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TLI 2012: Data management for chickpea breeding - Kenya

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TLI 2012: Data management for chickpea breeding - Kenya

  1. 1. Obj 4: Improve chickpea productivity for marginal environments in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia-Kenya Progress of Data management - KenyaPaul KimurtoEgerton University TL-I Annual Meeting 9-15 April 2012, Addis, Ethiopia
  2. 2. Partners involvedInstitution Key scientistsEgerton University Paul Kimurto,Richard Mulwa, Bernard Towett , Alice Kosgei, Serah Songok, Moses Oyier, OyooICRISAT-India Rajeev Varshney, Pooran Gaur, Thudi Mahender, Trushar Shar, PrasadICRISAT-Nairobi Ganga Rao, Said Silim, Kaloki Peter
  3. 3. Status of chickpea Data sets Progress -Phase I (2007-10) & Phase II (2011-2012)• Activity 3: INSECT RESISTANCE- Phenotyping reference sets for insect resistance• Activity 4: DROUGHT TOLERANCE-Phenotyping selected minicore samples for drought tolerance• Activity 5: MODERN BREEDING-Improve locally adapted germplasm for drought tolerance and yield traits through modern breeding
  4. 4. Activity 3 & 4: Insect & Drought toleranceActivity 3; Insect Resistance screeningScreening of International Helicoverpa resistance nursery of 30 linesin Kenya (2008/2009)Data submitted to TL1 chickpea data managerActivity 4; Drought tolerance1. Phenotyping of 289 genotypes of reference and mappingpopulation for drought tolerance, HI, seed size and yield in 2locations Kenya 2007-2009Data submitted to TL1 chickpea data manager2. Phenotyping of 80 genotypes for yield, HI, seed size and yield in2 locations (root reference set) 2008-2009Data submitted to TL1 chickpea data manager
  5. 5. Activity 3 & 4: Insect & Drought tolerance3. Phenotyping 140 advanced chickpea breeding lines forHelicoverpa armigera resistance in 2 sites –under TLII Mscstudent-Nancy Njogu-Msc student (2010-2011)Data completed to be submitted to Data manager in 2012
  6. 6. Activity 5: Improve locally adapted germplasm for target traits through modern breeding1. Introgression of QTL root traits using MABC for improving drought tolerance• ICCV 97105 (recipient parent) x ICC 4958 (donor parent) -BC3F2 & BC4F1 progenies available to be evaluated in 2 locations in 2012• ICCV 95423 x ICC 4958 and ICCV 10 x ICC 4958 • -BC3F4 progenies available for evaluation in April 2012 in 2 locationsGenotypic and phenotpic data to be submitted to Datamanager 2012
  7. 7. Activity 5: MABC Contd…..2. Multi-location evaluation BC3F4 lines-24 lines of JG 11 xICC 4958 in 2 locations in Kenya (Nov 2011-March 2012)Data is being processed for submission to data manager
  8. 8. Marker-assisted recurrent selection (MARS)• 2. Application of MARS• Good parental cross• JG 11 x ICCV 04112• JG 130 x ICCV 05107• Phenotyping of 188 progenies of each population of F3:5 and F3:6 lines in 2 seasons (2010/2012)• After genotyping and phenotyping -Recombination cycle of best 8 progenies will be done to enhance yield traits• Data is being processed for submission to data manager
  9. 9. Status of Tablet Computer•Tablet computer was received in 2011 in Hyderabadduring TLI AGM•Planned to use in April 2012 planting season to prepareNursery books and Fieldbooks•Challenge-Data coding of germplasm list was needed wecould not transfer directly from excel sheet but neededcoding•Consulted Akinnola and now it will be used in second sitetrial-May 2012
  10. 10. Status of Tablet Computer Suitability for use in trials•Overall use in preparation and setting up of trials is verygood •Inputing field layout, sites, location, partners etc makes work easy and reduces errors •No need for printing field books in advance •Can be replicated by many users•Good especially in reducing manual randomization
  11. 11. Status of Tablet Computer Suitability for use in trials•Import and export functions-Loading of traits to bemeasured from Trait dictionary makes preparation fortrials very easy and effective•Data entry is easy especially with touch screen•Large and Excellent screen for taking photos•Battery hours is adequate
  12. 12. Status of Tablet Computer•Limitations•Under bright sunshine feasibility is low-readings aproblem•Delicate and can break•Fields are dirty and tablet requires a lot ofneatness from user
  13. 13. Thanks alot

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