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Responsible Tourism in Kerala


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Presentation by Kerala at WTM, London 2017

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Responsible Tourism in Kerala

  1. 1. A ResponsibleTourism journey by
  2. 2. “We need to act responsibly to keep the treasure alive” Tourism sector’s contribution to the State Economy 17% Tourism will be a significant bread winner for the state the journey
  3. 3. Evolved Responsible Tourism Framework 2006 Hosted 2nd International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations 2007 Setting up of State-level Consultative Exercise 2007 ICRT-India, EQUATIONS LSGs, Civil Society Organisations, Tourism Industry; Government Departments Formed State & Destination Level RT Committees 2007 Identified Pilot Destinations 2007 Kumarakom Kovalam Wayanad Thekkady
  4. 4. Active Community Network Self-helpGroup of Women Partner for Local Production and ServicesWorking Groups SLRTC DLRTC 15% Subsidy forTourism Investments adhering to RT Guidelines RT Certification for Resorts,Tour Operators Special Electricity Tariffs Multi- stakeholder participation On-ground Activation - Kudmbashree Policy and Support Initiatives
  5. 5. BackwaterVillage in Central Kerala by theVembanad Lake. Mangrove Forests. Paddy Fields. CoconutGroves. RusticVillages. Bird Sanctuary. Pilot Destination 1
  6. 6. 14 March 2008 TripartiteAgreement for procurement of Produce from Kudumbashree 18 Hoteliers KudumbashreePanchayat (Local Body)
  7. 7. Self Help Groups Tourism Stakeholders Panchayat Kudumbashree
  8. 8. Micro Enterprises, Group Farming, SHGs.. Creation of Local Supply Chains EthnicRestaurant runbywomenfrom BPLfamilies Excursions likeVillage Life Experience (VLE)
  9. 9. After 8 years of RT Programme 3108Households (14.31% of Kumarakom Households) Detailed Survey among:
  10. 10. 2163Households YES 945Households NO Tourism Impacts in Kumarakom, Study
  11. 11. Households Not Employed inTourism Tourism Impacts in Kumarakom, Study Good 64% Bad 1% Both 30% No difference 5% Good 78% Bad 0% Both 20% No difference 2% Households Employed inTourism
  12. 12. Tourism Impacts in Kumarakom, Study No. of Households Sell direct to individual tourists 18% Sell to tourism businesses 53% Own a tourism business 29%
  13. 13. Tourism Impacts in Kumarakom, Study Part time 70% Full time 30% Season Not Employed 0% Part time 68% Full time 30% Not Employed 2% Off-season
  14. 14. Tourism Impacts in Kumarakom, Study Period Parttim e Fulltim e Difference Season 26.26 42.6 16.34 OffSeason 19.99 36.53 16.54 Difference 6.27 6.07 Amount in UK Pounds
  15. 15. Beyond statistics the journey has made both their journeys more meaningful. കുമരകംKumarakom
  16. 16. Local tastes, revived Crafts, regained Music, played again
  17. 17. Responsible Tourism Mission for the State
  18. 18. Initiating Community Level Tourism Activities CreatingTourism Trade-Community level Linkages Encouraging adoption of RT Principles and Practices by TourismTrade and other Stakeholders
  19. 19. VLEFilm
  20. 20. Thank you