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IoT and M2M Services for the Railway Market


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M2M and IoT railway applications in which our customers used Eurotech’s EDC Platform to deliver advanced services and to gain significant savings in achieving better energy efficiency, managing passenger flow and implementing smart video surveillance.

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IoT and M2M Services for the Railway Market

  1. 1. IoT and M2M Services for the Railway Market Turin, 2 April 2014 Tiziano Modotti
  2. 2. Vertical Market Example Use Case Use Case: Transportation / Train Application: A major UK railway maintenance operator was looking for a system capable of providing real time monitoring of some services offered on board. The application required a rugged EN50155 certified on board computer to capture the status of the equipment and to connect wirelessly to a server asset management system. When the system detects specific conditions preventive maintenance is perform to improve the customer satisfaction and the uptime. Key Success Factors: Rugged design and rail rated Eurotech proven rail experience M2M platform Flexible M2M framework Wireless capabilities Networking capabilities Product: DynaCOR 10-00 HW / SW Development Services
  3. 3. Connecting the field at the Enterprise Business Applications Application Framework + Remote Gateway M2M Integration Platform Integrate Act Store Connect & Control + Collect Elaborate Communicate M2M Protocol @ Field Interfaces Enterprise Interfaces Field Data Architectural Components
  4. 4. 4 Key Features: Wireless Radios, GPS – Integrated 802.11 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Radios, 50-Chnl GPS, Integrated Antennas Wireless Radios, GPS Rail Certified – EN50155 Rated for rail, rolling stock and transportation applications Low Power CPU – Power Efficient Intel Atom Z510P Processor Programmability – Everyware Software Framework (ESF) Ready Rugged Mechanical Design – IP65 rated Metal Enclosure Protected from Water / Dust DynaCOR 10-00 Key Markets: • Transportation / Rolling Stock • Rugged / Industrial • Avionics • Mobile / Fleet • Military and defense Connected Rugged Mobile Computer
  5. 5. Eurotech Product Portfolio Devices & Systems High Performance Computing Boards & Modules Value Add Software & Services Devices & Systems Portable Mobile Devices Stationary Devices Mounted Mobile Devices Modular Systems Vertical Application Solutions
  6. 6. APIs, Dashboards, Console, etc. The Internet of Things Distributed Systems Architectural Overview Consumers of Data M2M Integration Platform Multi- Service Gateways Producers of Data M2M Infrastructure Solution Operational Technology Building Block Standard Interfaces M2M or Enterprise Application / Platform
  7. 7. BIOS Eurotech Product Portfolio Value Add Software & Services High Performance Computing Boards & Modules Value Add Software & Services Devices & Systems Device Software Frameworks Device Cloud Infrastructure Integrations & Dashboards OS Operating Systems Support Vertical Application Solutions
  8. 8. Linux OS Customer App ESF is an OSGi-based Application Framework for M2M Service Gateways Purpose Simplify the design, deployment and remote management of embedded applications. What it provides • Cohesive and integrated app environment • Modular software components • HW abstraction layer • Field protocol libraries • Cloud connectivity • Remote app and device management • Local app and device management • Built-in Security • Development tools Everyware Software Framework (ESF) What is ESF? Java/OSGi
  9. 9. Everyware Software Framework (ESF) The main benefit OSGi on Linux Hardware Java VM Code Code Code ESF helps customer focusing on their core business
  10. 10. M2M Integration Platform Main functionalities @ Everyware Cloud M2M Integration Platform Data Mgmt • Data Collection, • Data Storage, • Data Analysis • Data Access Device Mgmt • Device Config • Device Access • App Config • App Update
  11. 11. Everyware Cloud Application Integration Device Connectivity Configuration Administration Account Management Security Data Management Device Management @ Functional Overview
  12. 12. M2M Integration Platform Positioning the Everyware Cloud Platform Application Enablement Device & Data Management M2M Integration Platform Multi- Service Gateways @ IT / Business Applications REST MQTT
  13. 13. M2M Integration Platform Commercial Offer PaaS SaaS IaaS System Infrastructure Service Layer Application Infrastructure Service Layer Application Service Layer M2M Integration Platform iPaaS System Infrastructure (Servers, Storage, Networking, OS) System Infrastructure Services (IaaS) On-Premises 19” 1U Appliance Public Cloud Everyware CloudEveryware Server
  14. 14. Eurotech Value Proposition Modular and Integrated Offering Boards & Modules Devices & Systems Value Add Software & Services Vertical Application Solutions Enabling our customers to focus on their core competencies Service & Support Adding Value
  15. 15. Eurotech Value Proposition Dependable, Innovative, Global • Products & Systems developed to operate reliably in the most demanding and severe conditions • Certifications for demanding environments • Long life cycle products, obsolescence management and long term spare parts availability • Software maintenance and ongoing functions upgrade • Software and hardware design compliant to customer specifications and standards • Dedicated project management teams • Customized documentation and training on site. • Worldwide service & support • Able to comply with local requirements
  16. 16. Why would you (we) know … • Behind the products of more than 20 Global 500 companies • One of the world top 10 player in the Embedded Computers market • 20+ Years of experience in “M2M” and distributed systems • Strong vertical market competences: – Industrial & Logistics – Transportation – Defense & Security – Healthcare & Medical 16 Eurotech‘s Essence
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