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Larry O'Brien, Global Marketing Manager for the Fieldbus Foundation discusses the applications and advantages and ROI of the new advancement in FOUNDATION technology dubbed FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (ROM).

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4 Larry O'Brien FOUNDATION for ROM

  1. 1. 概述 Outline 为什么选择基金会现场总线? Why FOUNDATION Fieldbus? 基金会现场总线远程操作管理FOUNDATION for Remote OperationsManagement
  2. 2. 为什么选择基金会现场总线? Why FOUNDATION Fieldbus? 最大的安装及用户群 Largest Installed Base 达成客户目的 Fit for Purpose 提供用户设计技术支持 End User Designed and Supported 非简单网络:管理化的网络基础设施 More than a Network: A Managed Infrastructure 开放和不断发展 OPEN and Continuously Evolving 大范围的测试及注册产品 Wide Range of Tested and Registered Product 培训及多种资源 Training and Resources
  3. 3. 用于过程自动化的头号数字通信协议!Number One in Digital Communications forProcess Automation! 数字现场总线产品和服务协议市场份额 (数据来源: ARC Advisory Group) Market for Digital Fieldbus Products and Services by Protocol (Source: ARC Advisory Group)
  4. 4. 基金会现场总线突破10亿美元大关 Ff Breaks the Billion Dollar Barrier 基金会现场总线产品(不包括EPC和系统 集成服务)市场规模在2012年超过10亿美 元 Market for FOUNDATION fieldbus products (excluding EPC and system integrator services) exceed $1 billion in 2012. 基金会现场总线系统和设备使用客户群超 过60亿美元 The installed base of FOUNDATION fieldbus systems and devices is over 数字现场总线产品和服务协议市场规模 $6 billion (数据来源:ARC Advisory Group) 2014年是基金会现场总线的20周年大庆 !Market for Digital Fieldbus Products and Services Celebrating 20 years in 2014! (Source: ARC Advisory Group)
  5. 5. 为什么中国对基金会现场总线如此重要 Why China is Important to FOUNDATION Fieldbus 亚洲成为全球最大的现场总线市场, 同时中国是引领者 Asia is becoming the largest fieldbus market, with China leading the way 最大型的现场总线投资项目都在中国 Most large fieldbus capital projects have occurred in China 全球最快增长的市场之一 One of the fastest growing markets worldwide 中国能迅速接受新的制造技术 China embraces new manufacturing 亚太数字现场总线产品和服务协议市场规模 technologies quickly (数据来源: ARC Advisory Group) 中国将是享受到现场总线技术的生命 Market for Digital Fieldbus Products and Services 周期的好处 in Asia China will be key in determining life (Source: ARC Advisory Group) cycle benefits of Fieldbus
  6. 6. 达成用户目的,得到用户支持 Fit for Purpose, User Supported 基金会现场是过程自动化最基础应用 FOUNDATION Fieldbus was Built from the Ground Up for Process Automation 在过程自动化行业中,我们最强大的 最终用户协会 We have the strongest end user council of any communication protocol in process automation 用户将继续推动标准的发展 Users continue to drive evolution in the standard 越来越多的用户将基金会现场总线加 入他们的购买需求 More users are adding FOUNDATION fieldbus to their purchase requirements
  7. 7. 非简单网络:管理化的网络基础设施 More Than a Network: a Managed Infrastructure 应用面向对象的数据管理,总线功能块帮助实现现场控制 Function blocks enable control in the field, object oriented data management
  8. 8. 开放和不断发展 Open and Continuously Evolving 一个真正的开放标准 We are a truly open standard 将继续提高我们的规范 We continue to add to our specification NAMUR NE 107诊断及先进的报 警处理功能 NAMUR NE 107 Diagnostics, advanced alarm handling capabilities 基金会的运程操作规范很好整合远 程应用及无线设备 FOUNDATION for ROM Specification NAMUR NE107 诊断分类 integrates wireless devices and NAMUR NE107 Diagnostic Categories remote applications 我们可以适应新技术,一同发展 We can adapt to new technologies as they come along
  9. 9. FDI 合作有限责任公司 FDI Cooperation LLC 成立于2011年9月 Founded Sept 2011 不以营利为目的的有限责任合 作公司 Not for Profit Limited Liability Cooperation (US) 5 家ECT基金会的联合所有权 Joint ownership by 5 ECT  替代ECT;Replaces ECT Foundations  完成 FDI 成为 IEC 标准 三年有限周期 Finish FDI as IEC standard Three year limited lifetime  促进发展的通用软件工具 Facilitate development of common software tools  市场推广 Promotion  市场营销 Marketing
  10. 10. FDI 特点 FDI Features 一个统一的设备集成标准 A unified device integration standard 基于 EDDL 和 FDT 现有知识 Built on knowledge gained from EDDL and FDT 使用 OPC UA 对象模型的概念 Uses OPC UA object model concepts 独立于平台及协议; Platform, Protocol Independent 特有技术; Technology Independent 支持可扩展的客户端,从简单的手持设备到完整的资产管理应用 Supports scalable clients, from simple handhelds to full asset management applications 规模适当,符合供应商需求 Scales appropriate to the device supplier needs 向下兼容; Backward compatible 生命周期概念;Lifecycle concept
  11. 11. 我们对所有从电缆到主机测试和注册We Test & Register Everything from Cable to Host
  12. 12. 基金会认证培训合作伙伴计划 Foundation Certified Training Partner Program 被认证的最终用户培训站点,教师和课程 Certified End User Training Sites, Instructors, Curriculum 培训地点,课程和教师经过审核,以满足计划要求 Training sites, curriculum, and instructors are all audited to meet program requirements 培训中心提供多种基金会现场总线主机和设备的现场 Training centers are required to maintain multiple FOUNDATION fieldbus hosts and devices onsite 课程材料必须坚持以教学标准设置 Course material must adhere to set instructional standards. 查看 FCTP 标志 Look for the FCTP Logo
  13. 13. 功能扩展 Functional ExpansionNEW!
  14. 14. 远程操作管理应用 Remote Operations Management Applications 油气管线数采系统 Oil & Gas Pipeline SCADA 海洋平台 Offshore Platforms 油气田 Oil & Gas Fields 水和废水 SCADA Water & Wastewater SCADA 罐区和码头自动化 Tank Farms & Terminal Automation 采矿 Mining
  15. 15. 远程操作管理的市场业务增长驱动因素 Business Drivers for Growth in Remote Operations Management Market 工厂生产在地理上正变得越来越分散 Plant operations are becoming more geographically dispersed 现已越来越难找到愿在危险区域工作资源 Resources are being found in increasingly hard to reach and hazardous areas 深海生产; Drive to subsea production 努力让人们远离伤害地点,减少人员需求:“轻化” 操作 Effort to get people out of harm’s way and reduce personnel requirements : “Lights Out” operation 在更远的距离,运输资源需要 Need to transport resources over greater distances 石油供应链通常不能很好地整合 The petroleum supply chain is generally not well integrated
  16. 16. 业务挑战 The Business Challenges 传统方法是行不通的  集成无线技术 Traditional approach does not work Integration of wireless technology 从稳态环境到动态环境  更加关注网络安全 Increased focus on cyber security Move from steady state to dynamic environment 动态变化的供需关系 Dynamically changing supply and demand 严格的生产规格 Tighter production specifications 不断增加的从严监管压力 Increased regulatory pressure 在中国,工人检查管道 人力资源 - 让操作人员去检查偏远区域是 Workers Check a Pipeline in China 越来越具有挑战性的事情 Source: AP Human resources challenge: Increasingly challenging to send operators to check remote service areas
  17. 17. 旧式远程操作管理模型 The Old Remote Operations Management Model 系统收集历史数据;Systems collect historical data 最终用户使用他们的工具和智慧进行分析数据 End users analyze the data using their tools and their intellect 用户根据他们的结论和历史数据做出对未来的决策 End user make decisions about the future based on their conclusions and historical data 稳态环境; Steady state environment “一种僵化的从中心位置,分层的协调模式”:ARC咨询集团 “Coordination comes from a central location in a rigid, hierarchical fashion”: ARC Advisory Group 硬接线; Hard wired 经常伴随着大量的定制情况; Large degree of customization is often the case 运行到出现故障; Run to failure
  18. 18. 技术挑战 Technology Challenge 集成不同的无线技术:用户可能同时使用吗? Integrating disparate wireless technologies: Maybe users want to use both? 提供更高的安全性和关键基础设施保护 Providing increased security and critical infrastructure protection
  19. 19. 机遇 The Opportunity 基金会的ROM可以解决这些关键业务问题 FOUNDATION for ROM can address these key business issues 基于标准的环境是可持续的 Standards based environment that is sustainable 显着地降低生命周期成本 Significantly reduced lifecycle costs 减少客户定制 Reduced customization 提高了安全性 Increased safety
  20. 20. 基金会远程操作管理解决工业需求 FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management Addresses the Requirements of the Industry 为远程设备和应用提供无线和有线通讯基础架构,基于基金会现场总线 Provides a wireless and wired infrastructure for remote assets and applications, all within FOUNDATION fieldbus 整合有线架构,远程I / O,ISA100.11a 和 WirelessHART® Integrates Wired Infrastructure, Remote I/O, ISA100.11a and WirelessHART® 公司远程操作数据经基金会现场总线的数据管理架构直接访问设备诊断将 Incorporate remote operations data into FOUNDATION Fieldbus infrastructure for data management with direct access to device diagnostics 基金会远程操作管理,提供更高可靠性和更低成本的远程操作 FOUNDATION for ROM has the potential to transform remote operations, providing greater reliability and reduced costs.
  21. 21. 应用实例 Application Example 中控室 Control Room BACKHAUL: 运用标准的无线技术通过无线回 程网络访问远程的传感器 远端过程 WIFI, WIMAX, SATELLITE Wireless Backhaul Enables CELLULAR, ETC. Access To Remote SensorsRemote Process Using HSE Wired and Wireless Backhaul Standard Wireless Technologies FOUNDATION for ROM Device I/O H1 HART Wireless
  22. 22. 基金会的 ROM 有些什么产品? What are FOUNDATION for ROM Products? 不是一个简单的协议转换网关 More than a simple protocol translation gateway 可被嵌入到现有的RTU,控制器中 等 Capability Can be Embedded into Existing RTUs, Controllers, etc. 将由现场总线基金会测试和注册 Will be Tested & Registered with Fieldbus Foundation
  23. 23. 基金会ROM整合来自不同的网络的设备诊断数据 FOUNDATION for ROM Device Consolidates Diagnostic Data from Different Networks…. FOUNDATION for ROM Device FOUNDATION Infrastructure for Data Management and Diagnostic Information Transducer Transducer Transducer Transducer Blocks Blocks Blocks BlocksDiagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic & & & & &Instrument Instrument Instrument Instrument I/O Data Data Data Data Data WirelessHART ISA100.11a Conventional I/O H1 HART I/O
  24. 24. 并通过有线或无线回程网络将这些数据传回中控 And Transmits That Data Across the Wired or Wireless Backhaul to a Central Location HSE 无线回程网路 HSE Wireless Backhaul 主机系统中央控制室 远程监控站等等 Host System Central Control Room FOUNDATION for ROM Device Remote Monitoring Station Etc. FOUNDATION Infrastructure for Data Management and Diagnostic Information Transducer Transducer Transducer Transducer Blocks Blocks Blocks BlocksDiagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic & & & & &Instrument Instrument Instrument Instrument I/O Data Data Data Data Data WirelessHART ISA100.11a Conventional I/O H1 HART I/O
  25. 25. 单一环境下的背景数据质量信息A Single Environment for Information in Context & Data Quality
  26. 26. 在单一架构下管理多个网络的诊断数据 Managing Diagnostic Data from Multiple Networks in a Single Infrastructure 更简化的审计跟踪和报告 Easier audit trail and reporting 数据带时间标记 Data is time-stamped 总线设备可以指示数据质量 – 所通信的设定值,PV值, 等信号是正常值,坏值的或不确定。 FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices can indicate data quality -- whether signals communicating setpoints, PVs, etc. have good, bad or uncertain quality 结构化和数据质量,意味着提高故障处理能力 Structured data and data quality means improved handling of failures when one does happen. 对故障报警,并由控制算法处理 Failure is alarmed, handled by control algorithm
  27. 27. 基金会 ROM 解决用户需要 User Needs Addressed by FOUNDATION for ROM 适用于所有类型的生产基地 For all types of Mining and Manufacturing sites 对物理和数量不同网络的可扩展性 Scalability for physically and numerically large networks − 为中控提供跨多个现场的实时网络整合 Integration of real time networks across multiple sites for central support 支持多用户架构; Support for multiple user architectures 支持多个供应商的整合;Supports multiple vendor integration 符合共同要求;Meets common requirements − 支持移动工作模式; Mobile worker support − 物理和人员的安全保障;Physical and personnel security support − 网络安全支持;Cyber security support
  28. 28. 基金会 ROM 解决用户需要 User Needs Addressed by FOUNDATION for ROM 适合所有的连续过程 For all Continuous processes 包含前页幻灯片优点之外 All benefits from previous slide plus − DCS风格的标准化和集成化的控制环境 DCS style standardized and integrated control environment  并非取代所有DCS功能 Does not replace all DCS functions − 达成多种有线和无线总线的融合 Converged support for multiple wired and wireless busses − 通过无线回程网路实现可靠和鲁棒性控制 Reliable and robust control via wireless backhaul
  29. 29. 应用实例 Application Examples
  30. 30. 基金会远程操作管理 最终用户演示项目赞助商FOUNDATION for Remote Operations ManagementEnd User Demonstration Program Sponsors
  31. 31. 巴西国家石油公司实验项目,2013年4月 Petrobras April 2013 Demo 试验厂位于里约热内卢之外的CENPES 研究机构 Pilot plant at CENPES research facility outside of Rio. 在南半球最大的油气相关研究中心 Largest oil and gas related research center in the southern hemisphere. 项目包括ROM的全部功能:无线设备集 成,远程I / O整合,和无线回程网路功能 The demo will include the full functionality of ROM, including wireless devices integration, remote I/O integration, and wireless backhaul capability