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Unit 4 - Module 2


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Unit 4 - Module 2

  1. 1. Unit 4 Module 2 Discoveries Great Inventions Science Definition Archaeology The study of the past by finding things in the ground. Astronomy The study of the universe (e.g. stars & planets). Biology The study of life and living things (both animals & plants). Botany The study of plants. Chemistry The science of relations between substances. Geology The study of the structure of the earth (e.g. rocks). Medicine The science of treating disease with drugs. Physics The science of light, heat, movement, etc. Zoology The study of animals. Science The Person who Studies it Archaeology Archaeologist Astronomy Astronomer Biology Biologist Botany Botanist Chemistry Chemist Geology Geologist Medicine Doctors Physics Physicist Zoology ZoologistGrammar: Unreal Conditionals Example: If we found a universal cure, we could get rid of cancer. Condition Result If + past simple, would/could (not)Or Example: We could get rid of cancer if we found a universal cure. (NO COMMA!) Result Condition would/could (not) if + past simpleLook at exercises: (6 p.17) Student Book, (3 – 4 p.12) Workbook. 1