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GRM 2013: Sorghum product catalogue and project status -- Projects ongoing, completed, and to be continued post-2014 -- J-F Rami


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GRM 2013: Sorghum product catalogue and project status -- Projects ongoing, completed, and to be continued post-2014 -- J-F Rami

  1. 1. Product catalogue = tangible products currently available • Currently 6 products listed in the catalogue! • Reviewed information for all of them • Added 16 more products – Germplasm – Sorghum Reference Set (GCP Phase 1) – BC lines containing stay-green introgressions from Australian project – RMP populations with segregation for AltSB and PSTOL1 – Genotyping datasets – 200k GBS dataset from 188 diverse lines and varieties from WA – SSR datasets on Reference and composite set (GCP Phase 1) – Kaspar SNP fingerprinting dataset – Phenotyping datasets – Dataset on low-P phenotyping – Aluminium tolerance diversity data – Phenotyping data of the GCP reference set • Commited to provide a summary information for each of it
  2. 2. Product catalogue General issues • Genetic stocks conservation and distribution – Not part of Genbank mandate – Need to get record of Reference Set recipients • Conservation of breeding products in breeding programs is an issue – Conservation infrastructure (fridges, cold room) – Backup in regional genbanks?
  3. 3. Ongoing projects Code Title Status 1 G3008.05 Discovery and development of alleles contributing to sorghum drought tolerance NCE 30th Sep 2014 2 G4008.48 Improve sorghum productivity in semi-arid environments of Mali through integrated MARS NCE 15th Oct 2014 3 G4012.01/G70 09.04 Development and evaluation of drought-adapted sorghum germplasm for Africa and Australia (G4012.01: Phase II) Phase I: Complete Phase II in progress 4 G7010.05.01 Enhancing sorghum grain yield and quality for the Sudano-Sahelian zone of West Africa using the backcross nested association mapping (BCNAM) approach NCE 15th Oct 2014 5 G701003.03 Establishing a molecular breeding program based on the aluminum tolerance genes, AltSB, and the P efficiency QTL, Pup-1, for increasing sorghum production in sub-Saharan Africa March 2014, NCE in progress 6 Improving phosphorus efficiency in sorghum by the identification and validation of sorghum homologs for Pup1, a major QTL underlying phosphorus uptake in rice (SorghumPup1) March 2014, NCE in progress
  4. 4. Project Status/completion • Scientific activities completed for all projects by end of 2014 • Limit for NCE? • Breeding activities to be continued (variety development) • MARS project • BCNAM project • PSTOL1/AltSB molecular breeding project ➙End of 2017 ➙Sources of funding: CRP, Syngenta Foundation, …
  5. 5. Project Status/completion • BCNAM project – Redefine germplasm product as BC1F4 bulks • Need seed increase (5000 families - 15plant rows) – Revisite Genotyping strategy (GBS) • Need new leaf sampling and DNA isolation • GBS facility: Cornell, …? – Need for deep re-sequencing of parents (40k) – CB: 2 PhD students starting end of 2013 • Stay-Green Australian project – Genotyping of 4 RIL populations: to be handled by GSS