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Big Data, Small Data, Trendy Data (Moodle)


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A look at the current state of UK Moodle usage from a sample of colleges, universities and businesses in 2015.

Published in: Education
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Big Data, Small Data, Trendy Data (Moodle)

  1. 1. “BigDataSmallDataTrendyData” Lewis Carr Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  2. 2. Background This presentation and its findings are part of a study I have been conducting for the past year. With the help from the UK Moodle Community, FE Colleges, ex-colleagues, work-based learning providers, small businesses, friends and well wishers. Goals of the Project: To find out how we are really using Moodle and how we can use data to make predictions and shape the future of our online delivery. Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  3. 3. Big Data and Industry Analytics How my digital profile knows more about me! Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  4. 4. Have I sold my soul to the data mining devil? Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  5. 5. Supermarket Analytics How my physical footprint leaves a digital footprint And even how the weather influences what I buy Supermarket chains now receive detailed data on 2/3 of all shopping baskets. Such data shapes our spending habits and build customer profiles. Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  6. 6. Did you know? When UK Temperatures rise 4c Beef burger sales increase by 42% When UK Weekend Temperatures rise 10c rise BBQ meat sales increase 300% & Coleslaw by 50%. Demand for vegetables drops 25% Cold weather increases sales of cauliflower soup, long life milk, sausages and root vegetables. Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  7. 7. Moodle Data Moodle is a data mining beast. The log files alone provide a wealth of information that allows us to draw conclusions and make learner predictions. Interest in learning analytics has been fuelled partly by the recent rise in popularity of MOOCs. MOOCs generate enormous sets of learner activity data that can be used to develop analytics. Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  8. 8. What I tried to discover Which tools are used most? Which tools are most preferred by learners? When do teachers create content? How often do users login to Moodle? When do learners access courses? What is the most engaging Moodle tool? ...what does the online behaviour of an active student look like? Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  9. 9. Most popular resources (hits) Assignment 46% File 28% URL 9% Forum 8% Quiz 4% Folder 3% Lesson 2% Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  10. 10. So we need to create more files and Assignments? And less quizzes and lessons right? WRONG. Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  11. 11. Most engaging resources (resource count/no.of resources) Assignment 29% Quiz 26% Lesson 21% Forum 11% Folder 6% File 4% URL 3% Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  12. 12. Building a better picture Files are popular with students simply due to the sheer number of them. Often it is all a student has access to. Quizzes, lessons and forums have a much higher “hit rate” when we compare averages. (Hits / number of resources) Students tend to revisit quizzes and lessons more than they do files. Proving that self-assessment increases learner engagement. Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  13. 13. What is the most engaging tool in use on Moodle? Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  14. 14. Messaging Astonishingly, Moodle messaging is 4x more engaging for learners than any other course tool Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  15. 15. When are teachers building course content? Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  16. 16. When are teachers building course content? Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Start of Term Christmas Start of Term Exams Holidays Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  17. 17. Some other useful discoveries On mature Moodle sites (3 years plus) Resources (file uploads) decrease annually by 15% On mature Moodle sites (3 years plus) The creation of other activities decreases by 2% -15% -2% Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  18. 18. Course Activity by students Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  19. 19. Course Activity by students Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Assignments!! Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  20. 20. Our top 50 learners (most loyal customers) Our most active/engaged learners access 13 courses on average 13 courses 91 days Our most active/engaged learners access Moodle 91 days in the year (twice per week, more during term time) Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  21. 21. Site Logins Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  22. 22. Interesting discovery Logins double in the second year of running Moodle x2 logins 3 years Logins average out on Moodle sites that have been running longer than 3 years. The trend/shape of the graph is almost a mirror image of the previous year. Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  23. 23. What does all this data tell us? We need to adapt messaging into our teaching practices and activities We need more quizzes, lessons and forums Moodle usage is driven by term calendars We need more student engagement in Dec, April & June
  24. 24. Supermarket Strategies - getting to know your customers better Strategy 1 Customer-driven offers and promotions. Strategy 2 Improving aisle layouts and planograms with market basket analysis. Strategy 3 Shelf life management and replenishment planning. Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  25. 25. e-Learning Strategies - getting to know your students better Strategy 1 Student-driven landing pages, conditional release of content and better notifications. Strategy 2 Improving course layouts with Moodle usage reports & analysis. Strategy 3 Course content management and replenishment planning. Deciding what resources suit which learners and when to release them.Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr
  26. 26. Corporate Use of Moodle Learners enrolled on an average of just 2 courses Quizzes (70%), SCORM (20%) & forums the most popular tool used Logins consistent throughout the year except Dec & July Learners engagement between 30 and 40 days
  27. 27. End of Presentation Lewis Carr | @lewiscarr