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  1. 1. A short introduction of the ISS
  2. 2. What ?  The ISS is a scientific space station that is used for investigation in low earth orbit.  Several astronauts have already lived there for 2 to 6 months.
  3. 3. Why ?  Scientists are since the beginning of times very curious what happens with the laws of nature if there’s zerogravity.  Except that, the ISS is also used for observation of the earth
  4. 4. Who ?  The ISS is operated as a joint project between National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Russian Federal Space Agency (RKA) Japan aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Canadian Space Agency (CSA) European Space Agency (ESA)
  5. 5. Who ?  As of 30th october 2009 Commander: Frank De Winne Engineer: Roman Romanenko Robert Thurst And three other participants
  6. 6. Experiments  Experiments in fields of biology, human biogoly, metereology, physics and astronomy
  7. 7. Goal ?  Thanks to the space science we have already improved living on earth.  We have to solve problems like global warming and others by first understanding and observating the earth.
  8. 8. Pictures
  9. 9. Pictures
  10. 10. THE END