2013 Fieldbus Update


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Presentation used at seminars to update end users on the progress of FOUNDATION fieldbus.

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  • Customer ExperienceA spokesperson for ShinEtsu had this to say… this inherent backup capability of Control in Field saved them from not one but two plent shutdowns and meant they could continue operating normally.
  • 2013 Fieldbus Update

    1. 1. 1 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation
    2. 2. 2 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Seminar Outline • We have some of the most knowledgeable fieldbus people here today, both presenting and in our audience. Use the opportunity to network and learn! • We have designed this seminar to provide a hands on perspective • Fieldbus doesn’t need to be difficult • Fieldbus can provide significant benefits throughout the plant lifecycle
    3. 3. 3 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Agenda
    4. 4. 4 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Thanks to our Sponsors!
    5. 5. 5 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Three Demonstrations with a Common Thread • Three demonstration units with three different host systems: Emerson, Invensys Yokogawa • Devices from Beka, Emerson, Invensys, Westlock, MTL/Cooper, Pepperl+Fuchs, Siemens, Yokogawa, Smar, Topworx, Stahl, and Phoenix Contact and more. • Each unit shares a common segment to highlight the fact that FOUNDATION fieldbus is an interoperable standard that provides ease of use. • Demonstrations follow the plant lifecycle from FEED to operations and maintenance
    6. 6. 6 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Why FOUNDATION Fieldbus? • Largest Installed Base • Fit for Purpose • End User Designed and Supported • More than a Network: A Managed Infrastructure • OPEN and Continuously Evolving • Wide Range of Tested and Registered Product • Training and Resources
    7. 7. 7 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation We Have Already Reached the Digital Age: Will Process Industries Catch Up? • The rest of the world went digital a long time ago; from the telephone networks to your TV, it is universally acknowledged that digital networks give you better access to data, better data manageability, and more bandwidth. • Yes, digital networks need to be managed somewhat differently from conventional analog technology, but in most cases, the initial investment in training is minimal. • NEW GENERATION of workers are more familiar and comfortable with digital technology.
    8. 8. 8 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation The Analog Hall of Fame How Many Still Use These? They’re all Cheaper than Digital, and they all Work!
    9. 9. 9 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation More Than a Network: a Managed Infrastructure • Function blocks enable control in the field, object oriented data management
    10. 10. 10 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Number One in Digital Communications for Process Automation! Market for Digital Fieldbus Products and Services by Protocol (Source: ARC Advisory Group)
    11. 11. 11 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation FOUNDATION Fieldbus Breaks the Billion Dollar Barrier • Market for FOUNDATION fieldbus products (excluding EPC and system integrator services) exceed $1 billion in 2012. • The installed base of FOUNDATION fieldbus systems and devices is over $6 billion • Celebrating 20 years in 2014! Market for Digital Fieldbus Products and Services (Source: ARC Advisory Group)
    12. 12. 12 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Fit for Purpose, User Supported • FOUNDATION Fieldbus was Built from the Ground Up for Process Automation • We have the strongest end user council of any communication protocol in process automation • Users continue to drive evolution in the standard • More users are adding FOUNDATION fieldbus to their purchase requirements
    13. 13. 13 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Open and Continuously Evolving o We are a truly open standard o We continue to add to our specification o NAMUR NE 107 Diagnostics, advanced alarm handling capabilities o FOUNDATION for ROM Specification integrates wireless devices and remote applications o We can adapt to new technologies as they come along NAMUR NE107 Diagnostic Categories
    14. 14. 14 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation We Test & Register Everything from Cable to Host
    15. 15. 15 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Registered Devices
    16. 16. 16 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation • Take a lifecycle perspective • Many users focus on the installation and commissioning phase and achieving fast startup • Don’t ignore operations and maintenance domain • One phase of the lifecycle affects the next. Adopting a Lifecycle Perspective Helps you Realize the Benefits
    17. 17. 17 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Defining the Plant Lifecycle
    18. 18. 18 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Automation is a Small Percentage of Total Project Costs, But a Big Influence
    19. 19. 19 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation The Importance of Early Involvement in the FEED Phase • The Success of Your Operations & Maintenance Strategy Depends on the FEED Phase • Fieldbus and its impact should be considered in this phase, where it can create a more powerful return on investment
    20. 20. 20 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Cost Reductions: Engineering & Design
    21. 21. 21 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Cost Reductions in Engineering and Design can be Significant Source: Alcan Source: TotalFina Elf
    22. 22. 22 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Reduced Engineering Means Faster Time to Startup
    23. 23. 23 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Installation and Commissioning Benefits are Considerable • FOUNDATION fieldbus also allows you to deal with project changes more effectively, and manage delays in preceding phases of the project better • Avoid shutdowns during performance runs • Faster time to startup can provide a return on the automation investment
    24. 24. 24 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation An Example of Installation Cost Reductions Source: Tecnimont 2009
    25. 25. 25 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation An Example of Commissioning Cost Reductions Source: Tecnimont 2009
    26. 26. 26 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Eliminate Steps in the Commissioning Process What used to take 2 hours per device for two technicians can be done in 25 minutes with one technician.
    27. 27. 27 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Operations: Functional Expansion NEW!
    28. 28. 28 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation How FOUNDATION Fieldbus can Help Reduce Energy Costs • An Ideal Solution for Predictive Maintenance on Key Energy Related Assets Like Heat Exchangers, Burner Management Systems • Clean Heat Exchangers Before they Choke Beyond Limit • Tighter Control of Fan/Damper Actuators • Unparalleled Efficiency Monitoring • Monitor & Define Optimal Zone of Operation for Equipment Energy Consumption (Trillion Btu) Petroleum Chemicals PaperPrimary Metals Food Processing Nonmetallic Minerals Tobacco/Beverages Furniture Leather Machinery and Computers Wood Transportation Fabricated Metals Textiles/Apparel Plastics/ Rubber Electrical Printing Miscellaneous 1 10 100 1000 10 100 1000 10000 EnergyIntensity (ThousandBtu/$GDP) Energy-Intensive Industries Industrial Energy Intensity vs. Energy Consumption Mining Source: US Department of Energy
    29. 29. 29 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Reduce Unplanned Shutdowns • Unplanned Shutdown Accounts for 5 Percent of Production in the Process Industries • One Unplanned Shutdown can Wipe Out your Entire Plant Profit for the Year • Field Diagnostics Provide Advance Knowledge of Impending Problems • FOUNDATION technology enables truly distributed and deterministic controls which are designed to function regardless of host issues
    30. 30. 30 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Customer Experience: CIF Reduces Unplanned Shutdown FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus CIF with inherent backup capability prevented 2 incorrect plant shutdowns, which would have resulted from communication interruptions.
    31. 31. 31 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Fieldbus for New Projects and Modernization • According to ARC, the installed base of process automation systems reaching the end of their useful life is $65 billion. Most of these are 20 years old or older. • FOUNDATION Fieldbus is being chosen by more major end users as they begin to modernize their installed base. • Users want to avoid a functional replacement. Nobody Wants to Replace this with “More of the Same”
    32. 32. 32 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Modernizing with FOUNDATION Fieldbus: from Refineries to Nuclear Plants
    33. 33. 33 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Reduced Footprint Fieldbus has the Smallest Footprint in Process Automation
    34. 34. 34 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation FOUNDATION for ROM Device Consolidates Diagnostic Data from Different Networks…. Conventional I/O WirelessHART H1 HART I/O ISA100.11a Diagnostic & Instrument Data Diagnostic & Instrument Data Diagnostic & Instrument Data Diagnostic & Instrument Data Diagnostic & I/O Data FOUNDATION Infrastructure for Data Management and Diagnostic Information FOUNDATION for ROM Device Transducer Blocks Transducer Blocks Transducer Blocks Transducer Blocks
    35. 35. 35 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Managing Diagnostic Data from Multiple Networks in a Single Infrastructure • Easier audit trail and reporting • Data is time-stamped • FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices can indicate data quality -- whether signals communicating setpoints, PVs, etc. have good, bad or uncertain quality. • Structured data and data quality means improved handling of failures when one does happen. • Failure is alarmed, handled by control algorithm
    36. 36. 36 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Reduced Maintenance Costs 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% Routine check No Problem Calibration shift Zero Off Plugged lines Failed 35% 28% 20% 6% 6% 4% Source: Shell Global Solutions 63% of maintenance labor results in no action!!
    37. 37. 37 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Reduced Maintenance Costs • 50% of Maintenance Is Corrective • Corrective is 10 times More Costly Than Preventative Maintenance • Preventative Maintenance is Done 25% of Time and is 5 Times More costly Than Predictive Maintenance
    38. 38. 38 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation The Benefits of Predictive Maintenance are Documented
    39. 39. 39 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Think all Networks Offer the Same Diagnostics? Think again. • More Diagnostics, with better granularity • Better Management of Diagnostic Data • Data Quality and reliability • Severity of Diagnostic Conditions per NE 107
    40. 40. 40 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation New Developments: Project Gemstone • “Project Gemstone” To Make Fieldbus Experience Easier, More Application-Centered • Encompassing a wide range of FOUNDATION™ fieldbus development efforts, Project Gemstone covers many of the initiatives the Fieldbus Foundation is already working on today. • Includes FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (ROM), Field Device Integration (FDI) Cooperation, and ISA108 intelligent device management. • The foundation’s new usability team is also focusing on how to make fieldbus device replacement easier and faster than ever.
    41. 41. 41 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation ISA 108: The Installed Base Isn’t Living Up to its Potential Source: ARC Advisory Group • Minority of Intelligent devices integrated with DCS or PAM • Intelligent devices installed with no PAM system at all • Large amount of stranded diagnostics exists
    42. 42. 42 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation New ISA 108 Standard ISA108 Standards Committee: Intelligent Device Management: Deployment and Work Process Standards Purpose: To define standard templates of best practices and work processes for implementation and use use of diagnostic and other information provided by intelligent field devices in the process industries. Scope: Committee work products will include recommended work processes and implementation practices for systems that utilize information from intelligent field devices and the people that use them. Work process templates by worker roles (maintenance, operations, etc.) will be one area of research. Best practices for implementation will be developed. Models will be developed for the flow of information from devices through the various systems that use the information.
    43. 43. 43 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation FDI Rationalizes EDDL and FDT Technologies The Device Package: The Heart of FDI EDDL Device Definition Business Logic User Interface Description UIP User Interface Plug-in, Device Applications (Optional) Attachments Manuals Certificates Protocol Specific Files (GSD/ML/etc.) FDI Device Package Authenticity Integrity http://www.fdi-cooperation.com/
    44. 44. 44 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Resources: System Engineering Guide AG-181
    45. 45. 45 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation DesignMate Segment Design Tool • Complete software tool for planning, validation, and documentation of H1 segments • Automatically audits segment layouts against physical layer specifications • Available for free download from the Foundation
    46. 46. 46 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation End User Advisory Council Regions Areas Covered Americas americas_euc@fieldbus.org South America United States Western Canada Europe/Middle East/Africa emea_euc@fieldbus.org Europe Middle East Africa Asia/Pacific asia_euc@fieldbus.org China Japan Singapore India Oceania oceania_euc@fieldbus.org Australia New Zealand We Need Volunteers for the Canadian EUC!
    47. 47. 47 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Fieldbus Forums http://forums.fieldbus.org/
    48. 48. 48 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Fieldbus Forums LinkedIn
    49. 49. 49 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Blog: Foundationfieldbus.blogspot.com
    50. 50. 50 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation YouTube
    51. 51. 51 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation Summary • You can realize significant lifecycle cost benefits with FOUNDATION fieldbus • Fieldbus is different, not difficult • Remember, the right partner, training and work processes are the keys to success • Take advantage of the many resources available!
    52. 52. 52 © 2013 Fieldbus Foundation