Roundtable: Advertising your Senate


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Presented by Brayden Mann
Recruitment and retention is just one aspect of a senate’s presence. To have a name with administration, faculty and staff, students, and even the surrounding community can bring proactive collaboration and notoriety to the student population.

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Roundtable: Advertising your Senate

  1. 1. How to Market Your Senate Created and Presented by: Brayden Mann Public Relations Coordinator
  2. 2. Marketing Your Senate?
  3. 3. What does “Marketing Your Senate” Mean? • It means creating visibility and awareness to your senate. • This is effective for recruitment, building relationships with students, administration, faculty, sta ff, and the surrounding community.
  4. 4. What Can Marketing Do For Your Senate? Your Senate Without Marketing Your Senate With Marketing
  5. 5. On Campus • Having a greater presence on Campus creates an environment where student opinion has an important weight. • Many of the relationships on campus that mold the image of the senate are the following:
  6. 6. Students • Students are the bread and butter of your marketing—you are them, they are what you represent. • How to get students involved consists of balancing the fun, lighter of aspects of senate with the heavier work. • To have fun, but to give weight.
  7. 7. Faculty and Staff • Building a relationship with Faculty and Staff is essential for a proactive, building collaboration to help make your school better. • Your senate’s connection can help bridge a gap of unawareness faculty and staff may have had on campus—a potential immediate benefit. This can also lead to class rap and networking opportunities on campus. • Additionally, a senate who gets faculty and staff more aware, can also get them more involved in student activities.
  8. 8. Administration • Administration has a lot of pull on any given campus. One of the ways that senate members can spread reputation is by going on campuswide committees. • Simple networking opportunities become beneficiary for senate and the individuals making them.
  9. 9. Off Campus The Community • Civic duty is one of the quintessential aspects of senate. • Giving your senate a yearly civic, charitable activity not only promotes senate visibility, but promotes a healthy environment surrounding the school.
  10. 10. Large Group Discussion: What are Successful Marketing Tactics on your Campus?
  11. 11. Student-Focused Methods • Class Raps are an under utilized, but essential tactic. • Tabling. • Co-Sponsoring Events on Campus. • One on one interaction with Students is invaluable. • Flyers/General work of the PRC.
  12. 12. Senate Pitch