Natural wonders


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Natural wonders

  1. 1. Instructor: Tahani Al-HammamiNatural Wonders
  2. 2. What Will we Learn Today?• Key Words: Landscape• Reading about Natural Wonders• Word Builder• Sentence Builder (Although, Despite)
  3. 3. Key Words: Landscape• Forest • Marsh• Glacier • Ocean• Gorge (US= canyon) • River• Hill • Swamp• Island • Waterfall• Lake
  4. 4. PatagoniaThe EvergladesThe Red Sea
  5. 5. Word Builder Rocky / high / snow-capped Mountain Deep / freshwater Lake Beautiful / breathtaking Sight Pine / rain / dense / thick Forest Exotic / rare Animals Common / endangered Species Colourful / multicoloured Coral Bad / cold / good / hot Weather Light / heavy Rain Amazing / small / wide Variety
  6. 6. Sentence Builder• Although they look slow, alligators can move at lightning speed.After ALTHOUGH we use a subject and a verb (complete sentence.• Despite looking slow, alligators can move at lightning speed.• Despite the rain, we enjoyed the weather.After DESPITE we use nouns and (-ing) nouns (gerunds).