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Webinar: Small Cells Going to Volume


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Slidedeck from ThinkSmallCell webinar of the same name.

How do Small Cells fit within the Operator's tool kit for providing improved indoor service? Is there a perfect recipe to deployment roll-outs that maximises ROI and lowers TCO?

During this webinar we share insights of recent research by Yankee Group and ip.access into the factors motivating operator small cell deployments. We will challenge the operator community to think differently whilst presenting powerful technical and business reasons for a change of approach. Among the speakers are ip.access founder and CTO Nick Johnson as well as the company's CEO Simon Brown.

A copy of Yankee Group's research note is available in ThinkSmallCell resources/downloads/whitepaper section

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Webinar: Small Cells Going to Volume

  1. 1. ThinkSmallCell  Webinar  Series     Small  Cells:  Going  to  Volume     David  Chambers   Founder  &  Senior  Analyst   Simon  Brown   CEO   Nick  Johnson   Founder  and  CTO  
  2. 2. Agenda   Agenda   Agenda   Small  Cells:  GGoing  to  Volume   Small  Cells:   oing  to  Volume       •  David  Chambers,  Analyst,  ThinkSmallCell   •  Latest  Yankee  Group  research   •  Nick  Johnson,  CTO,  ip.access   •  Simon  Brown,  CEO,  ip.access     •  QuesKon  and  Answer  Session   •  Conclusion  
  3. 3. ThinkSmallCell  Webinar  SSeries     ThinkSmallCell  Webinar  eries     Small  Cells:  Going  to  Volume   Small  Cells:  Going  to  Volume       David  Chambers   Founder  &  Senior  Analyst   Nick  Johnson   Founder  and  CTO   Simon  Brown   CEO  
  4. 4. Yankee  Group  ObjecKve   Interview  operator  experts  to  assess  small  cell  reality   §  Assess  deployment  status   §  Explain  and  test  business   case  chaining  concept   §  IdenKfy  means  to   accelerate  small  cell   deployment   System Integrator ! Yankee Group survey research shows enterprise interest in expanded operator role   Source: Yankee Group’s 2013 US Enterprise Mobility: IT Decision-Maker Survey, December Page  4   ©  Copyright  2014  
  5. 5. What  Is  Business  Case  Chaining   §  Start  small  with   investment  toward   simple  business  case   §  SKmulate  virtuous  cycle   of  service  expansion   with  addiKonal  business   cases   Page  5   ©  Copyright  2014  
  6. 6. Operator  Feedback:  Reality  Check   Business  case  chaining  makes  sense,  but  barriers  exist   §  Na@onal  Infrastructure   §  Not  all  countries  have   adequate  broadband   §  Ins@tu@onal   §  Operators  remain   narrowly  focused  on   tacKcal  coverage   response   Page  6   photo: Flickr/sacks08 ©  Copyright  2014  
  7. 7. Yankee  Group  RecommendaKons   §  Top-­‐level  execuKve  commitment  required  from   mobile  network  operator  leadership   §  Operators  must  think  beyond  tacKcal  coverage  quick   fixes   §  Operators  should  expand  small  cell  deployments  by   starKng  with  simple  iniKal  deployment  scenarios   §  Operators  must  develop  effecKve  enterprise  sales   channels   Operator  insKtuKonal  inerKa  limits  service  revenue   growth  from  small  cells   Page  7   ©  Copyright  2014  
  8. 8. ThinkSmallCell  Webinar  Series     Small  Cells:  Going  to  Volume     David  Chambers   Founder  &  Senior  Analyst   Nick  Johnson   Founder  and  CTO   Simon  Brown   CEO  
  9. 9. Small  Cells   GOING  TO  VOLUME   QUESTION  TO  OPERATORS     •  How  do  Small  Cells  fit  within  the   Operator's  por]olio  ?     •  What  is  the  perfect  recipe  for   deployment  ?         •  minimise  TCO   •  maximise  ROI   •  What  is  the  key  to  Going-­‐To  Market  ?     (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved         Removing   Roadblocks         9  
  10. 10.   CHANGE  DIRECTION     •  •  Create  a  “Service-­‐to-­‐Customer”  focus   •  Install  the  right  business  processes     •  Install  the  right  technical  processes   •    Focus  on  small  cells  going  to  volume   Lower  the  TCO   (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved       10  
  11. 11. Technical  Blocks  now  Removed   MINIMAL  TOUCH  MEANS   1.  USER  PLUG-­‐N-­‐PLAY   2.  OSS  SITE_ADD   3.  SITE  SURVEY  -­‐  CIQ   4.  FEMTO  SCAN  LOCAL  RF     5.  AUTO-­‐PARAMETER  TEMPLATE  SELECTION   6.  AUTO-­‐NEIGHBOUR  SETUP   7.  TRIGGERED  INVENTORY  STATUS  UPDATE   (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved       11  
  12. 12. Indoor  Solu@ons  –  an  organised  PorPolio   -­‐  Small  Cells  in  a  Rich  PorPolio   -­‐  -­‐  SoHo,  Small  Medium  Enterprise,     Medium-­‐large  Enterprise,  Hotspot,  Rural   -­‐  Wi-­‐fi  for  best  effort  coverage  &  data  off-­‐load   -­‐  But  not  for  hyper-­‐dense  networks   -­‐  DAS  for  large  estates       (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  All  rights  reserved   12  
  13. 13. Small  Cell   Trans  forma@on   Two  pa  rallel  paths   TECHNICAL   BUSINESS   RF  and  Network  Plan   Template  driven  automaKon     Plug  and  play  for  user   repeatable  network  config   CustomisaKon  only  as  needed   Measure  the  impact  in  KPIs   (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved       New  type  of  offer   Revenue  sponsor  lead   Cross  business  impact   Simplify  exisKng  process   Energise  organisaKon   Measure  the  impact  in  $   13  
  14. 14. Reaching  the  Virtuous  Investment  Cycle   Small  cell   enable  the   network   IdenKfying  best   formed  market   opportunity   Agile  organic   expansion   Chaining   addiKonal   market  offers       (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  All  rights  reserved   14  
  15. 15. What  we  mean…   Small  cell   enable  the   network   IdenKfying  the   best  formed   market   opportunity   Chaining   addiKonal   business    
  16. 16. Audience  Poll   Small  Cells:  Going  to  Volume     Do  you  think  that  small  cells  have  a  valuable  role  to  play     in  Mobile  Na7onal  Infrastructure?      
  17. 17. ThinkSmallCell  Webinar  SSeries     ThinkSmallCell  Webinar  eries     Small  Cells:  GGoing  to  Volume   Small  Cells:   oing  to  Volume       David  Chambers   Founder  &  Senior  Analyst   Nick  Johnson   Founder  and  CTO   Simon  Brown   CEO  
  18. 18. Network   Customer  and     Engineering   Market  led     led  priori@es   priori@es   Plug  network  holes   Fix  a  problem   RAN  driven  deployments   Coverage  filling   Build  new  services   Drive  new  business   Business  development  driven   Service  creaKon   IdenKfying  network  problems   IdenKfying  Service  opportuniKes   Is  the  network  good  enough…   How  can  the  network  do  more  good…   All  about  the  technology…   (C)  2013  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved       All  about  what  you  do  with  it…   18  
  19. 19. Volume  Maturity  Curve   PHASE  3   OrganisaKon  Excellence   Process  opKmisaKon   Accelerate  demand   PHASE  2   OrganisaKon  re-­‐alignment   Standardise  new  process   Offer  extension   PHASE  1   OrganisaKon  shiq   Pilots   Templates   100’s-­‐1,000’s   1,000’s-­‐10,000’s   BUSINESS   TECHNOLOGY   (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved       10k’s  to  100k’s   REVENUE   19  
  20. 20. Cross-­‐business  Impact   Fully   Involves   The   Stakeholders   (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved       Business  Owners   Marke@ng  owners   Order  Management   Indoor  RF  Planning  team   Network  Ops     IP  Engineering   Core  Engineering   Support  &  CRM   20  
  21. 21. Organisa@on  Shib   Schedule  Milestones   Customer  Uptake     Customer  Sat     ObjecKve  Assignment   Set  Schedule  Target   Define  Budget  model     TARGETS   Exec   Sponsor   Business Owner Marketing Owner Delivery Owner METRICS   Support Owner No  longer  Network  Centric  –  now  Customer  Service  Driven   (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved       21  
  22. 22. Cross  Business  Interac@on   Business service  offer   Owner metrics   SURVEY CUSTOMER service  profile   ORDER Ready  4  Service   Owner Owner Service  Updates   Market  Profile   Launch  Plan   Marketing Delivery Support Owner FAULT customer  sat   (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved       22  
  23. 23. Consumeriza@on   of   The  Network   Delivering  Network  via   the  Handset  Channel     •  Solving  the  problem  :  how  to  put   large  numbers  of  small  cells  in  users   hands   •  Leverage  exis@ng  business  capability   •  Crea@ng  a  Consumeriza@on  model   for  maximum  re-­‐use  of  exis@ng   process   (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved       23  
  24. 24. The Ultimate Aim is a ‘Flow-Through’ Business Direct   Web   In-­‐store   Marke@ng     Customer  ProposiKon   What  do  they  get  and  how     Customer Order Small  Cell  Order  Mgnt     how  will  cells  be  delivered  from  inventory   then  configured  for  service   SERVICE   READY   Service  Support     how  will  service  be  acKvated     how  will  it  be  maintained   (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved       24  
  25. 25. Small  Cells  ...  everywhere   GOING TO VOLUME WHAT  WE  OBSERVE   Business  Focus  Shib   Customer  oriented   Process  Transformed   Small  Cell  porPolio  for  markets     Delivered  more  like  a  handset   (C)  2014  ip.access  ltd  –  All  rights  reserved       25  
  26. 26. Audience  Poll   Small  Cells:  Going  to  Volume     Do  you  see  ver7cal  service  offerings  supported  by  Small   Cells  other  than  coverage  and  capacity?  
  27. 27. Q&A   Q&A   Small  Cells:  GGoing  to  Volume   Small  Cells:   oing  to  Volume       David  Chambers   Founder  &  Senior  Analyst   Nick  Johnson   Founder  and  CTO   Simon  Brown   CEO  
  28. 28. ThinkSmallCell  Webinar  Series     Audience  Poll   More  informaKon   Small  Cells:  GGoing  to  Volume   Small  Cells:   oing  to  Volume       •  More  resources/informaKon  at   –  Sign  up  for  our  free  monthly  newsleser   –     –  Yankee  research  note  available  in  our  Resources/Downloads  secKon   •  More  resources/informaKon  from  ip.access   –  Visit   –  Catch-­‐up  with  ip.access  at  Mobile  World  Congress