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Are you the tourist?


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ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and is a holistic organizational tool to help people get their important documents organized, safe and secure.

When a life altering event occurs, it’s extremely important to be able to have quick access to your valuable documents. That’s where the organizational abilities of ICEbox™ can help. There are many pieces of the ICEbox™ organizational puzzle. There is a physical box with color-coded and labeled files; f but the real value of ICEbox™ is with the personalized and secure online vault.

As you know, buying a home is most definitely considered to be a “Life altering event”. I’m working with a few real estate agents in central Ohio who are looking for a unique way to create value for their customers and to differentiate themselves from the competition. One way to achieve this would be through teaming up with ICEbox™.

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Are you the tourist?

  1. 1. Craig Sutherland Christine Honeygosky August 21, 2013
  2. 2.  Do you think you've organized your important documents and can access them quickly?  How would you define your style of organization?
  3. 3.  The “Organized one”  Usernames and passwords for websites your family uses.  Do you know the due date for your home mortgage and/or car payment?
  4. 4.  “The Tourist”  Blissfullly unaware and enjoying the scenery.  If you’re the tourist….how quickly could you become the organized one?
  5. 5.  Do you know what medications your spouse takes?  Do you know who to call in an emergency?  Can you answer key medical history questions if your spouse can’t?  Do you have a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care AND a Living Will?  Would you be able to find valuable documents when the rest of your world is spiraling out of control?
  6. 6.  I.C.E. means In Case of Emergency.  ICEbox was created in an effort to provide greater clarity and peace of mind for individuals and families in the event that a life altering event occurs.
  7. 7.  Physical box with 5 sets of color-coded hanging folders for your important papers.  Health  Estate  Insurance  Banking & Investments  Other Important Documents
  8. 8.  Personal and family medical history  Living Will  Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care  Do Not Resuscitate Order  Emergency Contact List
  9. 9.  Don’t forget your minor children!  List all medical procedures and surgeries.  Be sure to include their Immunization Records.  List all prescription medications.  Be sure to include dosage and frequency  Very important to keep this list current
  10. 10.  Will  Letter of instruction  Estate Plan  Power of Attorney
  11. 11.  List of bank accounts – savings, checking, money-market  Individual Retirement accounts  401(k) accounts  Pension documents  Annuity contracts  Stock certificates, savings bonds and brokerage accounts  List of safe-deposit boxes  List of all user names and passwords
  12. 12.  Life insurance policies  Additional Insurance policies
  13. 13.  Housing, land and cemetery deed information  Escrow mortgage accounts  List of loans made and debts owed  Vehicle titles  Partnership and corporate operating agreements  Tax returns  List of safe-deposit boxes  List of all user names and passwords
  14. 14. The physical ICEbox™ box is just one piece of the puzzle.
  15. 15. Upload your important documents to your personal ICEbox™ online vault.  Encrypted and password protected  Accessible worldwide 24/7  Mobile apps available  Safe and Secure  FINRA, SEC, HIPAA, and Safe Harbor Compliant
  16. 16.  Each client receives personalized service to assist in getting organized and staying up-to-date.  ICEbox™ Representative builds relationship with clients and plays an advocacy role.
  17. 17.  We've developed a handy Checklist designed to gauge a person's organizational level.
  18. 18.  We can help YOU create value and additional trust in your relationships with your clients and prospects.  We are advocates and are here to help your clients to get and stay organized.  We have the tools and have designed an easy-us-use kit for your clients to use.  Includes all folders, forms and, thumb drive, etc.  We have an online Client Vault.  Save these documents digitally  Safe, secure and accessible 24/7
  19. 19.  Reciprocal referrals.  Speaking and educational opportunities.  Expanded communication opportunities through our social media, blog and networks.
  20. 20. Contact Christine Honeygosky 20 Northwoods Boulevard Columbus, OH 43235 614.802.0242 “Like” our page on Facebook Join the ICEbox LinkedIN Group