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Virtualising the BSS Stack


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Openet presentation at ETIS Community Gathering 2014

Published in: Technology
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Virtualising the BSS Stack

  1. 1. VIRTUALISING THE BSS STACK Andrew Keene, Director of Product Management, Openet Stephen O’Loughlin, Charging Solutions Manager, Openet 17 October 2014
  2. 2. © Copy right 2014 Openet w w w . o p e n e t . c o m 2 Part 1 – V is for Virtualisation Part 2 – Realities of NFV Part 3 – Trends and Directions
  3. 3. The world of computing has gone through rapid changes in recent years © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 3 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only
  4. 4. This has lead to great improvements in how software is created, deployed, managed and used but how does this relate to mobile networks? © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 4 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only
  5. 5. Virtualization to the Rescue © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 5 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only
  6. 6. Virtualization and NFV have the potential to revolutionise how networks are built and managed © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 6 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only
  7. 7. VIRTUALISATION, CLOUD & NFV PROMISES • Reduce management and equipment costs • Decrease overall complexity • Increase scalability • Promote the use of multi-tenancy • Enable new services and ability to trial new business models • Promote openness and therefore reduce vendor lock in • Reduce deployment times of new applications • Allow trialling and rapid deployment of new business models © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 7 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only
  8. 8. KEY BENEFITS OF BSS VIRTUALIZATION • Virtualization: create a virtual version of a computing resource • Removes one-to-one dependency of BSS software on specific hardware • Easier creation, scaling and management of instances of BSS solutions • NFV (Network Functions Virtualization): initiative by operators (2012) • Virtualization technology • Consolidate network equipment onto industry standard high volume hardware • Network functions in software © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 8 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only • Extending virtualization/NFV to BSS • Accelerate service innovation • Learn fast and minimize risk • Facilitate new business models • Optimize costs
  9. 9. BUSINESS DRIVERS FOR BSS VIRTUALIZATION • Operators will be “using virtualization to drive innovative service creation, especially the creation of services and apps that require time to market intervals of only days, even hours.” • “Many operators view NFV as a key ingredient in their OSS/BSS transformation objectives, offering an escape from the legacy 12-24 month service creation cycles that handicap their long-term competitiveness” Source: 2014 OSS/BSS Investment Trends: Top Operator Drivers and Priorities, Current Analysis © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 9 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only
  10. 10. BENEFIT 1: ACCELERATE SERVICE INNOVATION • Virtualization: Simplifies and accelerate service deployment process • Easier to deploy and manage software/BSS • No need to create a full new hardware based environment for each service introduction, with full procure-design-integrate-test-deploy cycle © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 10 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only • No separate test environment • Test and launch on the same infrastructure • Test to scale production reduced from weeks to hours • Services can be rapidly scaled up or down • Rapidly deploy targeted services based on geography or customer sets
  11. 11. BENEFIT 2: LEARN FAST AND MINIMIZE RISKS • Test new services with minimum risk/disruption (73.4% operators) • Easy to roll out or roll back services • Resources can easily be re-allocated • Easy to go from small scale trial to full scale production • In-service upgrades and modifications: faster, minimum disruption • Adoption of open standards with BSS software and NFV • Removes vendor lock-in and reduce needs for vendor specific skills • Simplifies integration of new components to the existing network © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 11 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only
  12. 12. BENEFIT 3: OPTIMIZE COSTS (OPEX & CAPEX) © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 12 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only • Reduce hardware costs • Consolidate hardware • Standard hardware instead of proprietary • Simplified, faster deployment process • Optimize hardware utilization • Multiple applications can co-exist on the same physical server • Hardware does no longer need to be permanently dedicated to a specific application or purpose • Hardware only needed for occasional peak load can be re-allocated during off peak periods
  13. 13. NFV – CHALLENGES FOR OPERATORS • Potentially complex migration path from current network to all © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 13 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only virtualized network • Performance impacts of virtualization • More of an issue for data-plane nodes • Lack of virtualization expertise in many vendors • Achieving required levels of reliability on industry standard hardware which may require mobile operators embracing different reliability/failover mechanisms • Disparate community who must produce common management and orchestration layers • Increased benefits of NFV occur when the entire network is created in an NFV manner; something that will take some time
  14. 14. Management of Stateful Orchestration Storage Mechanism Session Data Policy & Charging Virtualization Routing/Load Balancing © Copy right 2014 Openet w w w . o p e n e t . c o m 14 Management Deployment Mechanism Upgrades Scalability Performance High Availability Hypervisors
  15. 15. Logical Scalable Units Data and Storage © Copy right 2014 Openet w w w . o p e n e t . c o m 15 Management & Orchestration Routing
  16. 16. PROTECT LEGACY BSS INVESTMENT • Mobile operators want to protect legacy BSS investments made over many years • Operators want to squeeze the last drop of ROI out of legacy BSS investments • This approach can be to the detriment of project timelines and stymie real innovation © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 16 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only
  17. 17. SINGLE SUPPLIER STRATEGIES SHRINKING • Rigid mobile operator processes beget rigid BSS systems • Agility needs to be more than a buzzword to enable new © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 17 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only business models • Single supplier strategies ≠ Agility • Mobile operators persist with NEM’s in spite of a lack of domain expertise that a specialist BSS vendor can bring
  18. 18. BSS TRANSFORMATION AND VIRTUALIZATION © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 18 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only
  19. 19. VIRTUALIZATION IN ACTION: AT&T’S DOMAIN 2.0 In September 2013, AT&T launched the next generation of its Supplier Domain Program – Domain 2.0 – triggering a swift and broad move to a modern, cloud-based © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 19 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only architecture. AT&T plans to simplify and scale its network by: • Separating hardware and software functionality; • Separating network control plane and forwarding planes; and • Improving management of functionality in the software layer.
  20. 20. FUTURE NETWORK VISION: PATH OF ADOPTION Time © Copyright 2014 Openet –Company Confidential 20 For Use Under Non-Disclosure Only
  21. 21. THANK YOU