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Fieldbus Foundation Celebrates 20 Years!


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Rich Timoney, President & CEO - Fieldbus Foundation, reviews the last 20 years of the Fieldbus Foundation from acceptance to today's advancements.

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Fieldbus Foundation Celebrates 20 Years!

  1. 1. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation Fieldbus Foundation
  2. 2. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation • Fieldbus Foundation has reached many major milestones over the last 20 years • FOUNDATION™ fieldbus has an accelerating rate of global adoption • Major installations are found in the oil & gas, petrochemical, power, paper, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries • Sales of fieldbus-based products are a growing portion of automation industry business Two Decades of Progress
  3. 3. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation • Path to developing FOUNDATION fieldbus technology originally began in the 1970s • Control system suppliers attempted to distribute automation functionality to the field • Introduction of the Distributed Control System (DCS) allowed distribution of intelligent control throughout industrial plants Origins of the Technology
  4. 4. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation • Controls manufacturers, end users, academic institutions and others collaborated on an international, interoperable fieldbus standard • Open digital communication protocol for field devices was needed to replace competing, proprietary solutions • Fieldbus Foundation was established in 1994, leading to unprecedented levels of system and device interoperability for process automation Origins of the Technology (Cont’d)
  5. 5. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation • FOUNDATION fieldbus provides a managed, fully-integrated automation infrastructure for operational excellence • View plant operations in high definition • Manage information effectively • Optimize people, processes and technology Reasons for Industry Adoption
  6. 6. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation • FOUNDATION fieldbus solution enables a new level of asset management effectiveness • Reduce operating costs • Drive a new level of business performance Reasons for Industry Adoption (Cont’d)
  7. 7. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation • FOUNDATION fieldbus accounted for approximately 74% of the total process fieldbus market in 2011 • Total sales of $1.3 billion USD • Growing faster than the overall control and instrumentation market Growth of the Market
  8. 8. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation • Fieldbus Foundation has now tested and registered 577 unique fieldbus products, with more than 900 total registrations • Approximately 2 million field devices now in service • More than 20,000 systems installed worldwide Growth of the Market (Cont’d)
  9. 9. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation • FOUNDATION technology has become the all-digital standard for major Greenfield and modernization projects • Reliance Jamnagar Refinery • Shanghai SECCO Refinery • CSPC Nanhai Refinery • NAM Groningen Gas Field • Shell Pearl GTL • Drax Power Plant Growth of the Market (Cont’d)
  10. 10. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation Usability Project • Make digital fieldbus solutions easier to use than conventional analog systems • Enable plant owners to focus on what technology can do for them and their business, versus how it is managed • Simplify development of new fieldbus-based products and applications Latest Initiatives
  11. 11. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation Field Device Integration (FDI) • Leading industry organizations are seeking a unified approach to FDI for simple and complex devices • FDI solution encompasses tasks ranging from device configuration to commissioning, diagnostics and calibration • FDI Cooperation specification and developer tools are now available Latest Initiatives (Cont’d)
  12. 12. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation FOUNDATION for Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) • Extends fieldbus benefits into plant safety systems • Meets the requirements of IEC 61508 for functional safety of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety-related systems up to SIL 3 • Supports systems per IEC 61511, covering SIF functional safety in the process industries Latest Initiatives (Cont’d)
  13. 13. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (ROM) • Established a single digital infrastructure for asset management in remote applications • Enables fieldbus connectivity to remote I/O and the leading industrial wireless protocols, including WirelessHART® and ISA 100.11a • Provides interface to wireless technologies using EDDL and function blocks for interoperability with ROM devices Latest Initiatives (Cont’d)
  14. 14. © 1999 - 2014 Fieldbus Foundation Greater Support for the Automation Industry • Fieldbus Foundation and HART Communication Foundation have entered into discussions on a potential merger • Single industry foundation would meet the needs of intelligent device communications in the world of process automation • Combined resources would provide significant benefits to both automation end users and suppliers Looking to the Future