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A story of an experimental learning laboratory...


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Aberystwyth University
6th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference
11-12th September 2018

Over the last four years the Disruptive Media Learning Lab has evolved and has strived to reposition and reconfigure education at Coventry University (CU) within the rapidly changing technological, social, economic and political contexts shaping the learning landscape. The lab has created a safe space and cultivated a culture in which open collaboration and innovation are the key attributes of its research, development and pathfinder projects. As a sandpit and incubator of exploratory and experimental teaching and learning practices, the lab draws together a multidisciplinary team of collaborators and wider users of our work, to drive lateral thinking and radical approaches to address the challenges facing higher education.

Within this context, the lab focuses on how both mainstream and alternative approaches and technologies are explored, repurposed and remixed towards conceptualising a more hybrid and open approach to teaching and learning, in order to meet a wide range of stakeholders' needs and expectations.

This talk seeks to act as a catalyst for change, instigating an alternative mindset and creative attitude to challenge the existing status quo, to open up education and empower students and staff to re-model existing and own their teaching and learning practices in a networked age.

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A story of an experimental learning laboratory...

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  8. 8. #assemblage made by assembling disparate parts
  9. 9. Background image courtesy of Julia Frost #bricolage French word meaning ‘do-it-yourself’
  10. 10. #negativespace
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  12. 12. #disruption
  13. 13. “ –Jim Groom …the disruption - is the disruption of a model of thinking, of a culture of accepting.
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  15. 15. #disruptivemedia
  16. 16. scientific prophecy > reality
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  18. 18. Where there was once a single viewpoint there are now many thousands. “ –Mishka Henner
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  20. 20. In this golden age of perspectives, the infinite array of documents uploaded to the web offer unprecedented opportunities to reveal the workings of our world. “ –Mishka Henner
  21. 21. society for the diffusion of useful knowledgeFounded in 1826, Lord Brougham
  22. 22. The do-it-all scholar- entrepreneur actually has very few options for communication if the place they are coming from is the research monograph/article and the place they are going to is the TED talk. “ –Sarah Kember Professor of New Technologies of Communication, Director of Goldsmiths Press
  23. 23. “… do it by purpose.” –Lily Shaw
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  28. 28. “ –Glyn Moody …this situation ensures that almost everyone using the Internet is also breaking the law multiple times every day.
  29. 29. Photo by Markus Spiske @markusspiske on Unsplash understanding your digital footprint & online tracking
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  31. 31. Mozilla’s Open Leaders Programme
  32. 32. unleashing digital skills
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  35. 35. –via Sylvester Arnab
  36. 36. we believe that everybody can play and create games. We believe in games for learning, and learning through play
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  41. 41. Large Dot Stickers (¾-inch) Small Dot Stickers (¼-inch) Computer TV / Monitor Packs of LEARN Cards Biro Pens Regular Postits Large Postits Optional: Apple TV Chromecast Whiteboard Paper Buzzers Ref:Google,
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  43. 43. via Bonnie Stewart
  44. 44. #newfotoscapes “Publication is rather just a stage in an ongoing process of temporal unfolding.”
  45. 45. Introduction: Disrupting the Journal of Media Practice 3 Centre for Disruptive Media and Disruptive Media Learning Lab #featured A Morning Coffee in Melbourne: 10 Discussing the Contentious Spaces of Media Practice Research Craig Batty, Leo Berkeley and Smiljana Glisovic, RMIT University Articles Web Annotation as Conversation and Interruption 20 Jeremiah H. Kalir, University of Colorado Denver Jeremy Dean, UniverCity: Images of Success and Structures of Risk 32 Adam Brown, London South Bank University Cinematologists: Knowing Sounds 50 Neil Fox, University of Falmouth Dario Llinares, University of Brighton Disrupting Academic Publishing: 54 Questions of Access in a Digital Environment Zachary J. McDowell, University of Illinois at Chicago Performative Publications 70 Janneke Adema, Coventry University Creative Practice as Research: Discourse on Methodology 84 R. Lyle Skains, Bangor University Remembering, Reflecting, Returning: A Return to Professional 100 Practice Journey Through Poetry, Music and Images Katherine Wimpenny, Coventry University Peter Gouzouasis, University of British Columbia Karen Benthall, Coventry VOLUME 9 ISSUE 1 2018 ISSN: Print: 1468-2753 Online: 2040-0926 CONTENTS THEDISRUPTEDJOURNALOFMEDIAPRACTICEVOLUME9ISSUE12018 Special Issue: The Disrupted Journal of Media Practice Guest Editors: Collectively edited by the Centre for Disruptive Media and the Disruptive Media Learning Lab at Coventry University THE DISR UPTED JOURNAL OF MEDIA PRACTICE
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  50. 50. #200images
  51. 51. Workshops across the UK #education
  52. 52. 1 A Guide to Open and Hybrid Publishing (Or how to create an image-based, open access book in 10 easy steps) #advocate #10easysteps
  53. 53. #enableothers
  54. 54. PHOTOMEDIATIONS: A READER #offspring
  55. 55. #calltoaction
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  57. 57. Storm in a Teacup, 2016. Mark Murphy CC BY-NC-SA Storm in a Teacup, 2016. Mark Murphy CC BY-NC-SA #winner
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  60. 60. availble from
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  62. 62. Jonathan Shaw @time_motion @disrupt_learn