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Your Challenge - Module 2


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Your Challenge - Module 2

  1. 1. Your Challenge Module 2 Discoveries Writing EmailsA sample of an email: Subject: Study Group Hi Laura, How are you doing? Have you already started studying for physics exam? Karolina, Nora and I are going to the park to study together tomorrow morning at 8 oclock. Would you like to join our study group? Please give me a call if youre coming. Hope to see you! AsmaText Builder: Linking Words to, so, so that, because.Look at exercises (1-2-3 p.22, Student Book) and find the words in blue. What do they referto?it (a) The computer game (Civilisations)mine (a) My games (Hussians games)them (b) Those equations on electricityone (c) A jacketthere (1) That new shopping centreit (2) (My) copy of Civilisationssome others (2) Some other gamesthem (4) Those equations on electricityExercise (4 p.18, Workbook) has got the same idea. 1