Social business enabling the enterprise university


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Social business enabling the enterprise university

  1. 1. Social Business enabling the EnterpriseUniversityOverview:In an increasingly competitive market, forward thinking institutions of higher education are integratingsocial concepts and practices to gain market share and more deeply engage prospective and currentstudents, and alumni. Higher education faces two emerging challenges: adapting to how millennial’slive, interact and learn, and properly preparing students for the emerging social business workforce bybridging the transition of Facebook to LinkedIn.Currently, the student lifecycle, college admission to landing a first job, is a largely unmanaged process,making social evolution a greenfield opportunity for higher education. University graduates experience asubstantial transition in their core knowledge and understanding as well as in how they use social tools,behaviors, and networks when they enter the workplace. This evolution can be viewed through theprism of three social personas:Personally Social: Actively engaged in socialnetworks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.They are connected to “people” like them, usesocial media to find, subscribe and connect topeople and businesses in new ways, and leveragecommunity input for key decisions like selectinga university.Academically Social: Academic “customers” thatfreely share their opinions on courses, professorsand campus life. They seek and createcommunities where none exist and influence thedecisions of others.Professionally Social: Alumni who become active on professional networks like LinkedIn. They initiallyfind jobs by leveraging their academic contacts and then build a professional network to developbusiness opportunities and advance their careers.Institutions that create their own open communities have been proven to have a much greater degreeof credibility and engagement. The opportunity for higher education is to more deeply engage allaspects of the student lifecycle by bridging the gap between personally and professionally social withacademically oriented social communities
  2. 2. 7Summits Social Business SolutionsFrom strategy to design and build, we have been helping these higher education organizations throughtheir social business transformation.Portfolio HighlightsMSOE “Bridge” Admissions Community:Our team created a purpose built admissions community designedto allow the MSOE admissions team to connect directly withprospective students and enrolled students and faculty throughoutthe application process.Notable Success and Highlights:• Helped MSOE connect with the “Facebook Generation”• Dramatically improved prospective student retention (25%improvement)• Reduced admission cost of sale (decrease invest intraditional media spend – print, billboard, radio)• ABET, the accreditation board cited “Bridge” in its annualreview as a strength (the first time ever for a non-academicfeature)• MSOE recognized as an innovator in the higher-ed spacebeating Harvard• Reduced training time of new admissions councilors staffPennFoster Student Community:PennFoster is a career school with students all over the world. Theschool came to us because of this vast geographic reach with arequirement for a powerful community to help support and unitetheir prospective and current students, parents, and alumni.Notable Highlights:• Community drives enrollment and reputation management• Highly personalized social content by audience• Members’ Map, allows students to discover others who sharesimilar interests or proximity• Over 1 Million Pages Views a month• 40,000 registered members and counting
  3. 3. Northwestern “Engage” Alumni Community:Northwestern approached 7Summits to develop alumni communityfocused re-engaging their graduates in ongoing conversation andproviding an ability to host and coordinate events.Notable Highlights:• 550,000 alumni across all colleges to be invited• Deep integration with back office to enable seamlessinformation management• Digital yearbook• Interactive digital maps help pinpoint local alumniStudent Lifecycle Stages 7Summits Solution AlignmentAwareness: Search and RelevancyOptimization Social Listening and Response Activation and Outreach Sales EnablementRelevancy: Managed Social Sites Social Web Sites Social Commerce Social Commerce Customer SupportCommunitiesEngage / Retain: Customer Service Distributed BusinessProcesses Culture and Collaboration Social IntranetsHigher Education Related Experience
  4. 4. Our Project Experience includes:• Social Marketing and Outreach: MSOE,PennFoster, Infilaw• Customer-centric Communities: MSOE,PennFoster, Northwestern• Social Business Management: MSOE,Northwestern• Social Business Processes: MSOE,Nortwestern• Employee-centric Communities: MSOE,UW MadisonHighlights: Admissions Communities & AlumniCommunities Opportunity for “Enterprise University” 7Summits certified by Education Alliance University Press Coverage MSOE recognized as Top 10 InnovativeColleges 7Summits Excerpt coming in Dr. JamesMartin’s Book 7Summits just won an industry award for theMSOE Bridge Community