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  1. 1. DetectivesInstructor: Tahani Al-Hammami
  2. 2. What Will We Learn for Today? • Key Words: Crime • Grammar: Reported Questions • Exercises: 4, 6, 8 • Workbook: p. 48 - 49
  3. 3. Key Words: Crime• General: clue, crime scene, motive, stakeout, theft, robbery, investigation• People: detective, informant, private eye, suspect, thief, victim, criminal, witn ess• Evidence: DNA, footprints, forensics, hair, lethal
  4. 4. Grammar: Reported Questions
  5. 5. Rules Form Example1) Use the word order of a subject + verb “Why do you work so statement much?” She asked me why I worked so much.2) Change the tense in the Present tense  past Is she coming?  He question of the reporting tense asked if she was coming. verb into the past tense Did they call him?  She Past tense  past perfect asked if they had called him.3) Use the question word Why, what, who, when, “When do you play from the question how etc. football?” Peter asked when I played football.4) Add “if” when there is no Yes/No question  if “Is it raining?” question word She asked me if it was raining.
  6. 6. Umm,Hey Misa-chan. yes.Do you like mynew hairstyle? He asked me if I liked his new hairstyle. It’s really horrible!
  7. 7. Thank You!