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Presentation used at TurbTel 2012 about how we upgraded to Moodle

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Rsctelmakingthemovetomoodle2 110704062402-phpapp02

  1. 1. the Move toMoodle 2At South Devon College
  2. 2. at South Devon College• Major resource for learners and staff• Learner homepage and main studentcommunication tool• Main tool used in Independent Learningsession for lesson delivery
  3. 3. bother upgrading?For the extra features it offers!!For most people, it will do all the same thingsMORE EASILY!!AND for many staff and students it will offer someextra benefits.
  4. 4. some of the new things** More info at the ‘What’s new with Moodle 2’ session!• Easier uploading and sharing of resources with otherMoodle courses• Better activity tracking and completion tracking• Conditional Activities• Students can add images and media to resources andhave a site wide private files area• Better integration with Mahara for portfolio building
  5. 5. ReviewMoodle 1Test Moodle 2Launch ofbeta / testversion ofMoodle 2Testingcourses inMoodle 2Updatingcourses forSeptember2011Full upgradeto Moodle 2Process and Timescales Completedover 200 coursesdeletedA copy of allthe courses incurrentMoodle on11th April arenow availableon a version ofMoodle 2Launch ofMoodle 2 on 1stAugust 2011(following 1weekdowntime)
  6. 6. Moodle1. Test Moodle2Launch ofbeta / testversion ofMoodle 2Testingcourses inMoodle 2Updatingcourses forSeptember2011Full upgrade toMoodle 2Review Moodle 1Testing Moodle 2• A Moodle 1 clean-up to delete courses nolonger needed.• Some courses assessed for Medals.• Over 680 courses remain for upgrade.• A version of Moodle 2 available ondevelopment server for testing• Theme developed• Modules and plug-ins tested
  7. 7. Moodle1. Test Moodle2Launch ofbeta / testversion ofMoodle 2Testingcourses inMoodle 2Updatingcourses forSeptember2011Full upgrade toMoodle 2Review Moodle 1Testing Moodle 2• Regular project meetings with technicaldevelopment team• Implementation plan developed based on:• How courses will be taken over to Moodle 2• Tracking features to be used• Timescales and milestones identified forupgrade• Presented to Senior Management Team –including tracking features
  8. 8. ofcourses inMoodleLaunch ofbeta / testversion ofMoodle 2Testingcourses inMoodle 2Updatingcourses forSeptember2011Full upgrade toMoodle 2Testing and updatingMoodle coursesFrom May until July:• Moodle 2 launched to CollegeManagement Team and then all staff• Testing how Moodle 1 resources work inMoodle 2• Identifying alternative solutions whererequired• Developing courses ready for September2011
  9. 9. for moving courses toMoodle 2• Update current course on Moodle 1 to meet atleast BRONZE medal level.• Develop the upgraded version in Moodle 2• Recreate your course directly in Moodle 2
  10. 10. OverviewLIVE: Moodle 1Live version with learners until 22nd July 2011Courses developed to Bronze standard or moreBETA: Moodle 2Test version for checking coursesNew courses developed for September 2011May – July 2011 2nd August 2011 onwardsLIVE: Moodle 2All courses in Moodle 1with Medals will beavailable.All developed courses inBETA Moodle 2 will beavailable
  11. 11. Provided• Initial discussion with LTRS staff member on whichoption to use.• LTRS staff will assess Moodle Medal and supportdevelopment• Moodle 2 training – from workshops to a qualification• Step by step guidance for staff as courses are developed• Working together with a member of the LTRS team todevelop the course (sharing the workload but ensuringthe online course meets the need of the courseprogramme).
  12. 12. Changes along the way…• We are still unsure of whether we will upgradeor have a new Moodle 2 set-up and importthe courses. Awaiting Moodle 2.1.• We originally wanted to only start new inMoodle 2 or upgrade from 1.9. Now staff candevelop Moodle 2 version.
  13. 13. Things to consider• Unless going for a general upgrade – makesure LOTS of support is in place.• Have plenty of time! We started back inJanuary but still wish we had longer!! (Butpractically – we couldn’t have started muchwith teachers before May).
  14. 14. Questions?Are any of you planning to upgrade to Moodle2 this September?