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2 Wei Hua Installation and Commissioning


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Mr. Wei Hua, Equipment Technology Manager for China Blue Chemical discusses the procedures for a smooth installation and commissioning of a FOUNDATION fieldbus project. Mr. Wei Hua talks about the importance of the physical layer especially with regards to grounding and shielding.

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2 Wei Hua Installation and Commissioning

  1. 1. 基金会现场总线 Foundation Fieldbus ——安装与调试 —Installation and commissioning魏 华WEI HUA中海石油化学股份有限公司China Blue Chemical Ltd.
  2. 2. 概 述 /Brief introduction 我不是Ff专家,没有高深的理论基础Im not a Ff expert, and don’t have deep theoretical knowledge 我也不是产品销售人员,虽然讲述的案例中有某些产品有关I am not a sales man, although some products are mentioned in the presentation 工作生涯中使用过气动仪表、电动仪表、DCS、DCS+HART、FfI used Pneumatic/ Electrical instrument, DCS DCS+HART Ff in my career 全程参与了4套基金会现场总线项目的设计、安装、调试及维护工作Full participation in 4 Ff projects, including design, installation, commissioning and maintenance 安装和调试案例全部来自于工程实践Cases mentioned in the presentation all come from engineering practice
  3. 3. 演讲提纲/AGENDA 基金会现场总线的安装1 Foundation fieldbus installation 基金会现场总线调试2 Foundation Fieldbus commissioning 安装案例分析3 Case analysis of on-site installation
  4. 4. 基金会现场总线安装指南 Foundation Fieldbus Installation Guide 对Ff施工管理的三点建议: Three suggestions for Ff construction management: 严格区分信号地(Signal grounding)和保护地(Protection grounding),信号地按照 小于1.5Ω标准 Strict distinction between the Signal grounding and Protection grounding, Grounding resistance of signal grounding should be less than 1.5Ω 对施工单位单独进行基金会现场总线施工和接线培训,培训的内容可以参考 PEPPERL+FUCHS公司的《Wiring And Installation Guide For Foundation Fieldbus》 和基金会现场总线的文件《Fieldbus Foundation 31.25kbit/s Wiring and Installation Guide》 Provide workers with specialized training on installation and wiring, the content of the training can refer to <Wiring And Installation Guide For Foundation Fieldbus> from P+F and <Fieldbus Foundation 31.25kbit/s Wiring and Installation Guide> 严格按照基金会现场总线设计文件进行施工和检查,对于现场电缆长度和总线设备的 位置变更都必须得到仪表首席工程师(Instrument Leader Engineer)的书面批准 Construction and inspection must strictly comply with Foundation Fieldbus design file, the modification of cable length or location of Field device must be approved in writing by the Instrument Lead Engineer
  5. 5. 屏蔽与接地(一) Shielding and grounding 1 屏蔽/Shield 屏蔽/Shield + + 现场设备 现场设备 - /Field - /Field device device 接地 接地 机柜 /Ground 机柜 /Ground Cabinet Cabinet 图2 机柜电容接地、设备硬接地图1 机柜硬接地、设备硬接地 Field side is earthed directly andDirect grounding at both sides cabinet side capacitively
  6. 6. 屏蔽与接地(二) Shielding and grounding 2 屏蔽/Shield 屏蔽/Shield + + 现场设备 现场设备 - /Field - /Field device device 接地 接地 机柜 /Ground机柜 /Ground CabinetCabinet 图3 机柜硬接地、设备电容接地 图4 机柜单点接地 Cabinet side is earthed directly Only cabinet side of the and field side capacitively shield is earthed
  7. 7. 屏蔽与接地(三) Shielding and grounding 3 北美安装规范(North America Specification): 北美绝大部分的工程设计和安装都按照图4所示的接地方式进行设计和 施工,这种接地安装方式在传统的DCS系统中普遍采用。 In North America, most of the projects’ grounding systems are designed as shown in Figure 4, this grounding method is commonly used in traditional DCS. 欧洲安装规范(Europe Specificaiton) 在欧洲的工程设计和安装一般都要求按照图3所示的接地方式进行设计 和施工,Ff接地推荐采用图3的方式。 In Europe, normally the projects’ grounding systems are designed as shown in Figure 3. For Ff project, this grounding method is recommended.注意:Ff现场运行中故障的80%-90%都是由于接地或者屏蔽原因导致的!!!Note: 80% -90% of the Ff operation failures are due to bad grounding orshielding! ! !
  8. 8. 基金会现场总线电缆 FOUNDATION fieldbus cableIEC 61158-2对现场总线电缆的要求:Specifications of the fieldbus cable according to IEC 61158-2 分布电阻率 信号衰减值型号 米 Meters / 英 阻抗/Impedance /Resistivity /Attenuation 说明/remarkType 尺 Feet (Ω) (ohm/km) (db/km) 互相屏蔽对 A 1900/6270 100 22 3 Individual shielded pairs 全屏蔽的多线对 B 1200/3960 100 56 5 Multiple pairs with overall shield 无屏蔽的多线对 C 400/1320 未知/unknown 132 8 Multiple pairs with no shield 多导线,非线对 D 200/660 未知/unknown 20 8 Multi-conductor, no pairing
  9. 9. 基金会现场总线电缆 FOUNDATION fieldbus cableIEC物理层规定标准的A型电缆参数如下表:Typical Ff cable characteristics per IEC Physical Layer Standard 18 AWG 16 AWG线号/Wire Size 14 AWG(2.1mm2) (0.88mm2) (1.3mm2) 90%覆盖度 90%覆盖度 90%覆盖度 屏蔽/Shield /coverage /coverage /coverage 衰减值 39KHZ时 39KHZ时3db/km 39KHZ时2.7db/km /Attenuation 2.7db/km 最大电容 /Maximum 150pF/m 150pF/m 150pF/m capacitance 特性阻抗 31.25kHz时为100Ω+/-20%/Characteristic 100Ω+/-20% at 31.25kHz impedance
  10. 10. 基金会现场总线电缆 Foundation Fieldbus Cable 多对铠装 Multi-pair, armored 铠装 Armored cable 金属箔加编织屏蔽 Metal Clad plus braid shield 金属箔屏蔽双绞线屏蔽 Metal Clad shieldTwisted pair 多对 (多线) Multi-pair
  11. 11. 电缆桥架的布置 Cable tray layout F3:现场总线电缆桥架 F3: For Fieldbus I3:本安信号电缆桥架 I3: For IS signals N3:非本安电缆桥架 N3: For Non-IS signals 电缆桥架布置建议: Some advices of Cable tray: 1、Ff和本安、非本安信号分开 Separation between Ff, IS and Non- IS. 2、强电信号和弱电信号分开 Separation between Power supply Lurgi公司设计的电缆桥架Cable tray design from Lurqi system and Control System 3、桥架间距大于400mm Tray spacing greater than 400mm
  12. 12. 现场总线安装费用对比(Ff) Comparison of Installation Costs(Ff)2000年安装工程预算定额海南省基本价(海南省建设厅)》Basis price, By Department of construction of Hainan Province,2000 单位价值(人民币/元) total cost per unit 定额号 工程名称 单位/Unit 其中/includingFile NO. Items 单价合计/Total 人工费 材料费 机械费 cost per unit Labor cost Material cost Machine cost Ff压力/差压变送器10-560 Press. /diFferential press. 台/piece 1133.56 354.05 49.76 729.75 transmitter Ff温度变送器10-561 台/piece 519.06 206.37 44.59 268.1 Temperature transmitter 气动薄膜调节阀10-276 台/piece 119.68 70.81 5.74 43.13 Pneumatic Diaphragm CV Ff气动阀门定位器10-563 台/piece 389.57 99.42 21.2 268.95 Pneumatic valve positioner Ff总线电缆铺设(米)10-616 100M 102.56 78.09 17.65 6.82 Cable installation10-622 现场总线电缆头安装终端头 个/piece 14.06 5.33 5.95 2.78 现场总线安全栅10-564 个/piece 19.32 15.28 0.84 3.2 Field barrier
  13. 13. 现场总线安装费用对比(HART) Comparison of Installation Costs(HART) 单位价值(人民币/元) total cost per unit 定额号 工程名称 单位 其中/includingFile NO. Items /Unit 单价合计/Total 人工费 材料费 机械费 cost per unit Labor Material Machine cost cost cost 智能压力/差压变送器10-132 台 336.49 130.47 8.92 197.1 Intelligent pressure transmitter 温度变送器10-121 台 87.52 56.26 5.15 26.11 Temperature transmitter 气动薄膜调节阀10-276 台 119.68 70.81 5.74 43.13 Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valve 气动阀门定位器10-291 台 69.46 43.16 3.13 23.17 Pneumatic valve positioner 控制电缆铺设(37芯内) 2-675 100M 190.95 152.53 32.25 6.17 Cable installation(<37 cores) 接线箱/端子排(48点内)10-682 个 136.52 86.09 11.55 38.88 Junction box/TB (<48 points) 过程I/O卡件调试(模拟)10-545 点 47.24 23.04 0.2 24 IO module(Analog) 2-683 电缆头安装终端头(37芯以下) 个 103.29 49.78 53.51 2-680 电缆头安装终端头(37芯以下) 个 34.69 13.24 22.08
  14. 14. 演讲提纲/AGENDA 基金会现场总线的安装1 Foundation fieldbus installation 基金会现场总线调试2 Foundation Fieldbus commissioning 安装案例分析3 Case analysis of on-site installation
  15. 15. 基金会现场总线调试需要的条件序号 内容 标准1 《基金会现场总线现场验收测试指南》 合同各方签字同意2 接地系统已经完成并验收合格 权威机构防雷中心检测报告3 工厂验收测试整改内容已经完成 提交FAT整改报告4 主机系统硬件现场安装结束 提交主机系统安装调试报告5 主机系统软件已经安装结束 主机系统软件正常运行 控制系统应用软件下装完毕(流程图、基本控6 提交Ff系统组态文件 制功能、现场总线设备组态)7 现场总线设备安装结束 设备安装单项工程验收报告8 现场总线电缆连接并经过了初步检查 电缆安装单项工程验收报告9 软件已经下装到现场设备,并调试合格 设备调试单项验收报告10 仪表空气管网提供合格的仪表空气 仪表空气管网投用11 AMS软/硬件调试合格 提交AMS调试报告12 基金会现场总线高级诊断软件调试合格 提交诊断系统调试报告
  16. 16. 基金会现场总线调试的重点Main focuses of the Foundation Fieldbus commissioning 物理层安装调试Physical layer component installation & commissioning 控制功能和参数优化 Ff调试内容 控制功能检查 Control strategy and Ff Main Control function parameter focuses test optimization 诊断功能测试 Diagnostic function test
  17. 17. 物理层测试工具 Test EquipmentFBT 3 FBT 5 DM-AM HD2-DM-A 475
  18. 18. 物理层安装调试 Physical Layer Installation and Commissioning 现场总线网段电压(Segment Voltage) 现场总线网段电流(Segment Current) 信号幅值(Signal Level) 噪音幅值(Noise Level) 抖动(Jitter) DC不平衡(DC Unbalance)
  19. 19. 物理层安装调试 Physical Layer Installation and Commissioning P+F HD2-DM-A 1、可以在主控室诊断电脑完成所Take HD2-DM-A(Advanced Diagnostic Tool for Fieldbus, by 有的物理层诊断工作P+F)for example: The physical layer diagnosis can be done in CCR. 2、诊断结果可以对物理层设备安 装进行全面检查,精度提高 The diagnosis conducts a comprehensive inspection of the physical layer components installed 3、效率极大提高,使用移动测试 工具可以节约95%的时间,采用在 线先进诊断工具可以节约99%的时 间 A very eFficient way, Reduces commissioning time by up to 95%
  20. 20. 控制功能调试 Control Function Test功能测试:功能测试是对基金会现场总线网段设备的全套功能测试,包括系统即插即用互连性测试、功能块的访问确认测试、控制功能块的功能测试、现场总线设备的运行测试。Functionality Test: This test will include, but is notlimited to, plug and play interconnectivity to the Hostsystem, verifying access to all Function Blocks beingused in the project, actual device operation.
  21. 21. 控制功能调试 Control Function Test标定测试:标定测试是通过主机系统无障碍的对现场总线网段设备进行标定和设置,标定测试要求在对现场总线设备进行标定和设置时,不影响现场总线网段其它设备的运行。Calibration Test: The test shall include a calibrationand setup for each type of device. The calibrationand setup procedures for each device shall be doneby Host system and available asset managementtools, and it does not aFfect the operation of otherdevice of fieldbus network.
  22. 22. 控制功能调试 Control Function Test冗余切换测试:冗余切换测试是测试H1接口卡和现场总线电源调节器的冗余故障报警、切换测试,确保在故障情况下能够实现冗余设备的无扰动切换。Redundancy Switch-over Test: Where redundantFOUNDATION fieldbus interface cards and/ orpower supplies are used, the redundant operation ofeach component shall be tested. The test shallverify that automatic fail over shall not cause anupset. All FOUNDATION fieldbus interface cards andpower supplies shall be tested.
  23. 23. 控制功能调试案例 Control function commissioning case1、试验PT011224A/B/C的高选功能和PID控制功能 Test high selection function and PID function of PT011224A/B/C2、试验PT011224A/B/C量程修改和PV011224自动标定功能 Test scale modification and automatic calibration of PT011224A/B/C3、测试电源冗余、接口卡冗余、设备的离线和在线功能、短路保护功能、即插即用功能 Test power redundancy, interface card redundancy, equipment oFfline and online features, short circuit protection, plug-and-play functionality
  24. 24. 现场总线的诊断功能 Fieldbus diagnosis 智能主机Intelligent Host: - 自诊断Diagnostics - 设备管理功能Asset Management - 冗余功能Redundancy - 预测性维护Predictive Maintenance T - 物理层监测Physical Layer :智能现场设备Intelligent Field Devices: - 自诊断Diagnostics- 自诊断功能Diagnostics - 物理层监测Physical Layer Monitoring- 设备管理功能Asset Management - 预测性维护Predictive Maintenance- 预测性维护Predictive Maintenance 2013-3-20
  25. 25. 现场总线的诊断功能 Fieldbus diagnosis主机诊断功能 物理层诊断功能HOST system Physical layer diagnosis diagnosis 现场设备诊 断功能 Field device diagnosis
  26. 26. 控制功能和参数优化 Control strategy and parameter optimization物理层设备优化 控制功能位置优化 智能设备的自整定优化Physical layer Control Self-tuning Functionality components Location optimization of optimization optimization intelligent devices
  27. 27. 演讲提纲/AGENDA 基金会现场总线的安装1 Foundation fieldbus installation 基金会现场总线调试2 Foundation Fieldbus commissioning 安装案例分析3 Case analysis of on-site installation
  28. 28. 屏蔽与接地故障案例 Shielding and Grounding Fault Cases故障描述Fault Description :阀门PV015708在运行过程中经常出现5%的跳变,设备在网段上经常显示瞬间离线,然后在线! 噪音及抖动异常 Noise and Jitter is out of specIn normal operation , thesignal of PV015708 isalways unstable( 5%signal skipping).Equipment status is oftendisplayed for an instantoFfline, then online. 示波器图形 Oscilloscope Display
  29. 29. 屏蔽与接地故障案例 Shielding and Grounding Fault Cases 整改后的噪音及抖动 Noise and Jitter after corresponding improvementShielded cable is not grounded 整改后的示波器图形 Oscilloscope DisplayEarthbar is not grounded after corresponding improvement
  30. 30. 电缆及终端电阻故障案例 Cable and Terminator Fault Case故障描述Fault Description :现场总线网段S060.03调试过程中发现该网段的现场总线设备通讯不稳定,经常出现通讯故障(CNF,CONNECTIONSTATUS FAILURE ALARM)导 噪音及抖动异常致设备离线。 Noise and Jitter is out of spec During the commissioning of thefieldbus segment S060.03 ,fielddevice communication isunstable, and it(CNF, CONNECTION STATUSFAILURE ALARM) often resultsin the device oFfline. 示波器图形 Oscilloscope Display
  31. 31. 电缆及终端电阻故障案例 Cable and Terminator Fault Case Terminator is OFf 整改后的噪音及抖动 Noise and Jitter after corresponding improvement Not groundedNot specific Ff cable 整改后的示波器图形 Oscilloscope Display after corresponding improvement
  32. 32. 接线不当故障案例 Bad wiring fault case故障描述Fault Description :现场总线网段41-TFN-3018的现场总线变送器PT3407经常掉线,导致工艺测量参数失真。Ff transmitterPT3407 on segment 41-TFN-3018 often shows oFfline, and 噪音及抖动异常it resulted in distortion of the Noise and Jitter is out of specprocess value. 示波器图形 Oscilloscope Display
  33. 33. 动力电缆信号干扰 Power Cable Signal Interference 信号波形 实际接线情况Signal waveform Actual wiring
  34. 34. With Ff Without Ff 谢谢 Thank you!