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Fair trade


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Fair trade

  1. 1. Instructor: Tahani Al-Hammami
  2. 2. What Will We Learn for Today?• Reading about “Gift Selection”• Discussion• Word Builder: get & take• Sentence Builder: pre. + (-ing) noun• Exercises: 1 p. 40, 3-6 p. 41
  3. 3. Gift Selection
  4. 4. Discussion• Which of the products in the brochure would you like to get as a present?• Which of them would you buy with your own money?• Would you pay a little bit extra for green or fair-trade product?
  5. 5. Word Builder1) Get a good deal2) Take a look at something3) Take an hour4) Take photos5) Get a decent wage6) Take holidays
  6. 6. Sentence Builderpre. + (-ing) noun in becoming about using by buying without using