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Larry O'Brien of Fieldbus Foundation Presentation at General Assembly

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Larry o brien fieldbus foundation english

  1. 1. November 20111 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  2. 2. Outline• Remote Operations Management: Definition and Business Challenges• Introducing FOUNDATION for ROM: Technology and Application Examples• What FOUNDATION for ROM can Bring to Remote Operations November 20112 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  3. 3. Remote Operations Management Applications• Oil & Gas Pipeline SCADA• Offshore Platforms• Oil & Gas Fields• Water & Wastewater SCADA• Tank Farms & Terminal Automation• Mining November 2011 3 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  4. 4. Business Drivers for Growth in Remote Operations Management Market• Plant operations are becoming more geographically dispersed• Resources are being found in increasingly hard to reach and hazardous areas• Drive to subsea production• Effort to get people out of harm’s way and reduce personnel requirements : “Lights Out” operation• Need to transport resources over greater distances• “…a new generation of mega pipelines is being built to bring massive amounts of natural gas from some of the most remote regions of the world to many of the most densely populated centers of New Generation of Mega Pipelines commerce and industry. “ – Forbes Source: Forbes Magazine November 2011 4 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  5. 5. In Brasil: Petrobras Reports Record Upstream Capital Spending• Petrobras, has approved a plan it announced last September to spend $224.7 billion developing an estimated 5 billion barrels of reserves. The spending, which will happen between now and 2015, is the largest planned capex spending in an industry used to spending huge sums.• This total reflects more exploration and production segment participation, going to 57%. New projects in E&P account for 87% of total new projects spending. About 95% of the total spending is to be in Brazil.• The E&P segment spend will total November 20115 $127.5 billion. © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  6. 6. The Business Challenges• Traditional approach does not work• Move from steady state to dynamic environment• Dynamically changing supply and demand• Tighter production specifications• Increased regulatory pressure• Human resources challenge: Increasingly challenging to send operators to check remote service areas Workers Check a Pipeline in China• Integration of wireless technology Source: AP• Increased focus on cyber security November 2011 6 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  7. 7. Upstream Capital and Operating Costs Rising• Need to reduce capital and operational costs• According to IHS/CERA, “The rising costs of both building and operating upstream oil and gas facilities continued to increase in the past six months• “Both cost indexes registered their largest increases since the Great Recession during the Q3 2010-Q1 2011 period.”• “Costs for construction labor and engineering and project management posted strong gains, 9 percent and 6 Source: IHS/CERA percent, respectively. “• Users are building ever larger installations. The engineering and 7 customization problem is magnified. November 2011 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  8. 8. End User Requirements• Users need a real time view into what’s happening in widely dispersed remote assets• Users need to know the state of the assets as well as the state of the process• Process must keep running safely in the event of loss of communication with remote assets/process• Solution must provide high level of both physical and cyber security• A lot of complex equipment. Need to link in people that understand this equipment in a secure fashion around the world• Faster time to startup• Reduced operational costs November 2011 8 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  9. 9. The Old Remote Operations Management Model• Systems collect historical data• End users analyze the data using their tools and their intellect• End user make decisions about the future based on their conclusions and historical data• Steady state environment• “Coordination comes from a central location in a rigid, hierarchical fashion”: ARC Advisory Group• Hard wired• Large degree of customization is often the case• Run to failure November 2011 9 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  10. 10. Introducing FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management• Provides a wireless and wired infrastructure for remote assets and applications, all within FOUNDATION fieldbus• Integrates Wired Infrastructure, Remote I/O, ISA100.11a and WirelessHART®• Incorporate remote operations data into FOUNDATION Fieldbus infrastructure for data management with direct access to device diagnostics• FOUNDATION for ROM has the potential to transform remote operations, providing greater reliability and reduced costs. November 2011 10 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  11. 11. Application Example Control Room BACKHAUL: WIFI, WIMAX, SATELLITE CELLULAR, ETC. Remote Process Wireless Backhaul Enables HSE Wired and Wireless Backhaul Access To Remote Sensors Using Standard Wireless FOUNDATION for ROM Device Technologies I/O H1 HART Wireless November 201111 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  12. 12. What are FOUNDATION for ROM Products?• More than a simple protocol translation gateway• Capability Can be Embedded into Existing RTUs, Controllers, etc.• Will be Tested & Registered with Fieldbus Foundation November 201112 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  13. 13. The Business Value of FOUNDATION for ROM for End Users• Enables real time operations management and more effective use of remote experts• Data structures, data quality, EDDL• Fewer Personnel• Reduced engineering and operational costs• Familiar & comprehensible to a good DCS engineer• Highly configurable• Enables Predictive Maintenance Strategy• Increased Reliability & Availability Source: Aramco• Open and Interoperable Standard• Less Customization• Greener November 2011 13 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  14. 14. The Business Value of FOUNDATION for ROM for Suppliers• Fills key gaps in current remote Secure Access operations management capability Traceability by extending FOUNDATION Data integrity Technology to remote operations Management of Change (OSHA 1910.119)• Accelerates next generation remote Interspersed functionality operations management capability Same system or multiple systems• Can greatly improve your value Multiple instances of the same data point proposition for plant asset Risk management management Crisis recovery• Enables additional services - Personnel productivity feasibly studies, application Systems health services Potential Issues to be considered in an Automation Asset Management Plan• Inherent security in backhaul Source: ARC November 2011 14 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  15. 15. Our Future Direction: Helping Users Realize the Benefits November 201115 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  16. 16. Seeing Your Process in High Definition• Diagnostic Data from FOUNDATION Fieldbus Devices is Miles Ahead of Other Technologies• Incorporation of NAMUR NE 107 Diagnostics• Transmission of multiple process variables• User layer!• Physical layer diagnostics• Distinguishing Device Problems from Process Problems November 2011 16 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  17. 17. Managing Information• You know you are getting a true measurement, no digital to analog conversion• Persistent data storage: audit trail and reporting• Data is time-stamped• FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices can indicate data quality -- whether signals communicating setpoints, PVs, etc. have good, bad or uncertain quality.• Structured data and data quality means improved handling of failures when one does happen.• Failure is alarmed, handled by control algorithm November 2011 17 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  18. 18. A Single Environment for Information in Context & Data Quality November 201118 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  19. 19. Information Provided in Context• Allows data to be managed and Business System placed in context. Publish subscribe means that you only get the data you need when you need it. Production Manufacturing Management Work• Easier traceability and ISA S95 Transactions Operations Management Processes regulatory compliance. Sensors, Actuators and Logical Devices ISA S88 Real-Time• Seamless connectivity to the Control & Events operations management layer and enterprise layer. Source: ARC Advisory Group November 2011 19 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  20. 20. Optimizing People and Processes• Implementation of Predictive and Proactive Asset Management Strategies• More Effective Use of Shrinking Resources• Role Based Diagnostics• Alarms and Alerts November 201120 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  21. 21. Improved Integration of Functional Areas for ROM• Machinery health Monitoring• Safety Interlocks• Fire and Gas Detection Systems• Video Surveillance November 2011 21 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  22. 22. An Open Standard for Remote Operations Management• FOUNDATION Technology is a Standard. Standards Promote Choices• Administered by an Open Foundation, Vendor Neutral• Products are Tested and Registered• Standards Based Solutions are More Easily Replicated and Administered November 2011 22 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  23. 23. Potential Market• The worldwide market for SCADA rebounded in 2010 after weathering the effects of the global economic crisis.• SCADA market is growing faster than overall process automation market.• As demand for oil recovers and funding is freed up, project activity can be expected to return to robust levels in coming years, according ARC Advisory Group.• Growth factors include the continuing worldwide demand for additional energy from carbon-based fuels, the shifting of exploration and production locations to more remote and hostile environments, and end user requirements to link SCADA to information technology and business systems.• Frost and Sullivan estimates global SCADA market to be around $4.5 billion for all industries November 2011 23 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  24. 24. Application Examples: Oil and Gas Fields• Enables Integrated Operations Source: CAP Gemini November 2011 24 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  25. 25. Application Examples: Pipelines• API Monitoring, Custody Transfer Source: Moxa November 201125 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  26. 26. Application Examples: Tank Farms • Overfill Protection, Integration of Fire & Gas Detection November 201126 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  27. 27. Application Examples: Mining, Hydro Fracking • Coordination of widely dispersed automation assets • Oil sands • Concentrating data from multiple wellheads • Smaller environmental footprint November 201127 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation
  28. 28. Application Examples: Pharma• Faster Integration of Multiple Skid Mounted Mobile Units• Faster Commissioning• Easier Validation• Reduced Cost to Both End User and OEM FOUNDATION Fieldbus Instrumentation on a Skid Mounted Fermenter Source: November 2011 28 © 1994 – 2011 Fieldbus Foundation