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Analysing preliminary lip synching task


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analysing lip synching task

Published in: Education
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Analysing preliminary lip synching task

  1. 1. Analysing Preliminary Lip Synching Task By Liat Shamash
  2. 2. What Happened?• We started of by choosing a song, at the beginning we were going to do a song by Taylor Swift called ‘You Belong With Me’• We started filming around school, doing tracking shots with us lip singing and the camera following us and then going through doors and stuff.• We then re-winded to see if we got everything we needed and we decided to film a bit more to have extra shots to work with.
  3. 3. ...• Unfortunately we didnt then forward it back so we filmed over everything we just filmed and we only realised once we uploaded the tape onto adobe premiere system.• So we then decided to just do a simple video without walking around school and making it more difficult to edit.• Therefore we would be focusing more on the lip synching.
  4. 4. ... Change of song – NEW START• The new song we decided on doing is Ed Sheeran – A Team• We all sang half of the song with a glass background behind us and we all stood in around the same place.• This was a fast and easy approach to the task and it focused on the main point – Lip synching.• We had the music and lyrics behind the camera so when each person had their turn they could sing along.
  5. 5. Filming...• We all swapped whilst filming we filmed one person each.• There was not much movement in the camera we kept it in one place so we focused on lip synching.• There was equal sharing with the filming.• It took us about an hour doing a couple of shots of each other so we’d have a lot to work with when editing.
  6. 6. Editing...• We had issues with uploading our footage onto the adobe premiere system as we filmed in HD which we need to remember NOT to do when we do the real thing.• So Mr yadgar uploaded it onto his computer as its the only computer that takes HD footage.• However along the way we lost our sound but still had the moving images.
  7. 7. ...• So we uploaded it onto the system and then using the RAZOR tool cut up each clips separating each persons clip.• We all then went to the editing suite when we had frees.• I spent around 3 hours editing, as we were in a group of 5 we all had to make sure we all had equal editing time.• I found it quite difficult without having the sound of what we filmed because u had to read the lips and sometimes it was a bit hard to see which part of the song it was.
  8. 8. ...• There was enough footage to work with and i placed some of them in the correct places which takes a lot of concentration and patience to get it in the exact correct place.• Its good that we took extra bits of us having fun so we could place them in the parts where the lyrics arent being said.• After we got everything in the right place we then put transitions and effects which is quite long and difficult to play around with as there’s so much you can do
  9. 9. The good? The bad? How it went overall? • The positive part is I believe we ended up with a good lip synching task that did fit the criteria of the task we were given • The negative part is that yes, we did do some things wrong with filming over our footage in the first song we choose and then filming in HD in the final song we choose, BUT we learn from our mistakes and will know not to do it in the real thing. • Overall it went well editing skills are better and now had experience with lip synching so will be ready for the real thing.