. 17. Are you passive or aggressive?
  18. 18. “You cant stay in your corner of the Forestwaiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”
  19. 19. Recruiting Is A Contact Sport
  20. 20. Go Where IT Folks Hang OutUser Groups, Meet Ups, Events
  21. 21. More Tools…Blog & Newsletter RSS & Email Feds Aggregators: Indeed, LinkUp & SimplyHired YouTube & SlideCast
  22. 22. Candidate Pipeline: Hunting and Farming
  23. 23. Referrals
  24. 24. What about…Google+, Pinterest, (fill in the blank)
  25. 25. Success in using Social Media as a recruiting tool depends on (in part) candidate: Location Skill Set IndustryAnd the Recruiter’s ability to use the tools
  26. 26. Tools In The (My) Recruiter Tool Chest “Traditional”: “Online”: •Phone •LinkedIn •Web site •Facebook •Career Page •Twitter •Big Job Boards •Ning Groups •Niche Job Boards •Blogs •Newsletter •YouTube •Networking Events •RSS/Email Feeds
  27. 27. Analytics Visits to your web site Career page Bio Keywords Referrals Articles & LinksUse Google Analytics & URL Shortners
  28. 28. -> -> RETENTION <- <-
  29. 29. Whew… what did I miss?
  30. 30. Paul DeBettignies VP Recruiting HireCast