Disruptive Media Learning


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Disruptive Media Learning

“As participants, creators and stakeholders it is important that we capitalise on, rather than fear, the shift in power enabled by this technologically driven change”
NEWFOTOSCAPES - GRAIN and Library of Birmingham

How appropriate are walled and closed institutions for the digitally mediated world?
Arguably that the biggest disruption facing educators is not caused by the global economic crisis itself, or even the failure of vision of any particular government, but the one housed by the behemoth server farms and the global content producers of the Internet. We are in the midst of an educational system in which knowledge is being liberated from scarcity; previously the scholar’s role was to offer authoritative elucidation on the (rare and inaccessible) book to the privileged few. Today in the new ecology of ‘knowledge’ abundance, we have the potential to educate the masses – our problem is keeping up with and deciding what content to educate them about.

The Disruptive Media Learning Lab is designed as a cross-University experimental unit that will provide support for new and on-going pedagogic development in new and disruptive technological spaces. The Lab draws upon areas from which the University has established a track record of innovation, e.g, the Serious Games Institure, which has pioneered the use of games logics and Apps in educational content delivery and the Media Department’s teaching and learning ‘experiments’ with Open Media Classes (e.g Phonar, Picbod, Creative Activism and Digital Formations) and research/publication experiments, the Disruptive Media group; as well as the LIRG research, evaluation, experimentation and publication on the impact of virtual worlds on pedagogy and chatbots in higher education.

Shaun Hides & Jonathan Shaw

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Disruptive Media Learning

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  11. 11. Adele Reed barriers more than just a mindset #disrupt_learn
  12. 12. access to technology creative art, design and media student • “I can’t get to the software because it is only in that lab!” • “I can’t get in the lab!” • “My work is on that computer!” • “There's just not enough computers with our software in the university!” Biggest complaint #disrupt_learn
  13. 13. shared provision divided into groups #disrupt_learn
  14. 14. cost expensive Biggest problem £££££££££££ #disrupt_learn
  15. 15. increased demand #disrupt_learn
  16. 16. specific tools 24/7 access #labinabag #disrupt_learn 1:1 Scheme
  17. 17. Personalised Apple Macbook Pro scheme Solution #AdobeEdu13 http://ow.ly/i/3oZpf #disrupt_learn
  18. 18. #disrupt_learn linear-space
  19. 19. hybrid-space physical & digital #disrupt_learn
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  22. 22. #picbodPicturing the Body open exploring representation and form through photography http://picbod.org/ #disrupt_learn
  23. 23. #phonarPhotography & Narrative open 30,000+ engage yearly in our transmedia storytelling class http://phonar.org/ #disrupt_learn
  24. 24. #cueafsEast Asian Film Society open In 1 week over 300,000 people read our student’s reviews from Udine Far East Film Festival http://cueafs.com/ #disrupt_learn
  25. 25. open intersection of political, social and cultural change #creativeactCreative Activism http://creativeactivism.net #disrupt_learn
  26. 26. Disruptive Media or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Learning Lab • respond to external changes which we don’t control (push) • maximise enhanced capabilities, which we can direct (pull) • support learning experiments and projects in safe space • connect, collaborate and experiment #disrupt_learn
  27. 27. The 21st century academy Traditional educational/ publishing and media platforms (books) will not disappear. Nor will expertise or authority. What will change is that they will be valued differently #disrupt_learn
  28. 28. Connected Mediated Learning #disrupt_learn
  29. 29. 21st century: the curator As media educators scholars, students and practitioners we might hope that our role becomes something like that of the curator ‘arranging’ the flows of information into new outcomes within the collective production of knowledge A very new skill set #disrupt_learn
  30. 30. recent disruptive media #disrupt_learn
  31. 31. Image: Creative Feed recent disruptive media where anyone can be a producer of content #disrupt_learn
  32. 32. Communication Device <- - - - - - -> Media:- Technology Broadcast Transmission Model #disrupt_learn
  33. 33. Media – becoming more connected/distributed, mobile, prosumer The media Landscape – disrupted #disrupt_learn
  34. 34. Students are connected/distributed, mobile, prosumer; but we are not The learning landscape - disrupted #disrupt_learn
  35. 35. Disrupted scholarship Connected/distributed, mobile, prosumer media are changing content creation and publishing; but we are not #disrupt_learn
  36. 36. • Digital–connected media – prosumers • Digital natives – un-knowing fish in water • Agglomeration • A content wall - the end of scarcity • New modes of engagement – ADMD • Attention scarcity/economy #disrupt_learn Context
  37. 37. pull #disrupt_learn
  38. 38. Social Media Social network engagement #disrupt_learn
  39. 39. Social media revolution Structured content! ! Un-bundled #disrupt_learn
  40. 40. LECTURER EDUCATOR #disrupt_learn
  41. 41. Context • Essence/differentiation magnification • Scale and reach • Lowered threshold costs for entry • Collaboration and connection accelerated • Learning through doing • Engagement as action #disrupt_learn
  42. 42. #disrupt_learnagenda #disrupt_learn
  43. 43. xMOOC #disrupt_learn
  44. 44. • MOOC-like • flipped • new modes of online • open-connected #disrupt_learn
  45. 45. #disrupt_learn
  46. 46. • How we can help explore what the 21st century university can be • What challenges and problems learning technologies we need to address • Where the core values of what we do lie? • How to use the capabilities of new media to magnify that value • How we can develop digitally ‘professional/fluent’ digital natives • What benefits can we develop from putting technologists, developers, librarians and Academics together • What new models/ways of working would be effective /disruptive for HE • How we can work on developing radically new pedagogies and radically new relationships with/offers to, our communities #disrupt_learn Thank you. QUESTIONS ?????? The kinds of things we hope to learn and share working in this way
  47. 47. Presentation available at: http://slidesha.re/1mDMQ9U www.disruptivemedia.org.uk Shaun Hides s.hides@coventry.ac.uk @shaunhides Jonathan Shaw j.shaw@coventry.ac.uk @time_motion #disrupt_learn