biology zoology science animals nature environment birds earth minerals vitamins growth energy mammals water celebration india reptiles insects herbivores issues un international awareness nations national commemorative concerns observance events days ngo botany nutrients atmosphere lakes rivers food chef cuisine scavengers bones skin subjects sciences ology studies fields of studies arts mountains desert sun fish carnivores omnivores citizens organizations government commemorate countries global satellite body stomach organs blood enzymes fruits plants iron health carbohydrates eggs cereals proteins oceans clouds diseases communication rains scales weather snow trees habitats grasslands survival light soil wild domestic prey meat cooking nutrition forelimbs humans tongue stimulus brain physics ornithology climatology ecology people moon planets places of worship endangered species ocean wings predators feathers nuts stems vegetables herbs wildlife wild animals silly pleading ecstatic fearful surprised angry dreamy disgusted mischievous appalled confused exhausted crying focused sad proud sleepy shame curious happy branches creepers climbers classification shrubs scrap dynamos electricity nmr directions south imaging computer hard disks bulletin board video tapes poles magnetism magnet audio north compass respiratory system skeletal nervous muscles excretory digestive circulatory human reproductive muscular heart pitambar vinayaka gajanana mangalamoorti siddhivinayak ganapati vighnaharta lambodara moraya vakratunda bappa ganesha fresh springs groundwater rain dams surface polar ice caps glaciers sources saline ponds irrigation navigational astronomy geosynchronous orbit military space observation galaxies communications cosmos biosatellites transponder telescope satellites meteorology astronomical united nations january february march april annual united nations may june july august remembrance co remembrance groups united nations governments organisations communities space shuttle thermosphere stratosphere troposphere navigation exosphere ozone height layers mesosphere gobbous half full waning moonrise waxing crescent reflection new night phase care larva infants nymph cocoon caterpillar embryo young babies pupa life cycle reproduction chewing food pipe mouth teeth anus small intestine liver digestion large rectum pancreas digestive system shades primary black white blue secondary gray basic violet combination colors flowers colourful mixing pink red green yellow polyhedron prism pentagon geometry cube pyramid geometric cone tetrahedron ellipsoid triangle square octagon hexagon ellipse polygon shapes rectangle mathematics circle dino-birds pachycephalosaurs prosauropods ornithomimids triassic raptors extinction cretaceous dinosauria hadrosaurs therizinosaurs stegosaurs mesozoic ankylosaurs ornithopods fossils theropods jurassic vertebrates dinosaurs rainforests tundra polar wheat grains millet buckwheat triticale sorghum corn rice fonio rye oats barley hair cells antioxidants a tissues eyes metabolism development scattering wind seed pods germination seeds agents explosion dispersal legs swim predator aquatic movement hind limbs limbs locomotion terrestrial delicious milk fresh fruits calcium fats bread evaporation sky rainfall water cycle dew frost snowflakes vapour precipitation fog snowfall hail ringworm mosquito house fly micro organisms transmission rabies influenza dengue communicable sleeping sickness malaria cholera tsetse tweet sounds neigh moo roar bark howl growl purr meow chirp sing calls world climate marine body coverings shell fur protection forest adaptation polar region tropical forests fresh water radioactive plastics contaminants visual air acid rain littering thermal sewage poisonous gases pollution ecosystem waste noise treehole stable cobweb kennel cave burrow coop sty tree house hole shed den anthill lodge nest home wild and domestic animals foliage grass feeding habits veena santoor trumpet accordion bands sarangi sitar violin tabla musical music flute metro jet truck space travel tram sledge plane cart helicopter ship bicycle tanker train boat bus kale onion vegetarian potato jam squash pineapple molluscs shimla ahmedabad delhi chandigarh kolkata mumbai chennai bangalore patna hyderabad jaipur bhubaneshwar god theology almighty religion spice mix culinary science chutneys herpetology entomology frog eggs salamander tewt cold blooded animals axolotl slimy habitat amphibians land amphibious toad frog hibernation poisonous frog caecilian brain functions organ systems response mixed nerves brain stem involuntary spinal cord motor reflex voluntary sensory cerebrum cerebellum central nervous system nerves peripheral nervous system femur ribs cranium vertebrae spine skeleton gliding hinge pelvis pivot skeletal system backbone rib cage ball and socket hindlimbs joints skull nose ear sensory nerves eye sense organs kiwi albatross ostrich parakeet macaw hummingbird eagle peacock cryogenics mineralogy economics cartography chemistry lexicology metallurgy pneumatics geography optics architecture hydrogeology iconography seismometer cardiograph lactometer lux meter voltmeter thermometer vernier scale photometer ohmmeter ammeter densimeter hygrometer micrometer screw gauge barometer sonar microscope weighing scale sound level meter measuring devices scientific instruments athletes players football ground athletics track cricket pitch playgrounds games shooting range golf course tennis court skating rink hockey astroturf judo mat basketball court horse riding arena field chess board baseball diamond boxing ring sports ideology numerology oenology lithology petrology organology phonology paleontology nanotechnology ichthyology pharmacology oceanology nephology academic disciplines anthropology astrogeology astrology bacteriology allergology cryptology cosmology archaeology aerodynamics apiology aeronautics general practitioner dentist anesthesiologist allergist family practitioner epidemiologist andrologist emergency doctor specialization endocrinologist clinical neurophysiologist specialties doctors cardiologist ent specialist dermatologist cardiovascular surgeon audiologist trauma doctors medical professionals thapna poila baishakh gudhi padwa vishu cheiraoba baisakhi pana sankranti new year festival puja navroze ugadi rongali bihu cheti chand puthandu feast bestu varas navreh new year day north indian languages south indian languages indo-aryan languages dravidian languages dialects regional languages languages official languages scheduled languages major languages minority languages satyameva jayate national pledge national aquatic animal national fruit national anthem indian tricolour national animal national song national symbols national emblem national flag vande mataram national calendar national flower jana gana mana national bird national currency blizzard hailstorm natural disasters volcanic eruption drought floods earthquake avalanche calamities tornado tropical cyclone tsunami wildfire limnic eruption anvil hammer axe tackles pliers rake screws shovel spade rasp screwdriver shears nut chisel nails hand tools bolt mallet snips vice grammar english language collective nouns things fears fear of people fear of things social phobia phobias fear of animals fear of situations types of phobias scientist astronaut astronomer potter sportsman engineer manager professionals occupations blacksmith pilot business doctor weaver driver professions nurse artist worker livelihood leadership teammates team partnering teamwork autumn seasons spring winter summer monsoon animals male and female masculine and feminine genders man male woman female tripitaka holy books kitab-i-aqdas zend avesta tanakh ramayana bible puranas tao te ching quran bhagvad gita mahabharata vedas kojiki religious books guru granth sahib jain agamas chick kitten duckling cub tadpole fawn puppy young ones baby gosling piglet bunny foal joey cygnet calf volcano river landforms hill valley peninsula cliff glacial landforms glacier acolian landforms landforms strait delta plateau oceanic and coastal landforms continental plains fluvial landforms island jinja masjid fire temple church monastery daoguan basadi synagogue mosque gurdwara bahai temple temple iguana cold-blooded animals turtle python boa tortoise cobra snakes chameleon lizard skink atlantic indian arctic pacific southern five oceans europe australia asia continents oceania seven continents antarctica south america north america africa communist countries democracies national flags monarchies independent nations republics sovereign countries republic of india union territories states state capitals capital cities asteroid comet galaxy universe stars coins indian rupee indian currency notes paise british rule great freedom fighters of india martyrs mahatma gandhi freedom struggle donkey pigeon goat hen domestic animals duck farm animals pig dog horse camel oxen cow cat goose rabbit buffalo paricutin volcano harbor of rio de janeiro great barrier reef mount everest aurora natural wonders grand canyon victoria falls seven wonders chichen itza petra colosseum great wall of china ancient wonders machu pichu taj mahal christ the redeemer pyramids of egypt arches historical monuments temples modern monuments memorials palaces indian monuments tombs forts seals sharks dolphins penguins sea marine animals crabs whales marine life flightless birds migratory birds domestic birds classical dances bharatanatyam manipuri folk dances kathak kuchipudi odissi indian dances mohiniattam jewelry valuable stones garnet precious stones cut stones diamond gems dangerous insects beneficial insects harmful insects healthy nuts delicious nuts dry fruits snacks hot spices dry spices spices spice powders wet spices sour fruits tropical fruits healthy food sweet fruits berries fruit vegetables veggies green leafy vegetables root vegetables percussion instruments musical instruments string instruments rail transport road transport water transport vehicles transport
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