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Powered by Research introduction: City of Culture, Digital Symposium


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Welcome to the Disruptive Media Learning Lab. We officially opened our doors in Sept 2014, fusing research and practice we are here (physically and digitally) to act as a sandpit for colleagues within the university, in both our campus’ here in Coventry, Scarborough, London, Dagenham, Online, forthcoming Poland and partners from across the city and beyond to come together to collaborate, experiment, invent and potentially innovate and change how we see and do education and learning today.

Symposium Details:
How can Digital Tools support our Creativity?
Symposium, Friday 7 June, 12.30 – 5.45pm
Coventry University, UK
A symposium event hosted by the StoryFutures Creative Cluster project to explore how digital tools, technologies and their implementation can help make Coventry the most innovative and accessible City of Culture year.
We will be exploring how a cultural programme could help to deliver sustainable growth for the region’s creative industries; what opportunities a 5G testbed might make possible; and how the application of new digital tools could make Coventry a truly playable city.

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Powered by Research introduction: City of Culture, Digital Symposium

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