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Green goal 2010 workshop april 2010


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Presentation at World Cup 2010 Green Goal workshop, April 2010

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Green goal 2010 workshop april 2010

  1. 1. GREENGOAL2010Implementing ResponsibleTourism activitiesAre we readyto play?Heidi KeyserICRT South AfricaApril 2010Green Goal WorkshopApril 2011
  2. 2. GREENGOAL2010The first half• 1996 White Paper:Development &Promotion of Tourismin South Africa• Identifies “ResponsibleTourism as the desiredapproach to tourism inSouth Africa”South Africa leading the scoreboard
  3. 3. GREENGOAL2010• Responsible TourismGuidelines• 1st International Conferenceon Responsible Tourism inDestinations, Cape Town• Cape Town Declaration• Imvelo Awards launchedWSSD 2002 catalyzedaction……The second half
  4. 4. GREENGOAL2010Cape Town DeclarationResponsible tourism:• minimizes negative economic, environmental, and socialimpacts;• generates greater economic benefits for local peopleand enhances the well-being of host communities,improves working conditions and access to the industry;• involves local people in decisions that affect their livesand life chances;• makes positive contributions to the conservation ofnatural and cultural heritage, to the maintenance of theworlds diversity;• provides more enjoyable experiences for touriststhrough more meaningful connections with local people,and a greater understanding of local cultural, social andenvironmental issues;• provides access for physically challenged people; and• is culturally sensitive, engenders respect betweentourists and hosts, and builds local pride and confidence.
  5. 5. GREENGOAL2010The momentum builds locally …• Responsible TourismManual (2003)• Responsible TourismHandbook (2003)
  6. 6. GREENGOAL2010And internationally …• 2000 - Association of Independent Tour Operatorsadopts Responsible Tourism Policy• 2001 – Tearfund studies on consumer and operatorbehaviour indicate shift in consumer attitude• 2006 – members of Federation of Tour Operatorsadopt the FTO Responsible Tourism Declaration• 2006 – UK Ethical consumption report : 50% increasein household spend on Responsible Tourism operatorssince 2003• 2007 – IMEX Global Data exchange survey of Germancorporate and association buyers• 2007 – 1st “World Responsible Tourism Day”
  7. 7. GREENGOAL2010Amongst us are world-class players…• Responsible TourismAwards (WTM)– 2004: Calabash Trust andTours; Grootbos PrivateReserve– 2006: Bicycle EmpowermentNetwork; Tswalu KalahariReserve; Dyer Island Cruise– 2007: Grootbos PrivateReserve– 2008: Voluntours• WTTC Tourism forTomorrow– Finalists 2008: GrootbosNature Reserve; Fair Trade inTourism
  8. 8. GREENGOAL2010
  9. 9. GREENGOAL2010
  10. 10. GREENGOAL2010
  11. 11. GREENGOAL20102nd International Conference on ResponsibleTourism in Destinations, Kerala, 2008The Good NewsSATSAFEDHASAFTTSATCD TrustCTTTECSA …..
  12. 12. GREENGOAL2010But is our game strategysucceeding?Cause for Celebrationbut …• fragmentation• parallel efforts• pockets of excellence• often the same faces• opportunistic ‘greenwashing’• an inside storyand…
  13. 13. GREENGOAL2010The other part of the story …Creating better places for people to live?
  14. 14. GREENGOAL2010Keeping our eye on ALL the balls!!Economic EnvironmentalSOCIALENVIROECONResponsibleTourism is…‘tourism thatcreates betterplaces for people tolive in, and betterplaces to visit’
  15. 15. GREENGOAL2010“Creating better places for people to live in and better places to visit”The other Goalposts
  16. 16. GREENGOAL2010Rethinking our game strategy….• Eyes on all balls: interrelated and interdependentparts of sustainability• Everyone onto the field: more people, moreawareness• The right kit: targets and practical toolkits• Playing as a team: increased co-operation, morepartnerships• “Laduuuuma…..”: celebrating success withcredibility
  17. 17. GREENGOAL2010Warming upNationalMinimumStandards forResponsibleTourismCape TownResponsibleTourismCampaign
  19. 19. GREENGOAL2010DEAT: Preparing the pitch• Target 1: sustainability certificationschemes/agencies– Accreditation: quality assurance ofcertification products• Target 2: industry at large
  20. 20. GREENGOAL2010MethodologyCurrent situationExisting schemesInternationalbenchmarkingDraft standardsand accreditationprocessConsultativestakeholdermeetingsImplementationPlan
  21. 21. GREENGOAL2010Consultative mechanismsProjectmanagementgroupTechnicalworkinggroupIndustryworkshopswebsiteNationalSteeringcommittee“Creating better places forpeople to live in and better
  22. 22. “Creating better places forpeople to live in and better
  23. 23. GREENGOAL2010DEAT: NMSRTMinimumstandardsSustainableoperations &management(19)Social andculturalstandards(12)Environmentalstandards(12)Economicstandards(12)Aligned with GlobalSustainable TourismCriteria & NationalResponsibleTourism Guidelines& BEE ScorecardInterpretationguides• accommodation• tourism services• attractions• activities
  24. 24. GREENGOAL2010CT Responsible Tourism CampaignTeamsResponsibleTourism PolicyMulti-departmentworking groupInternal processResponsibleTourism CampaignPlanCampaign ActionTeamMulti-stakeholderprocess“Going responsible”
  25. 25. GREENGOAL2010Who are the players?The Responsible Tourism Policy applies to andcover:• the entire City of Cape Town as localgovernment structure,• the tourism industry within the municipalarea, and• the entire municipal area as tourismdestination.
  26. 26. GREENGOAL2010Policy statementThe City commits to adopting ResponsibleTourism as a destination managementapproach (encompassing policy-making,planning, development, marketing,management and performanceassessment) to bring about positiveeconomic, social, cultural, andenvironmental impacts.Underpinned by triple-bottom line principles
  27. 27. GREENGOAL2010Levers of change1. Planning2. Regulation3. Use of council immovable property4. Financial contributions by the City5. Supply chain management6. Performance management
  28. 28. GREENGOAL2010Kit : policy implementation tools• Responsible Tourism Charter – destination,associations and enterprises• Responsible Tourism Advisory Team• Responsible Tourism Improvement Plans(City and tourism operators)• Awareness and capacity-building• Procurement support• Research and development
  29. 29. GREENGOAL2010The Game Plan
  30. 30. GREENGOAL2010LocalRT awardsRewarding actionsInformationgeneratorsEnterprisescorecardReporting actionsEnterpriseCharters& ActionplansAwareness• Infosessions• Website• Toolkits &guidelinesRTwebsiteNewsletterTradeshowsMediaitemsMarketingMonitoring & evaluationRTBarometerDestinationResponsibleTourismCharter
  31. 31. GREENGOAL2010Destination prioritiesPRIORITYISSUEEnvironment Economic SocialWaterEnergySolid Waste, focuson plastic bottlesProcuremento localo preferentialEnterprisedevelopmentSkillsdevelopmentSocialdevelopmentASSOCIATEDINDICATORSWater use: Litre perbednight/staffmemberEnergy use: Kilowatthours perbednight/staffmemberWaste generation:Bottles used perbednight/pax/staffmemberWaste reduction:Proportion of bottlesreusedWaste recycling:Proportion of bottlesrecycledSpend onenterprises withindefined area as a %of total procurementSpend on BEEcomplaintenterprises as % oftotal procurementSum of % spend ofpost-tax profits onenterprise dev and% employee timecontributed overtotal mgt timeEnhanced revenueand/or cost savingsand/or twinninginitiatives facilitatedfor black SMME’s% of payroll spendon skillsdevelopment% CSI spend of post-tax profits
  32. 32. GREENGOAL2010Are you ready to play?