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tritici semi-­‐permanent raised bed residue retention marketing stem rust grain quality bread making stability interspecific hybridization heat tolerance trap srap differential display heat shock response hsp genes slow rusting durable resistance dr congo introduction highlands evaluation trials w4a national production burundi spring wheat water regime water use efficiency breeding for disease resistance septoria biotic stresses yield losses pyrenophora tritici-­‐repentis variation biostatistical methods spatial quality traits temporal summary intellectual property innovation ip #ca analysis nutritional cameroon durum pest winterwheat lmw-gs markers northamerican australian molecular chinese rice protein glutenin genetics flatbread indian proteomics wheatkernel lingulodinium produccionagricola genético agriculturadeconservacion cultivos agropecuario estadistica sensores masagro micronutrientes noroeste rusts semillas conacyt sequia iron bioforticiacion scholars program beachell-borlaug 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